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Young Fine Gael January Informer

A look at what's been going on in Young Fine Gael

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Young Fine Gael January Informer

  1. 1. National Conference January 2011 National Executive Profiles Are You Ready To Win? GE2011 Young General Election Candidates KEANE’S CORNERFor most people, every BUDGET OFFERS NO CREDIBLEJOBnew year is the same.We make the same OR STIMULUS PACKAGEresolutions and it this FINE GAEL ONLY PARTY WITH JOB CREATION PLANstage theyre probablyalready broken Once again Fianna Fáil has shown that it is incapable of offering young unemployed an alternative to the doleI hope this year, that will change for you and queue or emigration. Their plans for 15,000 activationme as members of Young Fine Gael. We places, to be commended only for being a carbon copyneed only one resolution and one resolve - of Fine Gaels much larger plan, is but a mere drop inthat 2011 will see Fine Gael in Governmentand that Enda Kenny will be Taoiseach. the ocean of what is needed. Fianna Fáil is happy to let our young people emigrate to solve their problems. This2011 will be the year, where for the first time in year more people will emigrate than the population of Limerick City. The 65,000the history of the state, Fine Gael will be the people leaving the country would fill Vicar Street for 65 nights.largest party in Dáil Éireann. But before thishappens, we have a lot to fight for. We have Despite the fact that 43% of those people leaving are under 25 there is no stimulusto convince the people that Fine Gael is the plan in this budget to keep them in the country. The measly activation measuresonly party with the positive plans and policies give no hope to them. In particular there is no mention of apprentices in the budget.that can get this country back to work. Even if a young person has a job, today the Government decided to cut the mini-We are the only party that have detailed plans mum wage by 12%. This is greater than any pay cut applied to anybody stop the tide of emigration and cure theplague of unemployment through “NewEra” Fine Gael is the only Party with a plan to keep young people in a job. Throughand “Hope for a Lost Generation”. Hope for a Lost Generation, Fine Gael will get 30,000 young people off the dole in a single year. NewEra will create 100,000 jobs.We are the only party that has a plan to fix our What Ireland needs is a new Fine Gael Government that has the policies, likehealth service with “Fair Care” and to modern-ise the public service with “Reinventing Gov- Hope for a Lost Generation and NewEra, that will create jobs for young and oldernment”. people alike. That is the only way out of the economic mess we are in.Both you and I know this, but our single dutyfrom now until the election is to spread the NEW YFG NATIONAL EXECUTIVE ELECTEDword of Fine Gael across the Country. If you Pictured with President ofmake one resolution this year, I ask you to YFG, Eric Keane followingresolve yourself to the service of Fine Gaeland the future our great country and to get out the first National Executivethere and ask people to “Vote Fine Gael” meeting; Colum Roche, Colm Taylor, Brid Murphy,In the meantime, Happy Canvassing! Conor Crean, Carol Madi- gan, William Quill, PatrickEric Keane Molloy, Cillian Griffey &President of YFG Graham Dullaghan. Young Fine Gael Informer; edited by Graham Dullaghan, Director of Communications
  2. 2. National Conference 2010 Charleville, Co. Cork The Young Fine Gael National Conference took place in Charleville, Co. Cork during the weekend of the 12th of November. The theme of the Con- ference was „‟A Generation For Change‟‟ and fo- cused mainly on the area of economics with a full session on Economic Motions on the Friday night. The Great Debate saw Stephen Behan and Peter Cosgrove take the title and were awarded the Hugh Coveney Memorial Shield. On the Saturday evening, Enda Kenny TD hosted the Ban- quet Dinner and presented the Awards including Member of the Year to Orlene Ferrick of Monaghan YFG. Best Speaker at Conference was awarded to Alex Layden and he was presented with the Liam Naughten Memorial Cup. The Conference passed a number of motions, including a motion to scrap the Croke Park Agreement (see page 4). The Conference culminated in the announcement of the new National Executive which took to the stage for the close of the MEMBER OF THE YEAR Conference. (see page 3 for Joan FitzGerald Memorial Shield profiles of the new National ORLENE FERRICK Executive members). Monaghan YFG HUGH COVENEY MEMORIAL SHIELD Stephen Behan and Peter Cosgrave being presented with the Hugh Coveney Memorial Shield by Barry Walsh, outgoing President of YFG. Stephen and Peter were victorious in the Great Debate on the Friday night of Conference. The Award is in Memory of Hugh Coveney TD.
