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2011~2012 NASCAR Driver Akinori Ogata Help Japan Sponsorship Proposal


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2011~2012 Ogata Help Japan Sponsorship Proposal

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2011~2012 NASCAR Driver Akinori Ogata Help Japan Sponsorship Proposal

  1. 1. Akinori Ogata Sponsorship for Japan Disaster Relief 2011~2012 Presented by CONCEPT CHASER CO., INC. Yoshi Hayakawa the Agent of Akinori Ogata Direct: 310-989-8688
  2. 2. As a Japanese, I feel the direct impact of the crisis in Japan, and thepeople suffering from it. For that I contribute by fund raising throughmy NASCAR racing activities, also pursuing to be acknowledged and toconnect with NASCAR fans, I moved and live in North Carolina.I Akinori Ogata pledge to bring the integrity as a Japanese driver tochallenge the making of history in NASCAR, together my activities thisyear will donate 100% of all proceeds from Ogata goods and 10% ofwinnings from all races to Save the Children - Japan EarthquakeTsunami Children in Emergency Fund. Akinori Ogata The only Japanese NASCAR driver resides in USA
  3. 3. About NASCAR• #1 in Brand Loyalty• #2 Rated Sports Marketing Media on TV next to NFL•Generate $3 Billion in annual licensed product sales• 75 Million NASCAR fans, 1/3 of the US adult population• NASCAR races draw larger crowds than Super Bowl, NBA Final game,and World Series game combined• Participation of Fortune 500 companies than any other sport• 10-Months season from February through November• Televised weekly in more than 100 countries around the world• Sponsors received nearly $1.9 billion in total exposure value in 2009• A powerful media, that other sports also exploit for their publicity
  4. 4. NASCAR Fan Profile!Gender Male 60 Female 40!Race White 80 / African American 8.7 / Hispanic 8.3% / Asian 3!Age 18 24 Years Old 11 25 54 Years Old 62 55 64 Years Old 12 Over 65 Years Old 15!Annual Income: Less than $30,000 33 $30,000 $50,000 29 $50,000 $70,000 18 $70,000 $100,000 12 Over $100,000 8!Children Family with less than 18 year old children 39!Geography East 20% / Mid West 24 / South 38 / West 18
  5. 5. Mortal Lock of 75 millionNASCAR fan Merchandising
  6. 6. Early 1990, McDonald’s launched its presence in NASCAR as the official quick service restaurant (QSR). The official status gavethem the right to use NASCAR logo on their packaging and media, also allowed them to access the tracks for coupondisbursement. In turn, this led to food service contracts at several tracks.McDonald’s gradually became more aggressive, using NASCAR as a promotional vehicle to drive store traffic and enhance brandequity through the sponsoring not only the official but also driver as well as a race team. This won the market of southeasternarea against Hardee’s.As well as expanded the program to regional promotions, encouraged working attitudes of employees.Today, there are over 13,000 McDonald’s franchises, far outnumbering Burger King (7,000+) and Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, andWendy’s (about 6,000 each).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a map of just the McDonald’s 2009:!!!!!!! NASCAR Image To Go Bag
  7. 7. McDonald’s Gained Twice the Value Race Fans are Big Family of Investment in NASCAR and Good CustomersMcDonald’s spent $7.5 ~ $8 million annually in NASCAR, Driver Fans identify far more with teams and drivers than with seriesand a Racing Team. And received an estimate worth of $14.8 sponsors. To establish stronger relationship with NASCAR fans,million in value -- in race broadcast television alone Joyce encourage the lasting purchases of your products or services,Julius and Associates computed it received 6 hours and 24 including your NASCAR novelties, the key factor is to fascinate yourminutes of in-focus exposure time and 416 mentions during 123 fans by letting them involve in hands on activities promoteairings of NASCAR races. opportunity: These fans and their families have made an emotional connection with the sport and the brand. This translates into meaningful purchasing behaviors for sponsors. McDonald’s captivates these fans by creating likable marketing events benefiting the growth of its business.
  8. 8. Build Your Brand through CostEffectiveness of NASCAR Events• Reasonable Sponsorship Fee• Domestic and International PR Support• Marketing and Promotional Support• Contribution to Save the Children - Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund
  9. 9. Akinori’s Biography Akinori Ogata has over 23 years of racing Name !AKINORI OGATA experience. Began racing motocross in 1987 at Birthday !August 14, 1973 Blood Type !Rh +O age of fourteen, collecting many wins in more Height !68.5” than 280 races. Because of his success in races Weight !150lb Home Town !Sagamihara, Kanagawa Japan sanctioned by MFJ, he earned International-B Residence !Kannapolis N.C. license in 1998, participated in All Japan Marital Status !Married / Wife Emiko Children !Kensuke, Ryo Motocross races. 1999 to 2006, he raced in Favorite Food !Burgers, Barbecue Pork, Sushi Japan Dirt Midget. With a total of 28 starts, he Hobbies !Biking, Movies, Golfing earned a victory and also twelve Top 5 finishes. Company USA !AKINORI PERFORMANCE,LLC Akinori began to compete in NASCAR since 2003 "5320 Mooresville Rd. in Late Model Stock Division, the Whelen All- "Kannapolis N.C. 28081 "(704) 738-3805 American Series. Entered in 7 races, he earned his first Top 10 finish in the First Season. The Company JAPAN !AKINORI OGATA INC. 2-13-7 Chuo Sagamihara following 7 years, he has been in 17 NASCAR Kanagawa 229-0039 events gaining valuable experience. The 2008 P (81) 42-759-4929 F (81) 42-752-7719 Hickory Motor Speedway, “The Fall Brawl”, he finished 13th after an intense battle. In 2009, Charity, Volunteer !Akinori Ogata FOUNDATION Akinori received the Tommy Johnsons Performance Warehouse Parts Hard Charger Award, which is awarded to the driver that passes the most cars during the race. 2010 Pepsi Fall Brawl, Akinori faced 5 spins and on the 5th stacked with another driver still coming in Top 10.
