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Life cycle


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Life cycle

  2. 2. Human life cycle Foetus – at this time, a baby is growing inside its mums womb •Baby – is born after spending 9 months inside the womb •Childhood – at this stage, you learn to walk and talk
  3. 3. Adolescence – children become teenagers Adulthood – your body is fully developed •Old age / elderly – the last stage in the life cycle of a human
  4. 4. Animal Life cycle• Butterfly• Mosquito• Frog• Bird/chicken• Cat
  5. 5. Mosquito life cycle
  6. 6. Cat life cycleKitten Cat
  7. 7. Flowering Plant LIFE CYCLES
  8. 8. Flowering Plant life cycle Pollination fertilisationgermination Seed production Seed dispersal
  9. 9. Pollination
  10. 10. Parts of Flower StameCarpel n Peta l Sepa l Pedice l
  11. 11. Reproductive parts of a Femalereproductive part flower Male reproductive part Stigma anthercarpel stamen style filament ovary ovule
  12. 12. Pollination• Pollen is transferred from anther to Self-pollination stigma Cross-pollination•Nature pollination happens in two ways: -By birds and insects -By wind
  13. 13. FertilisationThe pollen join with the egg/ovule to form aseed
  14. 14. Seed production
  15. 15. Seed dispersalSeeds are dispersed (spread) by many ways, such as: Wind dispersal Maple Dandelion
  16. 16. Water dispersalCoconut Cattail Lotus
  17. 17. -Animaldispersal Blackberries Acorn
  18. 18. Explosive actionBeans Hazel
  19. 19. Germination