  3. 3. OUR COUNTRY OUR FUTURE Fine Gael are inviting You to Join The Conversation “One of the great failings of politicians is they talk too much and do not listen enough. What I am going to do now is to stand down the Fine Gael website for a number of weeks and I am going to replace it with a facility that will allow peo- ple to send in their complaints, ideas and proposals about what we should do.” Enda Kenny TD Join The Conversation www.finegael.orgAre You Ready To Win? Preparing, Working, WinningWritten by; Eric Keane Written by; Brid MurphyIn a few short weeks we shall enter the most important General Election, Young Fine Gael branches across the country are preparing for General Electionnot just in our lifetime, but since the foundation of the State. The decision2011, out canvassing with their local candidates, spreading the word amongst theirtaken by the people of Ireland at this General Election will affect the fu- friends. Young Fine Gael are integral to winning this election, we are not takingture of this country for generations to come. Government for granted, it isAll our energy and work from now until Election Day must go towards something which must begetting Fine Gael candidates elected to Dáil Eireann. At this stage most fought for.of our General Election conventions have been held and nearly all our Training is being held acrosscandidates have been selected. All Young Fine Gael branches and mem- the country to ensure that allbers must now get ready for the election. Please arrange for your our canvassers are fully briefedbranches to meet and discuss a General Election and be ready for it on Fine Gaels plans for gettingwhen it comes. Ireland back on track.Fine Gael is the only party with the policies, the plans and the people thatare ready to transform the way this country works and get people back to This election is like no other, 150,000 young people have emigrated from Ireland,work. It is our job, as members of Young Fine Gael, to inform people that they are people we went to college or school with, neighbours, friends, family. FineFine Gael is the only party with a credible jobs strategy through "New Gael offers these emigrants hope, hope that Ireland will get back on track. We mustEra" which will create 100,000 new jobs and with "Hope for a Lost Gen- ensure that we outline, for our futures, why people must vote Fine Gael at the nexteration" that will keep a further 30,000 in employment. Fine Gael is the election, why it is essential that Fine Gael goes into Government and gets its plansonly party ready to transform the public service with our "Reinventing for Ireland to work.Government" policy and the only party with a plan to transform our health NewEra, Hope for a lost Generation, Reinventing Government, FairCare, these aresystem with "Fair Care". No party in the history of the state has been so what will fix our country, what will provide hope. If you wish to get in contact to or-ready to serve the people and to get this country working again. ganise training for your branch, contact your regional organiser and we will provideOnly with your help can Fine Gael win through on Election Day. I ask you you with the tools. This election is about our futures, it is about ensuring that weto get involved in any way that you can and be part of the most important have a future in Ireland, Fine Gael is the only party which can ensure that this hap-and exciting election campaign this country has seen for generations. pens.Young FG calls for Croke Park Agreement to be scrappedYoung Fine Gael President, Eric Keane, has called on the Government to rescind the Croke Park Agreement.Mr Keane said “Under section 28 of the agreement the Government has the right to scrap the deal if the country‟s fiscal position de-teriorates. “This condition has clearly been met. The Government has brought our country to financial ruin and we are on the brink ofone of the largest bailouts in modern history. The Government wants to cut the minimum wage and tax the poorest in our society yetthey intend on implementing this agreement. The arrival of the IMF and EU must call an end to the agreement.“Our country simply cannot afford the terms of the agreement. Moving civil servants from one department to another, which is whatthe agreement envisages, will not solve either our country‟s problems or how the public service is paid for and what it delivers.“The simple fact is that higher public servants are paid too much and there is no way of rectifying this problem under the Croke ParkAgreement."
