August 2012                                                               ISSUE 3THE LATEST NEWS, ADVICE AND OPINIONS FROM...
SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL                                              Setting thWHO’S SETTINGTHE BAR HIGHER Future Inn Fu...
We’d like to congratulate our Company                                                                    Director, Dale Wi...
SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIALHOW DO YOU MEASURE SUCCESS?What is a true measure of success within a business? Is itprofit, awar...
PUTTING THE SOCIAL INTO LOCAL                     Yard Digital is one of Cardiff’s fastest   Don’t believe the hype!      ...
SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL - TECH WARSWHICH OS IS BEST FOR BUSINESS?                                                       ...
TECH WARSBoth video chat services work well and Hangouts is a definiteimprovement on Gmail Chat, making it a serious Facet...
SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL   Yolk Recruitment would like to announce their                                                T...
SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL DRESS FOR SUCCESS                                              IT RECRUITER NEEDED!             ...
YOLK EVENTS                 HR INSIGHTS                                                                                   ...
DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR     ANNUAL SALARY SURVEYS     We have done extensive research into how the job     market has chang...
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Yolk recruitment hatched issue 3


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Issue 3 of Hatched

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Yolk recruitment hatched issue 3

  1. 1. August 2012 ISSUE 3THE LATEST NEWS, ADVICE AND OPINIONS FROM YOLK RECRUITMENT SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL Which companies in Wales are setting the bar higher? Is change always for the better? What is the key to success? BAR HIGHER SET T ING THE Plus Anna Denton-Jones And Lyndsey Jenkins explains what affect the change breaks down the keys to in Employment Tribunal law will running a successful social have on your business. media campaign.
  2. 2. SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL Setting thWHO’S SETTINGTHE BAR HIGHER Future Inn Future Inn in Cardiff are the first hotel in Europe to install a new SMART iTV that puts them ahead of the rest of the hotel industry. For more info call 029 2048 7111. Sequence Sequence have been recognised by Microsoft for providing outstanding With the Olympics being held across the UK, Andy Murray solutions and services in the Mobility making it to the final of Wimbledon and Bradley Wiggins Business-to-Consumer Application winning the Tour De France it was Britain’s chance to shine on category and are one of only seven a global stage this summer and we certainly did. companies in the UK to receive one. Like buses, success seems to come all at once. Once you’ve built For more info call 029 2025 2555. momentum and there’s a sense of positivity in the air success follows and it’s contagious. There’s no hiding the fact that the last few years have been Hugh James tough for businesses but those that approached it with a positive attitude Hugh James are delighted to have been the ones that have prospered. Rather than holding back and announce that for the second time in shying away from the challenge it’s the businesses that have gone out and the last three years, the firm has been set the bar higher that continue to lead the way. successful in winning the 2012 Insider How we are setting the bar higher Property Law Firm of the Year award. At Yolk one of our core values is to never get complacent to think that our For more info call 029 2039 1164. clients will always come back to us and not one of our competitors. Which is why we constantly assess what we offer our Super Rod clients and continue to build the best possible The Blaenavon based company recruitment service we can offer. This is the has recently been awarded a driving force as to why we have added new “The successful man Queen’s Awards For Enterprise for features that give our clients the extra value International Trade. Exports account they have come to expect from us. Our clients will profit from his can now benefit from the following: for 50% of sales. For more info call 01495 792 000. • Free independent testing mistakes and try again Space in the City We’ve partnered with Thomas International and SHL to offer our clients free independent in a different way.” After being at the top of your game expert psychometric and skills testing. Dale Carnegie for seven years you might think you • Free hospitality at Cardiff City would want to take a small break but What better way to meet new prospective not a Space in City who have secured clients than within a fun and relaxed environment which is why we’ve signed up to an executive suite at Cardiff F.C. 26 brand new apartments in the Quayside development. • Free career microsites For more info call 08452 