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CV-Yongchen Zhao


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CV-Yongchen Zhao

  1. 1. Yongchen Zhao Gender: Male; Contact: 186-1843-7737 Address:1#, Chuangda Road 2,laiguangying High-tech Park, Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100012, China QUALIFICATION Two years of practical experience, Leader for many projects, Self-study EDUCATION 2011.09 – 2014.07 Tsinghua University Chemical Engineering and Technology Master 2004.09 – 2008.06 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Chemical Engineering and Process Bachelor PROJECTS (All projects are completed by AspenPlus and AspenDynamics) 2012.11 – 2014.04 Dushanzi Petrochemical Ethylene Plant Project Leader  Developed several startup and shutdown scenarios to reduce emissions during the turnaround process  Responsible for project planning, implementation, task assignment, and process control  Flare emissions are expected to reduce by 50 %, money saved by 20 million Yuan 2011.09 – 2013.09 Daqing New District Ethylene Plant Researcher  Developed two new startup scenarios and dynamic model for emission reduction  Mastered AspenDynamics within a month of self-study starting from scratch  Reduced flare emissions by 70 %,applied for an invention patent( 201310177336.0 ) 2013.02 – 2013.02 AspenPlus and AspenDynamics Intermediate Training Project Leader  Responsible for a week Aspen training course for 30 students and technicians  Equipped trainees with the skills of simple design and dynamic simulation of startup  Established a dominant position of AspenPlus and AspenDynamics in Tsinghua University 2013.03 – 2013.07 Process Simulation and Calculation of Coal Water Slurry Project Leader  Developed two aspen models with solid and complex recycles  Completed the material and energy balance of the process package  Trained two employees of the company master Aspen skills WORK EXPERIENCE 2008.08 – 2010.06 Dushanzi Petrochemical Company Ethylene Plant Inner Operator  Responsible for the fluctuation adjustment and accident treatment  Handled many accidents successfully and accumulated a wealth of actual experience  The first employee to grasp the whole section process HONOR/AWARDS 2013.03 2012.11 2008.06 Wusu Scholarship Wang Jiading second-class scholarship Outstanding graduate of 2008 2007.09 2006.12 2005.09 Qiushi Scholarship (2 / 220) State Grants The college excellent student leader SKILLS AspenPlus+AspenDynamics CET-6:487 The National Computer Rank Examination: grade 2 and grade 3 ARTICLES Zhao Y, Zhang J, Qiu T, et al. Flare Minimization during Start-Ups of an Integrated Cryogenic Separation System via Dynamic Simulation[J]. Ind.eng.chem.res, 2014, 53(4):1553-1562. Song G, Zhao Y, Qiu T, et al. Recent progress in energy saving and emission reduction technologies in startup and shutdown processes of ethylene plants[J]. Ciesc Journal, 2014. Song G, Zhao Y, et al. Start-up process of crack gas compressorsvia dynamic simulation [J]. Ciesc Journal, 2014. HOBBIES Running(perseverance) Swimming(balance) Badminton(skill)