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Stream catalogue

  1. 1. PRODUCT CATALOGUE Airbrush Cosmetics REVOLUTION COSMETICS TM STREAM The Beauty of living Well
  2. 2. Take Charge of your future with the most important beauty revolution of all time! Introducing Stream Cosmetics You can’t change the past but the future is bright with Stream Cosmetics. Today’s job environment and difficult economic has brought tremendous uncertainty. The Future is bright and filled with abundance at Stream. Take control of tomorrow with this unique direct selling opportunity. You can start a Stream business today for as little as $50.
  3. 3. Benefits of Airbrushing The most flawless application of foundation and makeup possible, nothing comes close! Extremely easy to use Minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles Achieves the most accurate skin color match Easily blends away the appearance of skin blemishes like never before Saves you time Greater skin hygiene—no more bacteria-filled brushes or sponges touching your face Effect of younger, more beautiful skin Environmentally friendly—greatly eliminates waste of makeup Dermatologist-recommended for sensitive skin Works on all skin colorations from fair to dark 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 3
  4. 4. Extreme Airbrush System Cutting-Edge Beauty Technology Airbrush cosmetics are finally a reality for home use. The Extreme airbrush system comes with everything you will need to begin airbrushing your foundation and color cosmetics at home. The Extreme system features our pro-tools grade, 3-speed air-source compressor along with our professional airbrush stylus. Kit features training DVD + personalized makeup starter set. Extreme System (SS-EX100) $220, available in Fair, Medium, Tan or Dark. Compatible with Tanning upgrade kit. Airbrush like the Pros
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Twelve spectacular shades of Matte airbrush foundation Available in both .25 & .55 fl. oz. ($28/$38 respectively) Matte Series Foundations We have your airbrush foundation shade! Stream Cosmetics features 12 beautifully unique shades of Matte foundations. Matte airbrush foundation is water-based and oil-free to provide that traditional powdered flawless look. Rated to last an unheard of 50 hours! Our color technology is designed to deliver the smoothest, exact color match for that “invisible” and flawless feel. We feature a full palette of shades with six unique foundation shades for golden to olive skin tones and six exclusive shades for pinker to warmer pigmented skin. We have you covered, whether you have light skin or the most exotic, deep colorations. Matte foundations are designed to literally vanish into the colors of your skin while providing sheer to full coverage perfection. The Stream Cosmetics Matte Series features microground “jet-milled” minerals for the finest high-definition result. Best of all, our cosmetics are skin care grade, free of oil and perfumes and feature humectants, antioxidants, vitamins and the goodness of natural ingredients that will help your skin look beautiful and healthy. 6
  7. 7. Twelve Stream shades of dewy airbrush foundation Available in both .25 & .55 fl. oz. ($28/$38 respectively) Stream Cosmetics features 12 beautifully unique shades of dewy foundation. Our dewy airbrush formula is water-based and completely oil-free. Our color technology is designed to deliver the smoothest, dead-on color match for that “invisible” yet flawless result. We feature six unique shades for golden to olive skin tones and six shades for pinker to warmer pigmentations. The dewy foundation offers a complete range of skin tones, from the fairest to the deepest skin shade. Stream Cosmetics foundations feature microground minerals for impressive blendability, which provide either light sheer translucent coverage or rich flawless full cover-up. Use the dewy series for that satin, natural modern look. These foundations, which feature high-performance coverage, are designed to last up to eight hours. Best of all, our cosmetics are skin care grade, free of oil and perfumes and feature beneficial humectants, antioxidants and vitamins to help your skin look beautiful and healthy. Great on all skin types, especially dry to normal skin. Next Generation Foundation 7
  8. 8. Dewy Series Foundations Foundation shades for Dewy and Matte, actual shade may vary due to printing and reproduction limitations. F-1 DOVE F-2 LILY F-3 LINEN F-4 WHEAT F-5 SESAME F-6 SUNDANCE F-7 DESERT TAN F-8 SEPIA F-9 COCOA F-10 CAFE AU LAIT F-11 MAHOGANY F-12 DARK CHOCOLATE 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Stream Cosmetics features a complete line of airbrush blush shades designed to work exclusively with our airbrush foundations. Now achieve the most streak-free, natural blush, smooth and realistic effect with Stream Cosmetics Blush Available in 10 shades, .25 fl. oz., $24 Airbrush Blush Airbrush Blush Shades Actual blush shade may vary due to printing and reproduction limitations B-6 GLOW B-7 MANGO B-8 PANSY B-9 SOFT VIOLET B-10 AUBERGINE B-2 DESERT ROSE B-3 GINGER B-5 NECTAR B-1 POSY B-4 PASTEL PINK
  11. 11. Airbrush Eyeshadow glamourmermaidnymph sandbar naked soleil Eyeshadow Kits Airbrush 11
  12. 12. Achieve the most wow, flawless eyes with our Airbrush Eyeshadows. Nothing gives smoother or such blendable professional shadow! Stream Cosmetics now offers the most amazing airbrush eyeshadow designed to be airbrushed from your stylus. Eyeshadow kits featuring 2 or 3 shades to achieve these amazing duotone/tritone looks. Eye Shadow Kits - $29 34Individual Airbrush Eyeshadow shades for a world of expression In playful pastels, rich gem tones, metallics and neutral tints, now available in .25 fl. oz. each $17 S-03 ONYX S-12 MOONLIGHT S-20 WATERFALL S-24 RAIN CLOUD S-34 SALMON S-10 CORAL REEF S-27 CAPPUCCINO S-33 TERRA COTTA S-22 SAFFRON S-40 DESERT S-05 MYSTIC S-41 BARK S-43 RAINFOREST S-11 SIENNA S-42 BIRCH S-16 MULBERRY S-13 EARTH S-04 CHERRY BLOSSOM S-25 LILAC S-26 CARNATION S-09 STAR GAZER S-07 BUTTERFLY S-15 HYDRANGEA S-17 FREESIA S-21 HEATHER S-18 MOSS S-23 NATURE S-02 SEAFOAM S-14 GLACIER S-19 THUNDER S-39 CRYSTAL S-06 BABIES BREATH S-08 14K S-01 PLATINUM whitewaterposh bindinightliferoyalty Actual eyeshadow shade may vary due to printing and reproduction limitations. 12
  13. 13. Introducing the first ever blemish and under eye concealer designed to work with the space-age requirements of airbrush cosmetics. Technologically engineered to fill, conceal and hold its own for crease-free, silky, long-lasting coverage. Concealer in 5 shades, available in 5ml/ .17 fl. oz., each $26 Airbrush Intense Concealer C-1 EGGSHELL C-2 KHAKI C-3 WARM PEACH C-4 TOFFEE C-5 MOCHA 14 Actual concealer shade may vary due to printing and reproduction limitations.
