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YL18 digital 05

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2018
Digital category - Team 5

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YL18 digital 05

  1. 1. YL2018_digital_05 1 0. Visual Summary.
  2. 2. Recruitbot is a socially driven digital data platform that intelligently recognises if you’re the right person for the job. To help match the right people to AIESEC it analyses their social media and web activity so it can catch the right peoples attention at the right time. First it relates them to AIESEC, informs them about the benefits and ultimately the “reason to believe”. This is to drive engagement and present a good opportunity for a conversion. This is followed by an opportunity to find out more about AIESEC, their contribution and SDG’s and apply through Recruitbot itself. This platform can also be taken into offline material by using the messenger scan code. Recruitbot then invites you to download our plug- in digital platform that connects you to other like- minded AIESECer’s to aid retention and keep people involved. Summary picture. Integrated digital campaign summary. YL2018_digital_05 2 1. Summary.
  3. 3. YL2018_digital_05 3 2. Written Submission Of The Campaign. Creative Insight: The Solution: How does it work? Our TA have the brains and the balls to speak their mind online. They share articles and opinions. It’s their way of getting their voice heard, it’s what they know and what they’ve grown comfortable with. They want to make a difference, they just don’t think they have the resources or experience. Yet. Using a well aligned social media and digital strategy we can target these people based on their social media / web use. We can then lead our potential recruits through a custom built user experience that empowers, relates and informs them on the benefits of AIESEC – leading to a simple conversion and driving them through to retention within the organisation in an innovative way. The platforms will be seamlessly linked to create an effortless experience. This will keep the TOV relevant, simple and informative. First we will hyper-target the right audience by using sentimental analysis API’s to deliver sponsored ads relevant to their posts. These will be simple and empowering to drive engagement and conversions. The CTA will lead to a chatbot. This has been used as a modern way of applying, with the possibility of instant conversions due to the sponsored posts. Also it can help offline media, due to the scan code available with messenger. Once an application is complete, they will be given a download link for a plug- in. They can highlight text online and it will tell them how many people are talking about the topic, then invite them to connect. This is to make AIESEC immediately inclusive and help retention to the organisation with another networking opportunity. This solution will help answer the brief by using well linked media to change attitudes and hold interest. The sponsored posts answer by relating and engaging with our most likely conversions and other students directly and regularly to help effectively up the conversion rate from 3:1, to 2:1. The chatbot answers the brief by successfully informing potential recruits on the benefits, SDG’s and contribution of AIESEC in a modern, engaging way, while driving for a conversion. It can also help conversion in other media by incorporating the scan code so people can apply easily online through the bot - aiding recruitment as a whole. The plug-in answers as it helps keep people in the organisation – and will give new members the possibility to network with other like-minded people. It also gives people an immediate AIESEC experience after applying, to help hold engagement and retention with AIESEC.
  4. 4. YL2018_digital_05 4 3. The Use Of 3 Digital Led Components. Component 1: Sentiment analysis sponsored posts. Component 2: Chatbot. Component 3: Google plug-in online platform.
  5. 5. YL2018_digital_05 5 4. The Use Of 3 Digital Led Components. Component 1: Sentiment analysis sponsored posts.
  6. 6. YL2018_digital_05 6 5. The Use Of 3 Digital Led Components. Component 2: Chatbot.
  7. 7. YL2018_digital_05 7 6. The Use Of 3 Digital Led Components. Component 3: Google plug-in online platform.

Young Lions Czech Republic 2018 Digital category - Team 5


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