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Planning my theatrical trailer


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Planning my theatrical trailer

  1. 1. Planning for my thriller trailer <ul><li>Locations </li></ul><ul><li>Actors & Characters </li></ul><ul><li>Costumes </li></ul><ul><li>Props </li></ul>The narrative for my trailer was inspired by both vampire-theme film Jennifer’s Body and The Twilight Saga, and it helped me come up with a few ideas for the trailer, where I have added and changed a couple scenes to the final draft. It is based on a girl who is new to the college, and during the time she stayed it appears that she caught a particular boy’s attention, thus over time they became close friends, however a boy that seems to be paying close attention to both them, reveals the truth about the new girl and later dies an unknown death, leave the boy a mystery to find out if the new girl is really a vampire thats been traveling around the world for 100 years feeding her hunger.
  2. 2. Locations <ul><li>After making the changes to my initial idea for the trailer and finalizing my story, I’ve selected a few different locations that would help my trailer look an established film that has different scenes edited together, thus it will make the plot fairly unpredictable and during my planning and research I've noticed that the locations is an important aspect of film making in establishing a mysterious, ambiguous and dark look. </li></ul><ul><li>I want the trailer to have a contemporary and modern approach that would appeal my target audience effectively, so I’ve chose normal and realistic locations such as, an apartment, a park, college etc. With the narrative based on a vampire who is now in the 21 st century that's been the cause for disappearance and murders for over a hundred years, the surroundings and setting will go well with my theme, which makes it fitted and appropriate for my trailer. </li></ul>Park This will be the location to show that Yung and Michelle has became close friends, so a park is that right place to give out a comfort and relaxed environment. Also, it will be the place where an unknown boy gets attacked by a mysterious female figure during the night which seems to be Michelle.
  3. 3. Locations College This will be used for many different scene and it will be the focal point of trailer, which will give out a contemporary image in order to attract my target audience as it will share similar and common issues e.g. Socializing, drama, conflict. The college will involve scene with Yung walking into college to establish the setting in the beginning, and the moment when he first sees Michelle, also the place where Andre tells him about Michelle being a vampire and she overhears this conversation.
  4. 4. Locations Car park This would be the place where Andre would eventually die, and I chose this location for a particular reason, because most films use car parks as a place to show where something tragic happens due to the fact that there tends to be hardly any people around, which will give out a dark and mysterious atmosphere.
  5. 5. Locations Open street I chose this location to show Yung walking back from college and heading back to Michelle’s apartment during the night, to show that the place is deserted where the emptiness express a murky surrounding, which would give a sense of danger and mystery
  6. 6. Locations An apartment An apartment that belongs to Michelle and its Yung first time to go to Michelle’s apartment and he is surprised that she ain’t there, where he slowly discovers that headline that been around for the past 100 years posted on her wall about disappearances and murders, then realize something is wrong and looks for her around the house, eventually he would call her while something creeps up behind him, which appears to be a vampire and it is Michelle
  7. 7. Actors & Characters Yung – Protagonist Yung is the lead character in this trailer, and who is an ordinary college student, however his life changes when meets this new girl named Michelle that is a new student in his college, where he gradually becomes close friends with her overtime. Strange things are occurs ever since she started so he become worried about Michelle, but behind closed doors Yung doesn't know what she is capable of and being close to her could cost the loss of his friends and become one of her many victims. Michelle - Antagonist Michelle played by Kiran, is the new college girl who is happy on the outside appearance but on the inside contains something very sinister with an unknown past and the only person who seems to understand is Yung, but overtime she beings to show her true colour behind Yung’s back and his friend Andre tries to warn Yung about her being a suspected vampire/murderer.
  8. 8. Actors and Characters Andre – Yung’s friend Michael plays Andre, a friend that warns Yung about Michelle being a vampire due to her suspicious past and theorize that weird things are happening all links towards her, however, Yung refuse to listen to him and while Yung walks off Michelle overhears the conversation and decides to kill Andre. Unknown boy This character is played by David who is the unknown boy that gets attacked by Michelle at night in the park where she slowly reveals her true self and feeds her hunger Victoria and Joy Both of these characters are Kiran new friend who are both college students that doesn't know that Michelle is a merciless vampire
  9. 9. Costumes <ul><li>The costumes consist different contemporary and up to date clothing that reflects on the 21 st century fashion such as, jeans, cardigan, jackets, leggings, shirts etc. this would help us to display and portray our characters as college student effectively and straight forward enough for the audience to clearly understand the time and setting of my trailer. To show that time has past in my trailer I notify my actors to switch up their clothes when necessary. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Props Vampire fangs – This is an important convention for my trailer as it revolve around a murderous vampire. This would help me show a slow build up of Michelle being a suspected vampire, so the actor portraying this character, Kiran would be show the fangs occasionally to rise a couple questions for the audience. Newspaper – I’ve created different newspaper headlines using Photoshop CS4 which would shows that these mysterious murders and disappearances have been occurring for the past 100 years, and to shows that their old I tried to ripped pieces and scrapped in up together to give it some texture. Photos of different victims – I took different pictures of my classmates to show that over the 100 years the vampire has been to taking a few people lives and it has been a long term cause with disappearances and unexplained deaths Fake blood – This is a prop that would help me make my trailer look realistic and an element of gore to appeal to my target audience. I would use berries and paint to make the blood effect