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YL18 pr 11_bisonrose

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2018
PR category - Team 11

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YL18 pr 11_bisonrose

  1. 1. Na dobrou noc Bed time stories 365 stories: one day - one story
  2. 2. How to bring a sensitive and taboo topic to the attention of Czech people, who are very realistic and immune to strong expression of emotions? By bringing their childhood memories and creating the strong message: Na dobrou noc - a metaphor of the end of the day and end of the life.
  3. 3. Fairy tale book Na dobrou noc Most of the books have one main story divided into chapters Children with life-limiting diseases might not finish the whole story Therefore we came up with short joyful stories - one for each day Book reading brings the family back to spend quality time together
  4. 4. How can a simple idea like printed book reach all the target audience and draw attention to the topic and Czech Society for Palliative Medicine?
  5. 5. First we have: Well-known and favourite Czech writers reaching the public (for example R. Třeštíková, B.Nesvadbová, A. Geislerová) Involved Professor Koutecký targeting the medical field THE WRITERS 
  6. 6. Then we add: Simple website with stories and explanation of the project purpose Na Dobrou noc social media (information, support, discussion - with available doctors and involved public) DIGITAL PLATFORMS
  7. 7. The "safe place" for sharing (involved families and closed ones) Buzz because of caring - writers involvement (cross-channel sharing: life reading, photos on social media, etc.) - professionals contribution Na dobrou noc project will create:
  8. 8. Escalation Public auction of the first printed copy of the book signed by the authors on October 13 At the same time - start of the online sale of the book Raised money will be donated to the CSPM
  9. 9. The project has further potential such as public readings tour, a creation of every year tradition and cooperation with publishers and other partners.

Young Lions Czech Republic 2018 PR category - Team 11


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