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C gardens the 'palak' effect


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Converting food waste from Mid day meals program in Public School into compost

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C gardens the 'palak' effect

  1. 1. C Garden a compost garden @ Schools Residential Communities Public GardensGowlidoddi Govt School, Hill Ridge Springs Apartments, Lumbini Park, Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad by the people for a Green and Safe Planet
  2. 2. 12-Dec-11 School children participating in cleaning the space for the C GardenThe C Garden coming up in the 10ft * 10ftspace
  3. 3. The children now drop left overs from theirplates from the midday-meal in a bin.Earlier, they were throwing it all over the openarea in the School.
  4. 4. 13-Dec-11Items (left to right) gathered for compostingon Day-1, by staff and students of the School:1. Dry leaves from the School ground2. Food left over by children3. Vegetable peels from School Kitchen4. Food spill-overs swept from the floor
  5. 5. 14-Dec-11And some new additions on Day-2, Eggshells!
  6. 6. 14-Dec-11Stirring up the compost ingredients andletting the microbes get on with their actionsilently.
  7. 7. Composted Food/Garden waste ready for harvest
  8. 8. 14-Dec-11C Garden at Gowlidoddi Government School, near Gachibowli, Hyderabad
  9. 9. Harvesting the first batch of compost at the school on 25-Apr-12
  10. 10. 25-Apr-12 29-Apr-12 Red soil Garden Bed without Compost with Compost with Palak and Tomato seeds 13-May-12
  11. 11. Nourishment from compost