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Gamification – Stefano Besana


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Published in: Business, Technology, Education
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Gamification – Stefano Besana

  2. 2. Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold - Joseph Chilton Pearce
  3. 3. Games are unnecessary obstacles we volunteer to tackle - Joseph Chilton Pearce
  4. 4. The opposite of play is not work is depression - Brian Sutton Smith
  5. 5. Image by ConnorWalbergin U.S.A. 99% of boys under 18 and 94% ofgirls play regulary - 13 and 8 hours a week Stats by JaneMcGonigal (AvantGame speech)
  6. 6. 2014a primary gamification platform will become asimportant as Facebook eBay or Amazon2015More than 50% of organizations that manageinnovation rpocess will gamify them1.6 billion of dollar invested in gamification2016nearly 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have atleast one gamified application2.8 billion invested Bloomberg and M2 research as seen on JaneMcGonigal (AvantGame speech) Gartner Research & Analyisis as seen on JaneMcGonigal (AvantGame speech)
  7. 7. Gamify Internal Collaboration Nitro for Jive gives users a set of missions to complete, each of which exposes them to a critical piece of functionality within the Jive platform. Users earn points and unlock badges for using and mastering these pieces of functionality, and “level up” when they hit key milestones. Social elements like high score tables, newsfeeds, and the ability to display and share your status, drive friendly competition and collaboration among the user base. - Bunchball
  8. 8. Gamify Internal CollaborationNitro for Salesforce adds a persistent toolbar to the Salesforce interface, from whichemployees can view their statistics, achievements, status, recent activity, and competitiveelements. Users can interact with Nitro for Salesforce via the standard web application, butNitro data can also be viewed via tablets and phones, and on large displays in sales centers.
  9. 9. Gamify Internal CollaborationToday’s workplace requires a new approach to performance management. Rypple is a web-based social performance management platform that helps companies improve performancethrough social goals, continuous feedback and meaningful recognition.
  10. 10. Gamify Innovation Scottish Water is a public entity, a subsidiary of the Scottish government, which manages the infrastructure related to the distribution of water and collection of waste water throughout Scotland. It has 3.700 resources in its employ. 9 months from the launch, the Innovation Pool counts 750 users and has generated over 330 new ideas and/or suggestions for improvement. Out of those, 7 have already been validated and implemented under tight deadlines. The sites receives on average about 10 posts (ideas, votes, comments) per day.
  11. 11. Gamify Innovation With SpigitEngage for Facebook, organizations practice co-creation, tapping customer insights through idea generation, collaboration, contests and game dynamics. Using this fun, natural customer contact method, organizations develop a dialogue that leaves an impression and drives repeat interaction through: • Virtual Currency – allowing users to earn and spend tokens for participation • Social Connections – keeping users up-to-date on ideas, enabling social discovery of content • Contests – creating a two-way dialogue for co-creation
  12. 12. Life Gamification
  13. 13. Stefano BesanaSocial Learning Consultant OpenKnowledge srl in/stefanobesana stefanobesana