60 70 50. With over 70% of job vacancies filled through the internet it is essential to have a strong web presence that attracts the best candidates on the market. Our microsites allow our clients to benefit from having their own B2B IT Services fully branded career page while we manage all applications on their behalf. b2b IT Services has seen significant • New HR Insight Sessions growth over the last 12 months and The workplace is constantly evolving which is why we have launched a just wanted to take the opportunity to new series of free seminars that will focus on the challenges employers are thank Yolk for their invaluable support facing. during this whole period. For more info call 029 2076 2337. We’re not the only ones who are working hard to provide a higher level of service. To the left we’ve included some of the recent successes our clients Abannan have had and what they are doing to set the bar higher. ‘Easypinz for Weddings’ is the first To be competitive in today’s market you need to be constantly looking for of a new series of service proximity that cutting edge that will help you gain an advantage over your competitors. lifestyle apps for iPad set to launch in Whether that’s investing in a new computer system, a new range of products October 2012. or by employing a team of professionals that can modernise your business For more info call 020 7112 7052. these changes can make the vital difference. See even more success stories in our online edition  Call Yolk Recruitment on 02920 220078 to discuss how we are the fastest growing specialist recruitment agency in South Wales and how that can benefit you Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  3. 3. We’d like to congratulate our Company Director, Dale Williams, for being recognised as a ‘Rising Star’ by The Insider magazine.he bar higher Client feeback We’d like to share some positive feedback we’ve had from one of our clients. Here at b2b IT Services we’ve been growing steadily over the last 12 months and just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Yolk for their invaluable support and guidance during this whole period. We’re an IT support company, working as an outsourced support for a wide variety of businesses. We also work with several clients complementing their existing I.T departments, assisting wherever required; particularly adding additional support during holiday periods or sickness. Work can be busy so Yolk’s support has been a great help! Our priority is offering a sterling support service to our clients, so it’s essential that our staff can live up to our reputation; offering high- CHANGE CAN BE FOR THE quality, friendly IT support. From CV sifting to interviewing, the Yolk team have been on-hand, offering 2012 Corporate BETTER Fiftyone3, the business club for young professionals in South advice and general assistance throughout the recruitment process. Sponsors Wales, recently chose a new venue, moving from the Kuku club to the newly launched private members’ club The Attic to great success. As a result, we’ve ended up with some great additions to the b2b The new location on the top floor of Soda Bar on Cardiff’s Mill Lane proved to be family, who have been helping great success. The Attic with it’s own rooftop garden was the perfect location for us to continue offering a fantastic guests to enjoy a drink and a BBQ out on the decking. The new location proved a success with the largest attendance since Fiftyone3 was launched last summer. intimate, service that cares, even though we may have grown a little After the event attendees were asked to fill out a simple survey about the experience bit! Thanks Yolk! they’ve had at the current and previous events. The results of the survey were very positive with a large majority saying they would recommend the business club to others. The survey also identified that the members wanted somewhere to interact Luke Hodge, Manging Director with each other between events which is why the decision was made to launch a dedicated Facebook page If you would like to attend the next event visit Issue #3 – August 2012
  4. 4. SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIALHOW DO YOU MEASURE SUCCESS?What is a true measure of success within a business? Is itprofit, awards won, number of clients gained and retained? Doyou define success, do your peers or is it your clients?Take Apple for example who recently reported a third quarterrise in profit of 21% which was regarded as unsuccessfulbecause they had set themselves a larger target. Settingthe bar too high or too low can have a major impact on howyour business functions. It was also reported that iPod saleshad fallen by 10% which can be seen as a future indicator ofwhere the company is headed.Benchmarking yourself against your competitors is one wayto measure success. In sports it is quite straight forward, youeither win the match or you lose. In business however it is alittle more complicated. If your profits rose by 50% you mightdeem your business successful but if your closest rival’s profitrose by 120% then you were not as successful as you couldhave been.Defining your business