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Getting started with LabVIEW


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An introduction to LabVIEW program, covering it's UI, Data Types, For and While loop and other topics.

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Getting started with LabVIEW

  1. 1. What is ? • A product of National Instruments (NI). • Uses High level graphical language.
  2. 2. Where can I use ? Desktop Applications Real-time Systems PLC Mobile Applications Programing Cameras With Embedded Systems
  3. 3. You should have Net framework 4.6.1 on your PC or the program will do so. How to install?
  4. 4. Follow instructions. How to install?
  5. 5. Follow instructions. How to install?
  6. 6. Completed! How to install?
  7. 7. The program will open. How to install?
  8. 8. Getting Started With
  9. 9. User Interface Front Panel Block Diagram Icon and connecter pane
  10. 10. CREATE NEW VI Create Project 1 2 3
  11. 11. CREATE NEW VI Create Project or
  12. 12. Front Panel VS. Block Diagram • UI • Code • Contains Control Panel • Contains Functions Palette • Contains Controls & Indicators • Contains Code in shape of blocks • Like Windows Application • Like Console Application Front Panel Block Diagram
  13. 13. Control panel vs. function palette Control panel function palette
  14. 14. Data Types
  15. 15. Controls and Indicators You can use Front Panel to insert: Controls Indicators (Insert I/P) (Receive O/P) Numeric Control Boolean Control Numeric Indicator Boolean Indecator
  16. 16. Any element you insert in Front Panel appears in Block Diagram but not vise versa. Note that
  17. 17. Debugging Fixing Broken VI Common problem you may face: Connecting control to control or indicator to indicator
  18. 18. Case Structures Contains one or more cases, exactly one of which executes when the structure executes.
  19. 19. WHILE LOOP Is a control flow statement you use to execute an instruction repeatedly until a given Boolean condition is met.
  20. 20. For LOOP Is used to repeat a specific instruction a known number of times.
  21. 21. Sub VI Like Functions in any programming language, you can save your work and reuse it again, then you save it as VI.
  22. 22. Protect your code
  23. 23. Protect your code
  24. 24. Convert to .exe