  4. 4. PROFILESPRESIDENT NATIONAL EXECUTIVE 2010/2011 ERIC KEANE—President I am a 23 year old accountant. I am a graduate of Law and Accounting in the University of Limerick where I first got involved in YFG. While originally from Clare, I am currently living in Dublin. Firstly, I would like to thank everybody that came to canvass in the Donegal South West Bye-Election. Scarcely five days after our National Conference eighty mem- bers made to trip to campaign for Cllr. Bary ONeill. Thanks are also due to the many people who came to Donegal earlier in the year when so much groud work was done. Barry performed very well, coming in second.VICE PRESIDENT BRID MURPHY—Vice President From the outset of running for Vice President I was acutely aware that an election was only a matter of months away - no one could have predicted how close it would be though. The term hit the ground running has never been more apt then for this Executives lifetime to date. We are in unprecedented times, we are on election footing. I would urge every one of you to talk to your friends outside of Young Fine Gael and let them be in no doubt, the party to get them back to work is Fine Gael, the party to look after their future is Fine Gael, the party to look after them should they have to attend hospital is Fine Gael, the country to provide their children with the best education system is Fine Gael. NATIONAL PANEL GRAHAM DULLAGHAN CAROL MADIGAN WILLIAM QUILL COLM TAYLOR Director of Communications/ National Secretary/ Director of Policy Policy Officer Third Executive Council Seat Branch Development Officer Hi! I‟m 24, from Bray. I stud- Hi my name is So, you‟re reading the Informer, Hello all, hope you have all ied in Trinity doing History Colm Taylor and well done ;) As Director of recovered from the confer- and a Masters in Politics. I am from the Communications this is one of ence! Just like to take this great county of As Director of Policy, I‟m my gigs together with promot- opportunity to thank members Tipperary where my family currently working with Eric and Colm on ouring this organisation through social media. Over for their support. So now the hard work begins. I have a farm in the parish YFG election manifesto and welcome anythe term of the Exec I hope to implement the am honoured to be the new national secretary Knockavilla which is just out- input from members on why young peopleideas I outlined over the last few months. and branch developement officer. side the town of Cashel. should vote Fine Gael. I plan to provideObviously our priority in the short-term is a Fine As secretary I‟ll be dealing with correspondence you with information on our main policy Eric thought I would be goodGael Government and I will be doing all I can to that the exec receives and replying to you all as areas to ensure you are fully informed! as Policy Officer, so, I ampromote Fine Gael and communicate the Young soon as possible. As branch development offi- Following the election YFG will be in a sitting here writing up docu-Fine Gael message to the best of my ability cer I hope to assist branches in relation to press position to promote our policies to a Party ments that could affect all ourthrough the channels available to me. releases and canvassing training. of Government. I intend to bring policy lives! So if you or anyone youCommunications works both ways so I encourage I hope to work to ensure YFG play their part in discussion to branch level to give you the know have an idea just dropyou to forward on info and pictures to me as electing an FG Government! I‟ll also be advising chance to prepare position papers which me a line and I will get onto itevents occur so get in contact with me, email me, any branches who ask for help and working we can debate and develop to then allow straight away! I dont bite! Iring/text, add me on facebook—I‟m looking for- closely with the regional organisers. Talk to you us bring these to ministerial level within look forward to hearing fromward to hearing from you all!! all soon! Fine Gael. you!REGIONAL ORGANISERS PATRICK MOLLOY CILLIAN GRIFFEY CONOR CREAN COLUM ROCHE Dublin Organiser North/West Organiser South Organiser East Organiser I have a B.A. in Politics and History Its a great honor to have been I‟m a 22 year old I first joined YFG and an M.Econ.Sc. in European elected to represent all Young student of econom- after the ‟07 GE in Economic and Public Affairs from Fine Gael members in the ics and politics in Kilkenny. I am UCD. I was selected as an IBEC North West Region. Studying UCC. From Mallow also a member ofCBI North/South Postgraduate Scholar for 2010/11 Economics & Sociology in UL. in the heart of the John Smithdoing Business Economics in Queens University. I Munster, my interests include read- Branch in UCD where I study Eco- There is a challenging time ahead however weam a member of the Alfie Byrne and John Smyth ing, grumbling & socialising. I am a nomics! all saw how well Young Fine Gael can come(UCD) branches of YFG. I look forward to working member of Cork East branch and together in a common purpose during the My main aim for this term is to facili-towards the development of the organisation in Alfred ORahilly (UCC) branches. I Donegal South-West Bye-Election. Sadly Barry tate the growth and development ofDublin and working with branches towards provid- am the new Munster Regional Or- fell short however we can be proud of beating branches in Leinster. The big issueing greater levels of activity for the members. ganiser and as such Im looking Fianna Fail into third place. with the region is that there are not forward to working with membersI look forward to helping to start new branches and Obviously the priority is the general election enough active branches. There are from this areaassisting in the development of some of the newer however in the longer term, I want to make people in each county who want aand smaller ones. I also hope to be able to organ- There is a lot of work to be done branch of YFG, but it is a matter of inactive branches active again and launch newise events that will allow younger members to including the elections we are going finding them and getting them in- branches where there is demand. Activitybecome more active within YFG. I‟m also looking to face so I hope to count on your volved. Once we have a branch in between branches must be increased and weforward to the next General Election and towards support as we work together. I have every county, we can then focus on must promote political youth involvement. I amthe great opportunities we will have to convince the lots of ideas for the region as many inter-branch activities and make of course open to ideas on how to develop YFGpeople of Ireland why Fine Gael offers the neces- of you will know but never hesitate to Leinster the active region it once in the North West so feel free to contact mesary change for Ireland. contact me if you have a suggestion was. and I look forward to working with you all.