objectives and benchmarking themagainst historical,competitive and marketplace results will helpyou focus where you need to make changes and where tofurther invest. How to measure social media success? More and more businesses are that show how far your message to use a few different tools, with each cottoning on to the power of social is spreading such as volume, one delivering a different measure, media, which is music to the ears of reach and exposure. If you want to get a more rounded picture of your us communications professionals. to measure engagement, choose social media results. But if you’re using social media metrics that show how many Use your findings to set a benchmark for your business, you should be people are participating in your for future measurement and compare measuring it. Otherwise what’s the conversations such as retweets, against competitors’ campaigns. point of doing it and how do you comments and replies. If your goal is More importantly, use your findings know what impact it is having? to drive people to your website, track to improve and make changes to URL shares, clicks and conversions. Before you start counting every your content, before measuring As soon as you start to think about it, single tweet or post, you need to some more. Track your numbers you’ll realise that none of it is rocket determine your goals. What are over time and pay attention to how science. you actually trying to accomplish by things change. Success lies in using social media? Broadcast news; When you’ve got the list of metrics having a measurement process engage with a particular community; you want to focus on, only then which consistently uses analytics to respond to customer queries; direct should you start measuring activity. track progress and improve where people to your website? Once you Many of the social media platforms necessary. have a list of what you’re trying provide some form of analytics, such Lyndsey Jenkins to achieve, think about what you as Facebook insights and Google is Managing want your audience to do with Analytics. There are also a number Director of jamjar your content – read, share, reply, of free independent tools that can PR (@jamjarPRLtd) purchase or engage? Then match be used from the internet, such as – a creative your goals to actual metrics that you Social Mention which is useful for communications can measure. assessing qualitative measures such agency specialising in PR, as share of social media voice and So, for example, if you want to marketing, digital and social brand associations. You may need measure awareness, use metrics media. Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  5. 5. PUTTING THE SOCIAL INTO LOCAL Yard Digital is one of Cardiff’s fastest Don’t believe the hype! growing companies providing data Real social media success requires consistent humancentric digital services, spanned across two vibrant interaction and emotion from all who tweet, blog,capital cities, cosmopolitan Cardiff and cultural heaven, update and share on a company’s behalf. Yard is theEdinburgh. Creating bespoke data driven solutions, authority on real social media delivering brand authority,Yard provides profitable avenues and actions for clients, influence and finally endorsement from followers, fansexclusively based on proven customer behaviour. and friends. Yard will optimise clients’ real social mediaData can be atomic, or astronomic; Yard utilises marketing with a custom-built programme that includes:indiscriminately and draws upon the interesting, unusual • Collecting data from current social profiles andand profitable. prospective platforms. • Analysing company reputation and customers’Their team in Cardiff consists of qualified and behaviour and loves and hates.experienced web analysts, developers, programmers • Planning content, voice and delivery for Twitter,and all-round, code wizards. Much like the growing and Facebook, G+, Pinterest and more.evolving city of Cardiff, Yard is rapidly expanding to • Implementing the plan with dedicated personnel andmeet the data-demand of clients Europe wide. As one of training for in-house teams.the fastest growing companies in Cardiff and recruiting • Monitor for mentions, reputation protection andvia Yolk, Yard seeks the synthetical, linear thinkers with brand building.a passion for patterns and a quizzical outlook. Yard’s social media marketers run a start-up packageYard’s collective digital dexterity across both offices to assist and train businesses that are thinking ofmeans Yard can embrace the sharing, expanding using, or need assistance with, social media. Workingand increasingly hyped world of social media. Led by in collaboration with clients, Yard ensures maximumAndrew Burnett, one of the UK’s most prominent social benefit from using social media. A one to three daymedia practitioners, the Yard social media team are course, Yard social media training covers initial set up,responsible for mobilising millions of visits for clients. to the more advanced content and staffing strategies.With the hype, metrics such as followers, likes, viewsand +1s have become false measures of success that For more information email info@yarddigital.comare bought and sold in their thousands for just a few or call 02920 004562dollars but... YOLK BUILD MICRO CAREER SITE FOR YARD Yard’s exponential growth was both a blessing and a curse for them which is why they enlisted the help of Yolk Recruitment to manage their entire recruitment process to remove the adminstration burden placed on the company. Yolk’s inhouse marketing department worked with Yard Digital to build a bespoke dual branded microsite that funnel all applicaiton and recruitment calls to their dedicated account manager. For further information visit: Issue #3 – August 2012
