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YL18 digital 03

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2018
Digital category - Team 3

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YL18 digital 03

  1. 1. havas prague Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03
  2. 2. Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03 !2 Summary The „Manifest Your Best” campaign focuses on bringig the potential members with right motives to student organization AIESEC. As a result of current fight among the companies offering a paid internship / job to the students, the organization faces a challenge of recruiting new (long term operating) members. We wanted to emphasize qualities the right candidates already have and by making a simple but important decision to join the organization, we show what are the life long benefits gathered from the experience. The key message we follow is: Make one right move today by joining AIESEC as it will give you hundreds of new experiences tomorrow! #manifestyourbest
  3. 3. Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03 !3 Students who have the potential to be the future leaders, are aware that there are many opportunities out there. However, we wanted to show them why out of so many options, they should apply at AIESEC. We were seeking for a hidden talent we believe the potential member of AIESEC should have. The so called talents are daily little habits of today’s generation of young students that make life easier to themselves without realizing it. Because we believe the smallest impact matters, we pointed out how thinking differently by using small smart steps can lead to understanding, bigger friends base and tolerance. By emphasizing on these, young individual not only can fullfill his/ her potential in personal growth, but also can inspire many others and have an impact on entire community. Hence why we ask the student to #manifestyourbest. Why What As AIESEC want to improve the hiring ratio from 3:1 to 2:1 as not many applicants are relevant, we decided to orient ourselves and characterize a young hidden leader who should be discovered. Following this idea we followed the typical life hacks young and talented students do and can offer to the organization as well as to the society. We will present multiple young students whose behaviour suggests they are good for the role – to become a stable member of AIESEC. The simple life hacks will call fot action those who can relate to the message and open minded which will help us to reduce the amount of non relevant applicants. As we address this message to young students (18-24), we decided to focus on the tools and media they spend the most time on, which means the prevalent the usage of mobile phone and social media channels. How Our audience is present on social media on daily basis, therefore we decided to communicate through the channels based on the popularity among young students – first of all, classic SoMe channels such as Facebok and Instagram. The two channels will be oriented on visual appeal. Showing how does the proper candidate react in various situations differently than it is expected. We also want to aim on those using Shazam and Spotify by using creative banners and for storytelling appeal we decided to use the so popular InstaStories. Not only we decided to use the mainstream channels of social media, but for easier and understandable communication we chose emoticons as part our language. All the channels will eventually lead to main page of AIESEC, where the potential candidate can share his application.
  4. 4. Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03 !4 Components 1. Facebook 2. Shazam, Spotify 3. Insta stories
  5. 5. Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03 !5 1. Facebook By posting visual posts on FB and IG we will show the young students few of the common situations and slightly different, but innovative reactions to them. We believe the proper candidates will be wanting to relate to these situations and will be inspired to join AIESEC.
  6. 6. Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03 !6 2. Shazam, Spotify Base on our research, music is an essential part in young students lives. It helps them to relax, to study, inspires them or comforts them. Countless times happens, that we hear a song, like it and want to know its name so we can play it later. One of the life hacks of a young students is definitely saving time by searching for a certain song with Shazam. In result, it does not matter if the song is in Czech, English or German. After succesfully finding the song, student not only learns the name of a new song, but also can learn the lyrics in foreign language and has a great topic to talk about with other international students.
  7. 7. Young Lions 2018 YL2018_digital_03 !7 3. Insta Stories Following with the last format, we wanted to address the recruiting campaign on InstaStories as we believe they are immensly influential among young adults. Yet again, by showing them that even a slight change in attitude towards tolerance and understanding can have a big impact in students personal and profssional lives.

Young Lions Czech Republic 2018 Digital category - Team 3


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