  10. 10. Akinori’s Publicity in Japan • HOLIDAY AUTO Serialization Special issue • TranScooter 2005 Akinori’s Custom Car Racing Automobile Indulgence Legend ”Look at this Man!” • TranScooter 2006 featuring Akinori’s Racing Car Akinori’s Midget Car Racing Life Philosophy with his Midget Car May 2006 Published by Motor Magazine • VTEC SPORTS NEWS featuring Akinori advancing from MotoCross to Midget Car • DAYTONA Special: Road to Race 2006 NASCAR 4 pages featuring NASCAR Driver Akinori came from Midget Car, the Japanese who is challenging The World Highest Peak of Race • VOXX Special Edition A NEKO Publishing Apr, May & June 2006 Published by NEKO Publishing Featured Akinori with his Ford Econo Line Car used in domestic races
  11. 11. Akinori’s Recent Publicity in America • J-News - Oct. 21 2010 Issue Akinori’s NASCAR Whelen • Lighthouse - Nov. 1, 2010 Issue All-American Series Pepsi Fall Brawl 250 Race Report LIfe of a NASCAR driver Akinori • Bridge USA - October Issue • La La La - Nov. 5 2010 Issue Akinori’s challenge to NASCAR Akinori’s Life in NASCAR
  12. 12. Akinori at Washington DC 51st “SAKURA MATSURI” April 9, 2011• Largest one-day exhibition of Japanese culture in the United States National Cherry Blossom Festival (NCBF) which brings over one million visitors to Washington DC every spring• Draws domestic and international media coverage, valued at over $14 million and including 2,100 TV hits reaching a Nielsen audience of over 180 million.• It is featured in the NCBF website (1.6 million unique visitors) and its website
  13. 13. Akinori’s Publicity in Japan continue ... • ON THE ROAD MAGAZINE Akinori challenging into Sprint Cup and modeling for Gatorz Eye-ware Japan • 2010 Ford Japan Ltd. Official Site WE LOVE FORD! Project “WE LOVE FORD” • MACTOOLS Monthly Flyer: Serialization begin Aug 2010 ~ Featuring Akinori Ogata Foundation • Serialization of 9 Issues NASCAR MASTER in Lightning Magazine • Serialization of Akinori • Serialization of “Akinori Ogata” in Ogata NASCAR Report Daytona Magazine (A NEKO Publishing In “Mini Car Fan” a Quarterly Magazine 2003 ~ March 2010 (the final issue, total 32 issues)
  14. 14. Akinori’s TV AppearanceStock Car Exhibition Race Driver Disney Channel DVD Dash TV AppearanceDriver for Stock Car Exhibition Race held at Twin Link Motegi 2006 Akinori was the spokesperson promoting DVD 2008 Apr. INDY JAPAN: Pre Race Program sales for the movie “Cars” by Disney & Pixar featuring 2007 Apr. INDY JAPAN: Pre Race Program America NASCAR. 2006 Apr. 22 INDY JAPAN: Pre Race Program 2005 Nov. 20 Super Endurance Race: Pre Race Program 2004 Nov. 14 Super Endurance Race: Pre Race ProgramCS Broadcast GAORA Channel NASCAR Live TelecastTV Appearance 2003 Feb 16 DAYTONA 500 2003 Aug 23 Sharpie 500CS Broadcast J-COM TV Saga Spo Appearance2005 The Driver Challenging America NASCAR Tochigi TV Evening Appearance July 2010 INDY JAPAN Race: Joint AppearanceFM Radio Broadcast FM Sagami Appearance with Comedian Talent group ” U-Ji and Ko-Ji”.2003, 2004, 2008 & 2009
  15. 15. The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series (NWAAS: formerly the Dodge Weekly Series and Winston RacingSeries) is a points championship for NASCAR sanctioned local racetracks around United States and Canada.In the 30 years of NASCAR sanctioning weekly races for a national championship, the tracks have been split, initially by geographical proximity ofthe tracks for purposes of developing regional champions, then randomly among four divisions and currently by states that have tracksparticipating. In 2005 the Weekly Series became the first NASCAR-sanctioned series to have a permanent presence outside the United States.Currently, Akinori is the only Asian NASCAR driver participating in the NWAAS. His challenge to win the hearts of NASCAR fans, subsequently tobe exposed by substantial media. His racing activities are based Charlotte, North Carolina the hub of NASCAR. Hence, sponsors of Akinori will besupported through out the giant NASCAR family.NASCAR Whelen All-American Series is introduced which is ranked the top five amongNASCAR web media and has 4 million viewers per year.NASCAR Home Tracks - has 3000 fans in FaceBook, and 1800 followers in Twitter. NASCAR TV on SPEED Channel NASCAR TV on HD Net MRN Radio – NASCAR USA Sirius Satellite Radio – NASCAR RADIO NASCAR SCENE NASCAR Weekly Newspaper NASCAR Illustrated NASCAR Monthly Magazine