  6. 6. SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL - TECH WARSWHICH OS IS BEST FOR BUSINESS? coming to iPad so tablet users can reap the benefits of Siri’s new and improved features. Choosing a winner between these two voice- assisted services is difficult because they are still evolving. What is evident is that Siri is better for natural voice commands and Google Now seems to provide quicker and better search results; now they both have competition it will be interesting to see how they both develop. GOOGLE MAPS VS iOS MAPS Apple is ditching Google as its mapping partner for its own mapping service ready for the release of iOS 6. The new Maps application is built from the ground up and features beautiful 2D and 3D layouts. Apple’s 3D model view is said to look far better than Google’s equivalent. Apple is also offering users crowdsourced incident reports from other iOS users, which Google has trialled but not rolled out yet. Google Maps is the most frequently used app among Android and iOS users making it a familiarEarlier this year, Apple and Google both service to lots of users. Google has a lot ofshowcased their latest and greatest operating experience in online cartography and their newsystems. First up was Apple, who gave a offline maps feature is extremely useful. Ourpreview of iOS 6 at their renowned World Wide Android and iPhone app developers found it difficultDevelopers Conference and Google followed to decide on a winner because iOS Maps are still inshortly after showing off their latest OS Android BETA; it will be interesting to see how Google Maps4.1 Jelly Bean. Leading mobile app development fares after the release of iOS Mubaloo tell us what to expect from SOCIAL INTEGRATIONthe latest OS offerings Apple has introduced deep Facebook integrationSIRI VS GOOGLE NOW into iOS 6, so now users can easily share images orGoogle Now is a serious competitor to Siri, although links from native iOS apps to Facebook and Twitter.differs slightly in that it’s a voice-enabled search Jelly Bean has also added deeper social integrationassistant and tracks ongoing usage and behaviour by releasing APIs so developers have direct sharingto find relevant results. In other words, the voice- access to applications. This means images can beenabled search assistant keeps track of what you shared directly from Jelly Bean instead of sharinguse your phone for and where you use it to help from each individual application.answer your queries as accurately as it can. When Jelly Bean’s open software allows for deeperGoogle Now is opened on your phone, you are integration with a variety of social networksgreeted with a series of cards based on where you unlike iOS, which limits its sharing possibilities toare and what’s happening around you. Facebook and Twitter.Siri has added some impressive new features to VIDEO CHATits voice-assistant service, including integrationwith social networks so users can speak to tweet Apple’s FaceTime allows you to make calls overor update their Facebook status. Apple has now both 3G and WiFi but is limited to just Appleintegrated Yelp, OpenTable and Rotten Tomatoes devices. Google’s Gmail chat service has recentlyso users have access to more knowledge including been replaced by Google+ Hangouts and worksrestaurant reviews and film trivia. The service is also across all platforms because it runs in the browser. Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  7. 7. TECH WARSBoth video chat services work well and Hangouts is a definiteimprovement on Gmail Chat, making it a serious Facetime and Skypecompetitor. Google Hangouts allows cross-platform video chats whereasFacetime only allows interactions between iOS devices, limiting it slightly. This issues tech wars was written by MubalooNATIVE CAMERA APPS is one of the UK’s leadingA few changes have been made to the Jelly Bean camera app mainly to mobile app developmentimprove usability. Users can now swipe for a preview of the last photo companies specialisingand pinch to view the gallery as a filmstrip, these new features help in applications across aAndroid users navigate around the camera app and sort through their variety of platforms andphotos quickly and easily. industry sectors. Some of their clients includeApple will be adding deeper social integration into their stock camera Hargreaves Lansdown,app so users can easily share photos on Facebook and Twitter. Also, the The Met Office, ChannelPhotos app allows for deeper sharing using iCloud. Photos