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Stefano Besana - Web Listening

  1. 1. Highershigts on FlickrSocial Media Listeningl’ascolto strategico per migliorare i processi di business
  2. 2. Le conversazioni del vostro brand sui social sono email per voi, con in cc: il mondo intero - Gianluca Diegoli
  3. 3. Respect that your customers and employees have power. Once youaccept this as true,you canbegin to have a real, more equal relationship with them - Charlene Li
  4. 4. “An organization that has put in place the strategies, technologies and processes to systematically engage all the individuals of its ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, suppliers) to maximize the co-created value” - Emanuele Quintarelli
  5. 5. Stefano BesanaSocial Business Senior Consultant OpenKnowledge srl in/stefanobesana stefanobesana