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Yl17 media 13_mark bbdo

Yl17 media 13_mark bbdo

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Yl17 media 13_mark bbdo

  1. 1. Ordinary madness  #obycejnesilenstvi Media  presentation by ŠÁRKA Tošnarová  & ŠTĚPÁNKA Vomočilová
  2. 2. our goal to increase  the brand awareness and educate the general public about psychospiritual crisis to gain the fund  of  250 000 CZK in the next 3 months
  3. 3. 13 % of women after birth delivery, suffer from the postpartum depression. 24 % of students   put up with the anxiety state due to the high parents demanding  1/5 of seniors above 70 y.o. suffer from the bad balance of mind  80 % of men between 40 - 50 y.o. suffer with the midlife crisis     the facts
  4. 4. It can applies to everyone. insight
  5. 5. idea It can be a problem / benefit  for  all of us so let's involve the people and provide them the opportunity to learn about the psychospiritual crisis and to be a part of the fight against it. Give them the opportunity to donate in the simplest way. 
  6. 6. execution STRONG PARTNERSHIP Cooperation with T-Mobile REASON WHY Current trend in big corporation is to take care of the  employees  mental health. WHAT WE NEED a big company to support diabasis WHAT WE NEED  to reach general public and educate them COMMUNICATION CHANNEL Youtube REASON WHY We can target different groups and deliver them the relevant message so we can catch their interest
  7. 7. how it will work 4 x 30 sec funny and educational YT videos using Ivan Trojan as a main face. Every video view =   1 CZK donation   from T-Mobile  to diabasis
  8. 8. WHAT MAKES GOALS realistic Donation and Education = all in one via simply way MICROSITE Informative and educational platform YOUTUBE HOT LINE T-mobile provides diabasis the 24h operator to help in case of crisis
  9. 9. E R S U É INSIGHT It can applies to everyone. EXECUTION Every  YT  video view =   1 CZK donation  from T-mobile to  diabasis  COMMUNICATION CHANNEL Youtube IDEA We use the strong partner to provide everyone the opportunity to learn about the problem and donate money in the  simplest  way M RESULT Longterm partnership, 250k CZK in  the  next three months, 24h hot line and increase  in  brand awareness
  10. 10. thank you! presentation by  Štěpánka & Šárka