Operations Management Project


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Operations Management Project

  1. 1. University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering Industrial Engineering Department IE 415 – Introduction to Operations Management Reported by: Kurata, Yoshiki Martinez, Susanne De Castro, Carenlia 4IE-B
  2. 2. • The Engineering Sciences Department of the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Santo Tomas is considered to be the largest department inside the said faculty. • As of the present semester, First Semester, AY 2011-2012, the department has 2,386 students in both First and Second Year students. • In preparation for the enrolment of these students, the department occurs their sectioning of every student in order to secure their slot on their chosen section and schedules.
  3. 3. According to some interviews set by the researchers to the students and faculties in the department, these were some of the problems they encounter: 1. There were long queues during the pre-sectioning. It was really an explosive queue which makes the students find it very hard in falling in line and for the faculties, it makes them very tired since all the students of the department were being serviced. 2. In addition with the long queues, these students inside the system were much unorganized resulting to people arguing in the line. 3. There was lack of facilities in the service causing students to endure muscle pains specifically in their legs due to long time of standing.
  4. 4. According to some interviews set by the researchers to the students and faculties in the department, these were some of the problems they encounter: 4. Limited faculties assigned in the pre-sectioning were exposed to exhaustion since they are servicing the total population of the Engineering Sciences Department. 5. Very long time used on both faculty and students since there are limited numbers of faculty assessing the students.
  5. 5. PRODUCT DESIGN: ONLINE PRE-SECTIONING Scope and Delimitation: The proposed product design of this study is only available for the regular students of the Engineering Sciences Department. The irregular students are the focus of the service design part of the study since they will be designated to have the manual sectioning at the Engineering building.
  6. 6. Service Design: Manual Pre-Sectioning
  7. 7. Service Design: Manual Pre-Sectioning
  8. 8. Service Design: Manual Pre-Sectioning
  9. 9. Criterias Present Proposed Number of Servers 5 15 Number of Laptops used 2 15 Number ofWorking Hours 5 days 1 day Working hours per day 8 hours per day Advising: 5 hours Encoding: 6 hours Cost for the entire process Php. 40,000 Php. 5000 Total Savings:
  10. 10. Looking now in the whole process, the table below summarizes the time spent in the current system compared to the proposed one. Current and Existing Method Proposed Method TotalTime 2400 minutes TotalTime 360 minutes Savings: 2040 minutes Current Php. 300.00 x 5 servers x 5 days + 2000(lab electricity for 1 day = Php. 400.00; since it’ll be use for 5 days, 400 x 5 = Php. 2000) = Php. 9500.00 Proposed Php300.00 x 15 servers + php2000.00 (room electricity for 1 day = php200.00; since 10 rooms are to be used, 200 x 10 = 2000php) = Php6500.00 9500.00 – 6500.00 = Php3000.00 Implementing the proposed system of the researchers will bring the department/college a total of Php. 3000.00 savings.
  11. 11. • It doesn’t say that if you add up facilities, it will automatically raise your cost, because if it diminishes the working time, it can also be a huge save for the department/college like what we’ve done in our proposal system. • If the company will apply this system, their works will be more efficient and the money they are paying to their employees will be fully utilized. Also if they will finish the pre-sectioning faster more students will be able to utilize their free days to prepare for their upcoming semester, and have a rest too. As well as the servers specifically the faculty members that will join the said activity, with the time savings they earn from this proposed system, they can accept more duties and finish it faster to earn more money and acknowledgement as a faculty member of University of Santo Tomas.