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  1. 1. Getting the appropriate paperwork is the first step to considering and then possibly filing a PPI refund claim. If you do not have therelevant loan agreement and the terms applying to it at hand, you can get this information by contacting your lender, though be sure that the terms you get are terms that were current as of the time you took out the loan. One reason for reclaiming a PPI is if you were told that a PPI policy is compulsory: in truth it is
  2. 2. Examples of PPI Policy Problems You may also have been paying for aPPI in a situation where you were not told of the existence of that policyYou may have not been informed of theexclusions and price relevant to the policy in question There may alsohave been irregularities if you were unemployed, self-employed or retiredat the time of taking out the loan and the attached PPI policy
  3. 3. You should also have been informed that the policy may not covercertain pre-existing medical conditions If your lender has been fined forsystemic PPI problems, this also raises the likelihood that your own loanshave PPI problems as well These problems may legally warrant a PPIrefund
  4. 4. The Process of Making a PPI Claim You will also want to write to yourlender and ask for a PPI refund regarding the PPI in question If you arerejected by your lender, you can still write to an ombudsman at theFinancial Ombudsman Service as well You can also contact theombudsman online or by giving them a call
  5. 5. There is not a penalty for losing a case, though the process can takesome time, so this is often worth a try You can also go to theOmbudsmans Service Review Team if you are having a problem with theombudsman Other organisations that might be able to help you includethe Association of British Insurers, the Finance & Leasing Associationand the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  6. 6. More Concerning the PPI Claims Process Using a claims handler is alsoa possibility Another way to do this is to take the claim to court yourselfusing a lawyer
  7. 7. Sometimes a legal letter can yield a settlement in your favour Doingyour own research on what to do is a fine idea
  8. 8. You may be able to reclaim PPI monies on car insurance, homeinsurance, personal loan policies, mortgage policies and credit cardpolicies, among other types of loans and their associated PPI policiesCredit card and store card PPI problems have been a common concern
  9. 9. Mis-selling may also have occurred if you signed up for a loan onlineusing pre-ticked boxes with a PPI opt out option instead of the proper optin option before July of 2007 or if the PPI was misrepresented to you be asalesperson Both of these situations sometimes used to happensystemically
  10. 10. It is not too difficult to file a claim
  11. 11.