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Tight fit's


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Published in: Education
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Tight fit's

  1. 1. TIGHTFITSYuhua Souvenir Project
  2. 2. Front view ofthe Figure
  3. 3. Back view of theFigure
  4. 4. INFORMATION OF THESOUVENIR.Size: 6cmCost: $3Colour: White (Body) Brown (Yuhua LOGO &Wordings)Materials: Plastic & Styrofoam
  5. 5. REASONS OF MAKINGTHE SOUVENIR.Reasons-To let people have thesouvenir & remember “YuhuaSecondary School”.- Let People know our school’svalues.- What we are achievingfor, our goals.
  6. 6. CREDITSGroup Name : TightFitGroup Members: Lim Jian Yong Toh You Jie Anthony Ozy Ivan Seow Joevin Yip