can be shared 4, William Hill and Virginand then viewed on MacBooks and Apple TV and if you want to share Media.”with people who don’t own an Apple device, photos can be viewed on theweb. If you’re interested in submitting an articleCONCLUSION to the next edition ofThese updates are more important than ever, especially now consumers Hatched then pleaseare becoming more aware of smartphone technologies. The features on email jbennett@offer have a huge impact on people’s decisions so Apple and Google yolkrecruitment.comhave to get it right to stay in the competition.For example, consumers may have opted for an iPhone over an Androiddevice because of Siri, but now Android is offering Google Now,consumers have a wider range of devices to choose from, keeping thecompetition healthy.As smartphone ownership continues to rise, both Apple and Google willcontinue to compete against each other in order to dominate the mobilemarket share. Issue #3 – August 2012
  8. 8. SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL Yolk Recruitment would like to announce their The facility will be used as a training and e-learning support and commitment to Tŷ Hafan. Tŷ Hafan centre for staff at Tŷ Hafan, equipping them with was established in 1999 and since then has helped the latest skills and knowledge in palliative care. over 500 families, who live the dreadful reality that This training will include professional development their children with life-limiting conditions may not sessions, lifelong learning sessions and conferences reach the age of 19. We will be working closely with as well as early years training. them over the next few months to assist with their Importantly, the new facility will also see all staff fund-raising efforts through various activities such ty hafan. two simple words ˆ as, Company Director, currently based at Tŷ Hafan’s Culverhouse Cross office relocate to the new site. This move will provide TŷGET INVOLVED! Dale William’s bike ride which, for our families,Taff Trail Cycle Challenge from Paris to Cardiff. Hafan with security for the future, protecting the charity against rental increases and helping the mean everything. The facility complements the organisation’s plans2 September 201255 mile/ 28 mile bike ride. We spoke to Liz Rundle, PR Manager organisation control and minimise its overheads. at Tŷ Hafan, about the to continue developing services for the benefit ofBrecon or Merthyr start. improvements they areTeams of four life-limited children, young people and their families. making and why. For example, as part of the building project, a new Ty Hafan offers comfort, care and the last twelve ˆ “Over support to life-limited hydrotherapy poolsupport right into the family existing Ty Hafan takes its is to be created in the home and ˆour-events/ children, young people and their families, months, to eighteen helping them hospice building. is there to help these families through every step of their make the most of the time they have left together. This unimaginable journey. Ty Hafan’s services are completely ˆ Tŷ Hafan has seen unique service is free of charge to families in Wales and It isfree of charge for families in Wales thatServices Facility anticipated that the new Care need them. a substantialmillion needs totheraised everyof families itthat way. will be fully operational from January 2013.” £3 increase in be number year to keep it supports and only does Ty Hafan provide specialist palliative care, Ty Hafan allows families to feelof life you would normal Not the new Care Service Facility currently ˆ ˆ family things. The simple stuff normal and do want for being built is it also offers a much-needed increased needs If you interested in how you can help Tŷ Hafan as but a direct response to the source of strength, your own family, your own child. of familiessupportaround for the whole family. from and short break The new facility a business leader then please contact their Laura will also ensure overall costs are kept down and Barlow Business & Communitybeing there. Co- Ty Hafan - providing care, Development ˆ more space is made available in the existing hospice ordinator on 029 2067 2084 or email l building. Ty Hafan - the family hospice for young lives. Registered Charity No: 1047912. ˆ Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  9. 9. LINKEDIN POLLWHICH AREA IS KEY TO ACOMPANY’S SUCCESS? DON’T GET LOST IN THE CROWD One of our candidates approached us with this dilemma: “I recently applied for a Marketing Controller vacancy which had over 225 applications 19% – how do I make myself stand out from the competition?” Employee Training There’s almost a sense of desperation in the air when 15% it comes to finding employment. We hear so much 49% negative press about the job market many job seekers Duncan Powell Quality of have begun applying a shotgun approach and applying Company Director product Leadership for every job they find no matter how unsuitable. This has led to the extreme situation of job postings receiving extraordinarily 17% high application numbers. Out of the 225 applicants that applied for the Marketing Controller the large majority