  14. 14. Beauty Highlighting Stream Cosmetics Shimmer gives a glittery sparkle to your face and body. Use the Air Shimmer to highlight and accentuate the eyes or apply lightly all over for a vibrant fresh look. Dazzling on all skin colorations, from porcelain to ebony! Air Shimmer available in .55 fl. oz., $40 Airbrush Shimmer 15
  15. 15. Airbrush Bronzer 16 Stream Cosmetics Bronzer adds a warm and temporary, healthy rich sun-kissed glow to your face and body. Airbrush makes it possible to apply the smoothest, most natural effect of a glow and color. Use the Air Bronzer around the rim of your face or on your shoulders, décolleté, arms and legs for that “just back from the islands” look. Air Bronzer available in both Shimmer and Matte finishes .55 fl. oz., $38.
  16. 16. Stream Cosmetics features a complete line of tinted and translucent loose powders designed specifically to work with the needs of airbrush cosmetics. Great for setting foundation. Use our colorless translucent powder for an extreme matte finish or use under the eyes to set concealer. Our tinted powders are wonderful for oil control touch-ups or mattifying during the day. Translucent/Tinted Powders Available in 3 shades, 0.6 oz./ 2 g., $24 Finishing Translucent Powders 17
  17. 17. Introducing the first ever moisturizing primer/filler specifically designed to be airbrushed onto the skin. Amazing pre-step engineered to work as a filler to float and diminish the effect of fine lines. Loaded with natural antioxidants and humectants to nourish the skin and moisturize. Oil-free and non-greasy to the touch. Greatly improves bond of foundation to skin. Moist Pre-Step Filling Primer available .55 fl. oz. $32 Airbrush Foundation Primer 18
  18. 18. Use Stream Airbrush Legs and Body Glow on legs, arms or all over to add a sensational, vibrant effect to accentuate with a silky, shimmery effect of nude flawless perfection from head to toe. Airbrushes in seconds—no messy, blotchy aerosol spray. Lasts up to 8 hours and won’t rub off on clothes. Now in 4 great metallic shades and pearl iridescent. Airbrush Legs & Body Glow Airbrush Leg & Body Glow Shades available: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Pearl Available in .25 & .55 fl. oz., $28/$38 respectively 19
  19. 19. Calligraphy Eyeliner Calligraphy Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pens Water-resistant for long wear, like a temporary tattoo. Ultimate precision. Available in Jet Black or Auburn. $20 each 20 Beauty
  20. 20. The Most Flawless and Simple Way to Tan Up to 14 days of Tanning perfection! Natural Even Airbrush Tan Every Time! 21 1 2 3 4 5 SpaAirbrushTanning now at home
  21. 21. Tanning Upgrade Kit for Extreme Systems Now upgrade your Extreme System to tan. Your Extreme airbrush can easily accept a simple tanning upgrade. August Tan™ Upgrade Kit, available in medium only, $79 Airbrush Tanning High-end spa-quality airbrush tanning is now available at home with Stream. Airbrush tanning is not a “spray on” dye. Our primary ingredients are formulated to work with the top layer of your skin to produce the most natural browning of the skin, which mimics the look of a real suntan, but without the damaging effects associated with outdoor tanning or UV tanning beds. Airbrush tanning uses a precision stylus instrument for a smooth, flawless application. Special care is easy in difficult areas, such as the feet, knees, elbows, hairline, and face. Does not smell • Streak-free • Will not run • Never orange Our August TanTM airbrush tanning formula won’t rub off on your clothes once the tan is set. Airbrush tanning fades gently, just like a real suntan. Lasts up to 14 days. August TanTM features FDA-approved tanning actives that are up to 700% more powerful than conventional self-tanners available in drugstores. Complete August TanTM system w/tanning solution, $150, Tanning solution refill kit, $28 22
  22. 22. All Rights Reserved © 2008-2009 Stream Cosmetics LLC To place an order, call: Take control of your future and your finances with the help of Stream Cosmetics. For more information on the Stream direct selling opportunity, contact the Stream Representative who gave you this brochure.