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  1. 1. The internet is rightly called the most revolutionary concept to have emerged in the last quarter of the previous century and it is rightly proving to be so as well. Internet has changed the way the businesses operate, it has changed the way the information isshared around the world and it has incredibly changedthe social, cultural, economic and even political scene of the globe.Singapore dedicated server
  2. 2. Given the fact that internet has become an inseparable part of the lives ofthe modern men, the internet service providing has emerged to be newand spate branch of business and the magnitude of this business can bejudged from the turnovers of the companies like Google and FacebookThe most basic elements of the internet world are the websites and thefirst thing to get a website on the internet is the hosting There arebasically two forms of hosting The first form is the traditional form alsoknown as Website Server Hosting India in general and the second form isthe
  3. 3. The actual hosting process involves the maintenance and provision ofthe server space for the website on a server that is owned by a hostingcompany or with a company that sells server space It also involves thetechnical support for the website in case it has problems related to theserver They can be known as the manufacturers or the first handsuppliers of the web space The reseller web hosting is retailing theserver space that has actually been manufactured and maintained byanother company
  4. 4. It forms a chain market system in terms of the server space The resellerweb server hosting India merely acts as Singapore dedicated server amerchant in the chain who bridges the gap between the website ownerand the actual hosting company The resellers do not have to deal withthe technical issues as they do not own any server of their own Thereare typically two types of reseller web hosts in the market these days: 1
  5. 5. The first type of web server hosts are those that depend upon thequantity of the web spaces sold to make profit They usually limit theiroperations only to the reseller hosting only 2
  6. 6. The second type of hosts are the ones that depend upon the qualityaspect as they wish to provide their clients the option of improving theirwebsites, SEO services and marketing etc They use the reselling as away of getting customers for their internet businesses They usuallyconcentrate more on the secondary services like re designing etc
  7. 7. to make profits Reseller web hosting has become an important elementin the internet business world as it gives an opportunity to expand thebusiness with minimal investment and solely on the basis of smartness,skill and talent
  8. 8. Singapore dedicated server