of them were not suitable, don’t Innovation have the right qualifications or experience, live too far away or when it comes down to it don’t really want the job. This has made it very difficult for prospective employers and good candidates can get overlooked. When applying for jobs you need to be more selective and really tailor yourFURTHER COMMENTS application to the job description. Many applicants simply read the job title, salary, location, click apply and send their standard CV. This approach“Leadership and Management set the vision, the doesn’t show the employer that you have paid attention to what they want goals, the direction and the purpose; the Noble and will reduce your chances of being shortlisted for interview. Cause, you might say. But all of that is rhetoric. Let’s face it, except for the very beginning stages, So how do you get around this problem? leadership and management don’t touch the Stop being a sheep and start being a wolf. Be smart, clever and customer. Likewise, quality service and product strategic in your job hunting. Firstly move away from the big job boards are also end results, not really predictors of that everyone uses. Instead spend some time finding more niche and success. To me, team selection (who is going to specialised boards that are specific to your skills and experience. At first work here) and training (how does management it might not seem like they get the same amount of jobs as the other sites treat the team) are the primary indicators of but you’ll be better represented and in with a better chance of finding work. success. Everything else is a by-product.” Secondly try to find a recruitment agency that specialises in your industry Mike Harding and will work hard to represent you. Thirdly go direct – if a company isn’t advertising vacancies on their website speak to them anyway, try“You can have a company with great leaders but you won’t have success without strong ladder connecting with them through networking or other means. holders at the bottom, holding them up.” In short the reason you’re getting lost in the crowd is that you’re Laurie Sayles being part of it!INTRODUCING YOLK ACCOUNTANCY & FINANCE RECRUITMENT Due to demand from our clients wishing to work with us full circle we have created a dedicated Accountancy & Finance division to manage their need. Whether you are looking for a Financial Director or a CIMA Accountant, our experienced consultants will help you find the right person whose experience, skills and ambitions align with your business. CONTACT YOLK ON: 0292 220078 or Issue #3 – August 2012
  10. 10. SUMMER OF SUCCESS SPECIAL DRESS FOR SUCCESS IT RECRUITER NEEDED! YOLK RECRUITMENT ARE HIRING What we want What you get from you from us Previous IT recruitm ent Competitive EXPERIENCE BASIC SALARY Have an existing Excellent CLIENT BASE COMMISSION Passionate about Friday TECHNOLOGY BEER FRIDGE Desirable - technical Internal DEGREE TRAININGAt the start of July Mohammed Ahmed, IT DivisionalManager, took time out of his busy schedule to takepart in the Dress for Success charity event held Does the person above sound like you? Then this is yourat McArthur Glen’s Designer Outlet, Bridgend. We opportunity to join the fastest growing IT recruitment divisonspeak briefly to Mo about the event: in South Wales with an expanding national client base.Q: What was your role at the Dress for Successevent? Why work for Yolk?A: Well, the aim of the event was to help women who We’re passionate about our staff and understand the importance ofhave been out of work due to family commitments or offering responsibility, uncapped earnings, a resoundingly friendlyother reasons to get back into work. I provided the working atmosphere and training that will deliver the skills needed tocareer advice on the day while the charity provided continually further your career.the women with free work wear for interviews. It wasgreat to meet people face to face and understand what What’s more, we’re expanding. With an ever growing client list, we needchallenges they are facing. the right people in place to ensure the consistent and impressive growth of our organisation remains constant, and through organic growth weQ: Why did you do the event? reward top performers.A: I’ve been involved in other similar schemes in mylocal community and I get a lot out of it. I speak with What can you expect?hundreds of IT candidates a week as part of my role You know that feeling, the one when you wake up and don’t want to gobut I wanted to share my experience with candidates to work, well don’t expect that. Oh and that feeling when your hard workI wouldn’t normally speak to which why I got involvedin Workwear week and other similar schemes such as isn’t recognised, well don’t expect that. And there’s always that feelingiLead. that you’re not quite getting back what you feel you give your employer? Well don’t expect that either.Q: Any future events planned?A: I’ve been working with our marketing guy to produce We do things differently, and that’s what makes us unique, we can’ta series of career guides. We launched the guides at guarantee our style is right for everyone; it takes a certain type of animalthe start of the month and distributed them through our to walk in our shoes. What you can expect is a fun, fast-paced andsocial channels. I wanted to create a useful resource rejuvenating career, with a fast-growing and innovative company.that would help others and be easy to share.For more information about scheme and how to get To apply in the first instance email your CV to:involved visit: or call 02920 220078 Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  11. 