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  1. 1. Many people wonder if a PPI claim will show up on a credit report in the future, since it means that the customer is backing out of an insurance agreementand getting his or her money back. In UK, however, it is illegal for a bank or other lender to hold this against you because of the FSAÂ’s Treating Customers Fairly bill. The Banking Code also protects customers from any sort of retribution from a lender, so you can go ahead with your PPI claim worry-free. If you run into any problems, a PPIclaims company can help you out along the way and explain everything to you in an easy to understand
  2. 2. When you go for a PPI claim, it is usually because an insurance company hasmis-sold you and, as a result, you are entitled to a refund This can occur whenyou purchase insurance that you were not eligible for anyway or if the insurerpressures you into making a purchase that you did not want in the first placePushing you into PPI is an unethical practice and you are owed this moneywithout anyone holding it against you Therefore, it does not have any effect onyour credit, as long as you file this claim in the right manner
  3. 3. When filing a claim, make sure that you contact a PPI claims company This isbecause the claims company will ensure that you have a case against thelender or insurer, making it easy to get your moneyback The claims company can also help you out if you feel as though youhave been treated unfairly by a financial institution as a result of this claim,since all you are doing is reclaiming money that is rightfully yours
  4. 4. Over the years, over 2 million people in the UK have purchased insurance thatthey cannot even use It is the responsibility of the insurer to ask you the rightquestions and make sure that you are purchasing the right insurance If theinsurer fails to ask you the right questions and your insurance plan ends upbeing useless, you are entitled to this money without it having a negative effecton you
  5. 5. This happens more frequently than you might think, but the laws are in yourfavour if you decide to get your money back from your insurance company orlender In some cases, contacting a PPI claims company to get to the bottomof your PPI could improve your credit rating, in a roundabout way If your PPIwas put onto your credit card, you might still be paying it off
  6. 6. If you have that money reimbursed onto your credit card, it will allow you topay your credit card off faster In the end, you have nothing to lose bycontacting a PPI claims expert to get to the bottom of your insurance problems
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