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Yl17 cyber 01


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Yl17 cyber 01

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Yl17 cyber 01

  1. 1. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #1 VDOBRÉMIZLÉM (FORBETTERORWORSE) Our life situations are the same but due to different rights our fates are also different. interactive video fast switching between stories real timeline community management detailed blogposts serves as landingpage paid ads +1 +1 +1
  2. 2. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #2 SUMMARY1. Our life situations are the same but due to different rights our fates are also different. The difference between a civil partnership and marriage is not only in terminology. This is the problem which the people in the Czech Republic do not perceive. It is all reflected in the campaign #vdobremizlem which tries to draw attention to this issue via storytelling and interactivity. The aim is to educate the yet-non-decided majority of population about the legislative differences using emotional interactive videos on YouTube. The videos present two different stories and there is a possibility to switch between them. The community management and promotion on Facebook and an educative content on Tumblr is also used. INTEGRATEDSOCIALMEDIA CAMPAIGNSUMMARY
  3. 3. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #3 WRITTENSUBMISSIONOFTHECAMPAIGN2. 75 % of the population of the Czech Repub- lic do not mind a common life of same-sex couples. A civil partnership is generally considered a solution to this issue. Minor differences between marriage and a civil partnership are not perceived as a problem. Although, those differences are crucial and might lead to severe life situations. The differences emerge from dissimilarities in a legislation of the civil partnership and marriage. The main issue of the LGBT community is based on the essence of marriage – #vdobremizlem – which is not reflected in the current situation. The campaign strives to reach people aged 30–55 who have no clearly defined opinion on the gay and lesbian rights in terms of a common life and are not sufficiently educated in this topic. Therefore, they have no reason to be interested in it. CREATIVEINSIGHT The topic is presented on life stories which are the same until then where the fates of the characters are changed due to the legislative differences between marriage and civil partnership. The campaign is based on social networks where the target group is active. Our aim is to start a discussion using a storytelling and fictitious profiles where the persons experience various life situations. The main channel is YouTube which will be presenting a different development of those two stories – one from marriage and one from civil partnership – in difficult life situations. Youtube is supported by content activities on Facebook and educative blogposts on Tumblr. The main objective is to make people understand the problems of the same-sex partnership on specific examples. The problems which they do not have to deal with. What is important is the targeting on an emotional “shock” which is not anticipated at the beginning. SOLUTION YouTube The main story line takes place here via an interactive video. It will be possible switch between two stories – about marriage and civil partnership. All activities from Facebook (organic, community, paid ads) and Tumblr (blogposts) will be directed here. Facebook Facebook’s purpose is to be a platform for communication in communities via fictitious profiles using various life situations arising from the differences between marriage and civil partnership. We also count on an official communication by Prague Pride via ads which will be linked to YouTube as well. Tumblr It is a platform for an educative part of the campaign. There will be blogposts which continue in the style of a non-violent communication from Facebook (especially in communities). It also serves as an additional source of information for YouTube videos. HOWDOESITWORK
  4. 4. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #4 THEUSEOF3SOCIALMEDIAPLATFORMS3. • possibility of switching from one video to another • emotional arrangement • difficult life situations example It shows a different development of two life situations – one in marriage and one in civil partnership. civil partnership: One of the couple dies while a car-crash accident and her daughter from previous marriage has to go to the children’s home. marriage: One of the couple dies while a car-crash accident and her daughter from previous marriage stays at home with the second spouse. YOUTUBE • fictitious face of the communication • active community management • life story will be shown via timeline • use of ads on the Prague Pride profile (LinkAd, Carousel) FACEBOOK • main educational platform • more information about the topic • partially substitutes a landing page TUMBLR interactive video real timeline community management detailed blogposts
  5. 5. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #5 YOUTUBE4. card link to second video fast switching between stories
  6. 6. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #6 FACEBOOK5. community management Ads on Prague Pride profile real timeline personal communication
  7. 7. YL2017_cyber_01 slide #7 TUMBLR6. detailed blogposts about topic serves as landingpage due to tight budget