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YL18 pr 12_nativepr

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2018
PR category - Team 12

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YL18 pr 12_nativepr

  1. 1. What comes next Campaign for Pediatric Palliative Care Andrea Brádlerová Tomáš Weiss 17. 04. 2018
  2. 2. Our insight • Target groups – Physicians – Involved families – Authorities – Broad public • Our insight – physicians do not have enough time to provide families with all the options and full information about palliative care – involved families need to be well informed, not to depend just on the information from physicians
  3. 3. What comes next campaign launch • Campaign strategy – Background: universal question in whole process of palliative care – Meaning: children deal with the facts usually better but ask many questions – Form: Mystery / teasing campaign – Goals: Spread the awareness and overcome the taboo in the society „What comes next?“
  4. 4. Guerilla marketing • Graffiti and other images in cooperation with the artists Pasta Oner, Lada Brůnová, Anna Niklová • Use of places where people „wait what comes next“: - Cooperation with construction companies - Use of reconstruction of the State Opera - Use of public transport and airport space • Strong viral potential on social media
  5. 5. Guerilla marketing examples
  6. 6. Microsite launch and reveal
  7. 7. Reveal | Together we will find out • 13th October: World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2018 • Reveal of guerilla marketing as Pediatric Palliative Care Campaign • Connection of guerilla with the microsite and presenting there the concept Your Guardians with fundraising activity
  8. 8. Campaign reveal examples
  9. 9. Authorities: physicians, healthcare centers • Strenghtening direct mailing, newsletters, workshops • Activation of the authorities through viral campaign What comes next? • Defining key opinion leaders through the campaign: ambassadors emerging from the anonymity of hospitals to the public with PR support • Ministry of Health of the CR: lobbying, taboo overcoming, grants
  10. 10. Timing & Summary • Timing – September – March – peak on 13th October • Results: – Wow effect from guerilla campaign – Viral sharing – Taboo overcoming Teaser – outdoor (September) Reveal – microsite, social (October) Specialists, ambassadors, fundraising (till next year)

Young Lions Czech Republic 2018 PR category - Team 12


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