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  1. 1. DWG - "drawing" is a format used for storing two and three dimensional design data and metadata. It is the native format for several CAD packages includingAutoCAD. The DWG format is probably themost widely used format for CAD drawings.Singapore web design
  2. 2. DWG Drawing to PDF Converter allows you convert DWG to PDF,DXF to PDF directly without need of AutoCAD, it converts DWG andDXF files into vector PDF files, quick and easily There are severalclaims to control of the DWG format It is Autodesk who designs,defines, and iterates the DWG format as the native format for theirCAD applications The DWG format is probably the most widely usedformat for CAD drawings Autodesk estimates that in 1998 therewere in excess of two billion DWG files in existence There areseveral claims to control of the DWG format
  3. 3. DWG Drawing to PDF Converter supports a wide variety of versionsof DWG and DXF files, it supports DXF or DWG files PDF converteris convenient and easy to operate, and DWG and DXF files can bedirectly dragged from Windows Explorer and converted fast • DWGis a file format • Applicant is not the exclusive source of files withthe format name DWG • Applicant does not control the use ofDWG by others, either as a trademark or as a file format name
  4. 4. • The submitted survey does not reflect recognition of DWG as atrademark, since no distinction was made between use as atrademark and use as the name of a file format To tackle "spiderweb drawing means you must be capable of drawing straight lines Aspider web is not so easy to draw as it looks If you are thinking ofdoing drawings of spider webs, take a look around outside to see ifyou can spot a good looking spider web Do a quick, rough sketchoutside then transfer it once you have a firm surface to draw on
  5. 5. After a bit of practice, spider web drawings were quite easy ForDrawing Corner Spider Web, you have to take your pencil and on thetop of the page, about two inches from the right start drawing a lineto 2 inches below the right top corner The line should loop down andhave points • Draw straight lines from the points in your first line tothe corner • Make lines parallel to your fist line going all the way up
  6. 6. You should have 5 or 6 lines For Drawing Full Spider Web, Get apaper and make a cross on it, try to make both lines a similar length(using a ruler will help) • Draw diagonal lines through the center,dividing the paper up from 4 to 8 sections • Start connecting thelines with inverted arcs, this is an arc), from the inside out Once youhave reached the end Singapore web design of the web, elongatethe diagonal lines, this will make it look like it has supports Draw aspider by making a fuzzy ball, then drawing legs (eight of them) onyour web
  7. 7. This spider web drawing in a tree looks quite attractive, a bit like asailboat The straight lines were probably the hardest part You haveto be careful while drawings the threads of web link up togetherneatly and spaced fairly accurately Some spiders take pride in theirhomes obviously
  8. 8. Singapore web design