  5. 5. Have your branch activities and meetings included in the Informer. Goings On…. for inclusion in the next edition email submissions to; University College Cork YFG New ChairWritten by; Robert O‟Sullivan KILKENNY YFG Paidi Manning was electedThe branch will hold our annual mystery tour on Chairman of Kilkenny YFGJanuary 13th where a fun night is guaranteed. A at their EGM on Wednes-fresh recruitment drive will take place on January day 29th of December in19th as part of the colleges second societies day, the Ormande Hotel in Kil-which will be followed that evening by lively debate kenny City.on Fine Gaels plans for government and a social. He replaces Colum Roche who wasFrom January 25th -27th, 10 members of UCC recently elected East Organiser. They got straight to work recently with a can-YFG will travel to Brussels with Sean Kelly MEP for a tour of the European institutions, vass organised for Senator JP Phelan.Brussels and the medieval city of Bruges. Election preparation will also begin in earnest in A massive turnout ensured a huge areathe New Year with canvassing workshops planned as well many initiatives to promote the was covered and the campaign to electFine Gael message on campus in the coming months. A massive turnout last Monday saw the launch of YFG‟s newestMALLOW YFG branch, Mallow YFG. Chair: James Fitzgerald Vice Chair: Clare Neville Secretary: Kathryn Coakley Treasurer 1: Paul Walsh Treasurer 2: Eoin Stanton PRO: Sean Nyhan Organiser: Frances Nash Policy Officer: Danielle O‟Riordan OCM: Sean O‟Reagan CANVASSING-DUBLIN AREA A note from Barry O’Neill I wish to thank you for your great support, work and superb Dublin Central 13/01/2011 @ 18:30 effort in the recent Donegal South West Bye-Election Cam- Pascal Donohue’s Office paign. It was an unusual election, as regards the time of year, the national media focus, the national issues and par- Dublin West 15/01/2011 @ ticularly in the final few days when circumstances changed nationally with a General Election being called by the Green contact for details Party. The Campaign could not be faulted and I believe that our final result of being placed second overall was a good result BRANCH RELAUNCH for Fine Gael when every- thing is taken into consid- Laois Branch January 28th eration. I believe that the Fine Gael organisation in Contact: Colum Donegal South West is stronger today following this BRANCH LAUNCH campaign and I take this opportunity to thank you, the members of Young Sligo YFG February 5th Fine Gael for your loyalty, Barry O‟Neill pictured with Enda Kenny TD during the Bye-Election Campaign Contact: Cillian hard work and support. in Donegal South-West. Information submitted by branches to—Edited by Graham Dullaghan
  6. 6. YOUNG CANDIDATES SELECTED SO FARCllr Patrick ODonovan Joe Carey TD Cllr Catherine Yore Cllr Simon Harris Cllr Martin Heydon Limerick Clare Meath West Wicklow Kildare SouthSen JohnPaul Phelan Cllr Peter Burke Leo Varadkar TD Cllr Liam Quinn Cllr Patrick O’Driscoll Carlow/Kilkenny Longford/Westmeath Dublin West Laois/Offaly Cork East Check Cllr Paul Lucinda Creighton TD Cllr Eoghan Murphy for details of Connaughton Jnr Galway East Dublin South-East Dublin South-East GE2011 Candidates