Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. • Main product:- horror teaser trailer• Ancillary text:- Film poster and film magazine cover.
  2. 2. We had to ensure that our magazine front cover and film poster had to have a strongbrand image to allow the audience to be able to associate it with the mainproduct, which is the teaser trailer. In order to achieve this we carried out research onprevious magazine front covers and film posters. As a result, we gathered six differentfactors that we had to consider when constructing the brand image which were; catchytagline, fonts , characters, colour, scheme and film title. Colour Scheme:- we focused on using the same colour scheme in our filmposter, magazine front cover and in our trailer to enable continuity, this also allows theaudience to identify the colours with the trailer and the genre of the teaser trailer. The colourswhich we have used in three of our products are: black, red and white.Characters:- the main character of the teaser trailer had to be used in our film poster andmagazine front cover, as this enables the audience to be aware of the main character. As wewere using the same character we had to make sure that there was a difference in the actiontaking place in each product. The film poster which is the main focus in promoting the teasertrailer grabs the audience’s attention as there is a knife against the main charactersthroat, which is scary and gruesome reinforcing the genre. Whilst, the magazine front covershows the main character glaring towards the audience, her strong facial featuresimmediately grabs the audience’s attention. But we have kept the clothing the same for themagazine front cover and film poster, this is because the blood stain shirt is a powerfulstatement as it gives the audience an insight into the drama taking place in the teaser trailer.
  3. 3. Fonts:- The fonts used in our trailer is ‘carcked’, however this font is different compared toour magazine front cover and film poster. The reason for this is because, we wanted to use avariety of fonts so it appeals to audience’s interest and well as keeping it as simple as possible.Style/Design:- We have used a similar style throughout through the use of particularcolours and the form of our presentation, this is done so the target audience is able torecognise that all our products is from the same brand, this will avoid confusion with ourproduct amongst other.Taglines & inter titles:- In the process of making up our tagline and inter titles we lookedat previous teaser trailers, posters and magazine front covers Overall: Through the use of our research and planning we were able to construct a good combination of all three products, also through the use of the feedback we collected through carrying out a questionnaire.
  4. 4. Same characters used in all myproducts:-Colour scheme:Same colour used in my teaser trailer, film magazine By using the same character in all the productsfront cover and film poster :- this is effective in enabling the audience to be familiar with the main character, who is theThe colour scheme enables the audience to able to victim played by Sharmain. It also reinforces theidentify all my products as they all have similar fact that she is the main focus of the teaserappearances. The colours that I have used as part of trailer, as well as the USP of all my products.my colour scheme are significant as it ties in withthe ‘horror’ genre. For example, black and redrepresents danger and death; whilst the whiterepresents the victims. We also ensured that weused this colours on the props, clothing of thecharacters , setting and text. White costume to highlight the victim & red and black makeup to represent scarring The audience can also identify the change in her appearance which creates a the build up of tension Our colour scheme can be identified in our film poster and our magazine front cover.
  5. 5. Ancillary text When creating our tagline we wanted to ensure that it tied in with the horror genre and was relevant to the plot of our teaser trailer. When creating the magazine front cover tagline we wanted to blend the name of the film title, as well ads informing then about the content of the magazine. In the film poster we wanted to add a more creative tagline that was short and snappy and tied in with the plot of the film, the reason why we choose this in particular is because it is connected to the e-mail the character receives in the teaser trailer.Magazine front cover Film poster By using all these elements I was able to create a effective brand image which can be seen through my magazine front cover, teaser trailer and film poster. But I believe that there could be room for improvement such as, increase the length of my teaser trailer, however I did not want to give away too much information so it will leave the audience in suspense.