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RT/duroid 6006-6010 Laminate Datasheet


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RT/duroid® 6006/6010LM microwave laminates are
ceramic-PTFE composites designed for electronic
and microwave circuit applications requiring a
high dielectric constant. RT/duroid 6006 laminate
is available with a dielectric constant value of 6.15
and RT/duroid 6010LM laminate has a dielectric
constant of 10.2.

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RT/duroid 6006-6010 Laminate Datasheet

  1. 1. Advanced Circuit Materials Division 100 S. Roosevelt Avenue Chandler, AZ 85226 Tel: 480-961-1382, Fax: 480-961-4533 Advanced Circuit Materials Data Sheet 1.6000RT/duroid® 6006/6010LM High Frequency Laminates RT/duroid® 6006/6010LM microwave laminates are Features ceramic-PTFE composites designed for electronic • High dielectric constant for circuit size reduction. and microwave circuit applications requiring a • Low loss. Ideal for operating at X-band or below. high dielectric constant. RT/duroid 6006 laminate • Low Z-axis expansion for RT/duroid 6010LM. Provides is available with a dielectric constant value of 6.15 reliable plated through holes in multilayer boards. and RT/duroid 6010LM laminate has a dielectric • Low moisture absorption for RT/duroid 6010LM. constant of 10.2. Reduces effects of moisture on electrical loss. • Tight εr and thickness control for repeatable circuit performance. RT/duroid 6006/6010LM microwave laminates feature Some Typical Applications ease of fabrication and stability in use. They have tight dielectric constant and thickness control, low moisture • Space Saving Circuitry absorption, and good thermal mechanical stability. • Patch Antennas • Satellite Communications Systems RT/duroid 6006/6010LM laminates are supplied • Power Amplifiers clad both sides with ¼ oz. to 2 oz./ft2 (8.5 to 70 μm) • Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems electrodeposited copper foil. Cladding with rolled • Ground Radar Warning Systems copper foil is also available. Thick aluminum, brass, or copper plate on one side may be specified. Standard tolerance dielectric thicknesses of 0.010”, 0.025”, 0.050”, 0.075”, and 0.100” (0.254, 0.635, 1.270, 1.905, 2.54 mm) are available. When ordering RT/duroid 6006 and RT/duroid 6010LM laminates, it is important to specify dielectric thickness, electrodeposited or rolled, and weight of copper foil required.The world runs better with Rogers.®
  2. 2. Typical Values RT/duroid 6006, RT/duroid 6010LM Laminates Typical Value [2] Property RT/duroid RT/duroid Direction Units [1] Condition Test Method 6006 6010.2LM [3]Dielectric Constant εr IPC-TM-650 6.15± 0.15 10.2 ± 0.25 Z 10 GHz 23°C Process Clamped stripline [4]Dielectric Constant εr Differential Phase Length 6.45 10.9 Z 8 GHz - 40 GHz Design Method Dissipation Factor, tan δ 0.0027 0.0023 Z 10 GHz/A IPC-TM-650 Thermal Coefficient of εr -410 -425 Z ppm/°C -50 to 170°C IPC-TM-650 Surface Resistivity 7X107 5X106 Mohm A IPC Volume Resistivity 2X10 7 5X10 5 Mohm•cm A IPC Youngs’ Modulus 627 (91) 931 (135) X under tension MPa (kpsi) A 517 (75) 559 (81) Y ASTM D638 20 (2.8) 17 (2.4) X (0.1/min. strain rate) ultimate stress MPa (kpsi) A 17 (2.5) 13 (1.9) Y 12 to 13 9 to 15 X ultimate strain % A 4 to 6 7 to 14 Y Youngs’ Modulus under compression 1069 (155) 2144 (311) Z MPa (kpsi) A ASTM D695 ultimate stress 54 (7.9) 47 (6.9) Z MPa (kpsi) A (0.05/min. strain rate) ultimate strain 33 25 Z % 2634 (382) 4364 (633) Flexural Modulus X MPa (kpsi) A 1951 (283) 3751 (544) ASTM D790 36 (5.2) X ultimate stress 38 (5.5) MPa (kpsi) A 32 (4.4) Y 0.33 0.26 Z 24 hr/ 50°C/7MPa Deformation under load % ASTM D621 2.10 1.37 Z 24 hr/150°C/7MPa D48/50°C, Moisture Absorption 0.05 0.01 % 0.050” IPC-TM-650, (1.27mm) thick Density 2.7 3.1 ASTM D792 Thermal Conductivity 0.49 0.86 W/m/°K 80°C ASTM C518 47 24 X ASTM 3386 Thermal Expansion ppm/°C 0 to 100°C 34, 117 24,47 Y,Z (5K/min) Td 500 500 °C TGA ASTM D3850 Specific Heat 0.97 (0.231) 1.00 (0.239) J/g/K (BTU/lb/°F) Calculated Copper Peel 14.3 (2.5) 12.3 (2.1) pli (N/mm) after solder float IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 Flammability Rating V-0 V-0 UL94 Lead-Free Process Yes Yes Compatible[1] SI unit given first with other frequently used units in parentheses.[2] References: APR4022.33 DJS 4019.27-32, Internal TR 2610. Tests were at 23°C unless otherwise noted.[3] Dielectric constant is based on .025 dielectric thickness, one ounce electrodeposited copper on two sides.[4] The design Dk is an average number from several different tested lots of material and on the most common thickness/s. If more detailed information is required, please contact Rogers Corporation. Refer to Rogers’ technical paper “Dielectric Properties of High Frequency Materials” available at values are a representation of an average value for the population of the property. For specification values contact Rogers Corporation. STANDARD THICKNESS: STANDARD PANEL SIZE: STANDARD COPPER CLADDING: 0.005” (0.127mm) 10” X 10” (254 X 254mm) ¼ oz. (8.5 μm) electrodeposited copper foil. 0.010” (0.254mm) 10” X 20” (254 X 508mm) ½ oz. (18 μm), 1 oz. (35μm), 2 oz. (70μm) elec- 0.025” (0.635mm) 20” X 20” (508 X 508mm) trodeposited and 0.050” (1.27mm) rolled copper foil. 0.075” (1.90mm) *18” X 12” (457 X 305 mm) Heavy metal claddings are available. Contact 0.100” (2.50mm) *18” X 24” (457 X 610 mm) Rogers’ Customer Service. (*note: the above 2 panel sizes are not available in the 0.005” (0.127mm) and 0.010” (0.254mm) thicknesses)The information in this data sheet is intended to assist you in designing with Rogers’ circuit material laminates. It is not intended to and does not create anywarranties express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or that the results shown on this data sheet willbe achieved by a user for a particular purpose. The user should determine the suitability of Rogers’ circuit material laminates for each application.These commodities, technology and software are exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration regulations. Diversioncontrary to U.S. law prohibited. RT/duroid, The world runs better with Rogers. and the Rogers’ logo are licensed trademarks for Rogers Corporation. ©1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 Rogers Corporation, Printed in U.S.A. All rights reserved. Revised 03/2011 0938-0111-.5CC Publication: #92-105