  16. 16. Akinori participating Racing Tracks of 2011 - NASCAR Late Model Series • • • • • • 16 RACES FOR PRIMARY PLATINUM SPONSOR AND 10 RACES FOR PRIMARY GOLD SPONSOR, * Race Tracks and Schedule to be confirmed upon Primary Sponsor is decided. No RACE LOCATION LENGTH SEATS 9,600 Seating & 1 Hickory Motor Speedway Newton, NC 0.363 miles Oval Asphalt 3,600 additional lawn seats 2 Caraway Speedway Asheboro, NC 0.455 Mile Oval Asphalt 7,000 3 Gresham Motorsports Park Georgia 0.5 Mile 4,000 4 North Wilkesboro Speedway North Wilkesboro, NC 0.875 Mile 25,000 5 Myrtle Beach Speedway Myrtle Beach, SC 0.538 mile Oval 12,000 plus 6 Martinsville Motor Speedway Martinsville, VA 0.5 Mile 100,000 Updated 3/16/11
  17. 17. About NASCAR Nationwide Series• # 2 rated motorsports series on television (trailing only the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series).• 26 NASCAR Nationwide series races are scheduled as companion events with theNASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2010.• ESPN2 (along with ESPN & ABC) is the exclusive home of live NASCAR Nationwide Seriesracing in 2010.• Events span North America: The 2010 schedule includes events in 21 U.S. states andmarks the fourth season in Montreal.• Long-term household viewership for the NASCAR Nationwide Series is up 33% over thepast 10 years.• Top 10 largest NASCAR Nationwide Series TV markets are spread across the U.S. andinclude Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Chicago,Tampa, Nashville and Phoenix.
  18. 18. NASCAR Nationwide Series Tracks,Drivers & Top Viewership Markets
  20. 20. No Date Location1 8/13 Watkins Glen2 8/20 Montreal3 8/26 Bristol 3 RACES FOR PRIMARY PLATINUM SPONSOR AND4 9/3 Atlanta 2 RACES FOR PRIMARY GOLD SPONSOR, * Race Tracks and Schedule to be confirmed upon Primary Sponsor is decided.5 9/9 Richmond6 9/17 Chicago7 10/1 Dover8 10/8 Kansas9 10/14 Charlotte10 11 / 5 Te x a s11 11 / 1 2 Phoenix12 11 / 1 9 Homestead
  21. 21. 2011 Sponsorship Packages" PRIMARY SPONSOR (Platinum) $600,000 (A) NASCAR Nationwide SERIES: 3 Races* (B) NASCAR Late Model SERIES: 16 Races* " PRIMARY SPONSOR (Gold) • Full wrap on race car A1, A2, A3 (hood, upper quarter panels and rear TV panel) $400,000 (A) NASCAR Nationwide SERIES: 2 Races* • Company logo embroidery on driver and crew’s uniforms (B) NASCAR Late Model SERIES: 10 Races* • Full wrap on team’s 44’ show trailer • Race day pit passes (6) and hospitality • Full wrap on race car A1, A2, A3 (hood, upper quarter • Advertising on panels and rear TV panel) • High quality race photos for a year usage • Company logo embroidery on driver and crew’s uniforms • Pit wall banner • Full wrap on team’s 44’ show trailer • America and Japan PR support • Race day pit passes (6) and hospitality • Design Service for Marketing and Promotional Materials • Event Appearances, Racer Akinori and his race car • Advertising on • High quality race photos for a year usage • Pit wall banner • America and Japan PR support • Design Service for Marketing and Promotional Materials • Event Appearances, Racer Akinori and his race car * Race Tracks to be confirmed upon Primary Sponsor is decided.
  22. 22. Advertising Decal Locations #83 - Akinori’s Late Model Stock Primary Locations (Full Wrapping) A1: Hood (63” width ! 35” height) A2: Upper Quarter Panels (55” width ! 12” height) A3: Rear TV Panel (30” width ! 8” height) Associate Locations B1: Lower Door Panel (6” width ! 6” height) B2: Lower Quarter Panel (33” width ! 12” height) on both sides B3: Front of Hood (20” width ! 10” height)Ogata Machine Design for Japan Relief