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Yl17 media 11_proximity

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Yl17 media 11_proximity

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Yl17 media 11_proximity

  1. 1. INSIGHT of target audience: public and sponsors too When we get in touch with things, which are not visible and which we cannot point at, it could be difficult to identify, express, describe and talk about them. Therefore, it is hard to fight them anyway.
  2. 2. IDEA We want to materialize and personificate Spiritual Emergency.
  3. 3. REASON WHY KNOWLEDGE: It is much easier to know, describe, talk about and solve something, when it is tangible. When we know, how it looks like. What we can „point at“. SPONSORSHIP: It is better to support fighting against something visible. VISUALISATION/MASCOT
  4. 4. IDEA MESSAGE „Let me introduce myself...“
  5. 5. STRATEGY t Build awareness Introduction/ attention: Facebook profile Seminars Engagement Activation Facebook profile, sharing Messenger BOT Social events partnership Seminars, workshops Gathering support Expansion Non-traditional media formats PR activities Sharing of stories Social events organization
  6. 6. STRATEGY Facebook social platform: High reach among target audience with relatively low cost. Linking element through social media: #alreadyknowher Social events focused primary on physical health: First step for getting money in short time, potential for long term partnership/sponsorhip Seminars a workshops Ongoing
  7. 7. IDEA IN USE Introduction Spiritual Emergency introduces itself in understandable and „user-friendly“ way, describing its symtoms.
  8. 8. IDEA IN USE Activation Spiritual Emergency engages people in events, sharing their posts, chatting with „her“.
  9. 9. IDEA IN USE Expansion Spiritual Emergency built the basic awareness, so she extends the marketing activities. It is easy to see herpes on your lips, because it‘s visible, isn´t it? I‘m not visible. Learn more about me on

Yl17 media 11_proximity


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