James, Your Mobile Butler , Brochure April 2013


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James, Your Mobile Butler , Brochure April 2013

  1. 1. Youbba Corporate PresentationApril 2013
  2. 2. Who are we ?• Founded in 2013• 3 best-of-year students informatics join forces to createa start-up with focus on mobile apps for hospitality andretail• Company gets corporate backing from 2 internationaltechnology and media executives• Their first app, James - the mobile butler app, targetsthe Hotel and Bar sector• Only 3 months after launch date,the James app has beenawarded several times
  3. 3. Our servicesLooking for a specifichospitality solution,really customisedtowards your needs ?Then we are more thanhappy to provide ourservices, from usabilitydesign todevelopment.James allows you to bepart of the mobileworld, with a very lowinvestment and a hugecustomer satisfaction.Moreover, you’ll bepart of an eco-systemwhich brings youadditional benefits.
  4. 4. FactsSource : QSRweb.com
  5. 5. FactsSource : QSRweb.com
  6. 6. Value proposition. JamesJames, the mobile butler
  7. 7. Table or RoomValue proposition. ConceptYour customer scans the locationwhere he wants to be servedHe then starts ordering itemsHe sends the requested items to yourcounterYou deliver
  8. 8. Value proposition. ConceptBar or Room ServiceYou receive the orders on a tablet or PCYou deliver
  9. 9. Value proposition. ConceptRemote locationAdminister your menuTrack the orders from anywhereHave a look at your team’s delivery speedView historical data
  10. 10. Product linesPubs and Restaurants HotelsHome DeliveryClubs and Events
  11. 11. Product linesButler Service Room ServiceDelivery ServiceVIP Service
  12. 12. James – ordering appScan locationThis is what your visitor sees…Browse menu Select items View order list Place order
  13. 13. 3 modesSingle LocationManage your pub, restaurant, hotel, …from one single consoleGroupGet an overall view on how multipe pubs,restaurants, hotels, … are doingBrandsManage your brands, logo’s, … and get accessto real-time customer dataJames – management app
  14. 14. James – management appThis is what you and your staff seeCategoriesIn this screen you canadd as manycategories as you want.These categories areused to group yourproducts in thecustomers application.Each category canhave it’s own imagewhich is displayed asicon on the customersdevice.
  15. 15. James – management appThis is what you and your staff seeProductsHere you can addproducts to thecategories you made inthe previous screen.Each product cancontain a name,description, price,brand and image.This way you can give alot of information aboutthe product to thecustomer.
  16. 16. James – management appThis is what you and your staff seeOrdersHere you can watchthe incoming orders.This screen gives youenough details todeliver the right order atthe right table.After handling theorders, they can beclosed or added to theopen bills.
  17. 17. James – management appThis is what you and your staff seeBusiness detailsAt this page you canedit the details of yourbusiness. You canupdate your name,address, and picture.The details will be usedin the banner of thecustomers application,so it’s important to keepthem up-to-date.
  18. 18. James – management appThis is for multi-location owners…Map overviewMulti-location owners can followup their bars and products withthis map overview
  19. 19. Increase service level and customer satisfactionSave on resourcesMulti-language capabilitiesRich media menu cardProvide suggestions to boost salesReal-time reporting on orders (also remote)Full commission based modelPossibility to create additional revenueValue propositionPubs and restaurants
  20. 20. Value propositionHotelsIncrease service level and customer satisfaction(exact order intake)Save on resources (order intake for room service)Multi-language capabilitiesDynamic menu card (temporary offers)Rich media menu cardProvide suggestions to boost salesReal-time reporting on orders (also remote)Full commission based modelTime tracking on delivery
  21. 21. Value propositionConsumersSelf-service leading to faster serviceRich media menu cards with suggestionsExact order intakeMulti-languageLoyalty programs in hospitalityFeedback opportunitySpecial offers
  22. 22. Marketing valueMeasure. Report. Analyse.
  23. 23. • Real-time• Geographical distribution• Filter by product or product group• Order frequency• User profile analysis• Analyse presentation impact• Create local loyalty programMarketing valueMeasure. Report. Analyse.
  24. 24. Marketing valueAdvertising.
  25. 25. Marketing valueAdvertising.• Time-based marketing• Earn-per-view• Earn-per-click• Local marketing (cfr. the place mats)• Global marketing (value for owner and brands)
  26. 26. No registration feesNo fixed costsCommission-based modelPay-per-useMonthly billingGuests pay you directlyBuilding more businessTogether.For the first 100 pubs or restaurantswe have a special offer. Contact usat offer@youba.be to learn more
  27. 27. Thank you.Youbbawww.youbba.comFor commercial inquiries:sales@youba.beThank you