11. YOLK EVENTS HR INSIGHTS Various dates throughout 2012 Cardiff City Match Days Join us at Cardiff City for a mix of great food, great football and great company. with Anna Denton-Jones 7th September 2012Emma York our HR specialist recentlyinterviewed Anna Denton-Jones, of also have a discretionary power to make an employer who loses a case pay the Fiftyone3 The premier networking event forMorgan Denton Jones Limited, a niche winning employee their fees. young professionals within Southemployment law and training practice Wales.based in Cardiff about some landmark What do you think the consequenceschanges in Employment Tribunal. will be? 9th September 2012 Undoubtedly there will be cases whereWhat is the current position? fees put people off complaining, however, Charity Bike RideAt the moment, someone wanting to bring I believe they will be in a minority. Most Our Company Director, Dalea claim in the Employment Tribunal is not people who bring claims already do so Williams, sets off on his bike ridecharged anything for doing so. There has because they feel strongly that they have from Paris to Cardiff rasing moneybeen a feeling, rightly or wrongly, that that good grounds to do so. for St Davids and Ty Hafan.makes it too “easy” for people to bringspeculative claims. It will put the pressure on advisers to try 12th September 2012 and find a solution to a dispute beforeWhen will things be changing? the deadline for issuing proceedings but CIPDNext summer – before then further employers may be more likely to fight With guest speaker the Businessguidance will be issued to help everyone cases, playing brinkmanship with the Doctor - Dr Paul Thomas.get used to the new system. Claimant to see if they are really willing to 20th September 2012 put their money where their mouth is andHow will things change? fight especially as the Hearing date gets HR Inisght SessionsThe Claimant bringing a claim will have closer. Join us for the first of our insightto pay an ‘issue fee’ of £160 or £250 sessions with guest speakerdepending on the type of case they are What about people who can’t afford Anna Denton-Jones.bringing. The lower amount will be for to pay?straight forward cases that don’t take There will be a system called “remission” 5th October 2012up much employment tribunal time, but£250 will be the ‘norm’ for the majority for those who cannot afford to pay, for example those already claiming benefits. CANMOL Join the cream of the crop at thisof cases such as unfair dismissal and The threshold income is quite low so, for year’s Welsh Marketing Awards.discrimination. If the case then doesn’t example, a couple with two children whosettle (80% of cases do settle at the earn jointly more than £23,860 would be 7th November 2012moment) then before the final Hearing expected to pay their own fees. Therethe Claimant will have to pay a further have been concerns from those who Chepstow Business Club£230 or £950 meaning the average cost advise employees that access to justice Join us for the day at this exclusiveof bringing a claim before any legal costs will be damaged. business club with guest speakers,are considered will be £1200. Judges will free lunch and a day of racing. HR INSIGHT SESSIONS This is the first of a new regular feature discussing the changes in HR policies that affect your business. We are also running a series of free seminars throughout the year featuring a range of guest speakers. The first will take place on September 20th at Future Inns, Cardiff featuring Anna Denton-Jones discussing how social media is changing the employee landscape. SECURE YOUR PLACE! For further information or to book your If you are interested in attending place on this free seminar contact: any of these events then please Emma York - HR Consultant contact Jonathan Bennett T: 02920 220078 02920 220078 or E: Issue #3 – August 2012
  12. 12. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR ANNUAL SALARY SURVEYS We have done extensive research into how the job market has changed over the previous 12 months and we will be releasing our 2012 salary surveys very soon, answering the questions you need to know such as: • Are your salary brackets in the right ballpark? • What benefits do employees expect? • Which jobs are most in demand? DOWNLOAD ONLINE 2012-salary-surveys/ Yolk Recruitment Ltd 6-7 St John Street Cardiff, CF10 1GJ 02920 220078 www.yolkrecruitment.comThank you for reading Hatched, Yolk About Yolk Recruitment Some of our clients include:Recruitment’s quarterly publication. Yolk Recruitment is a specialist commercial • PHS group recruitment company. We build strong • S. A. BrainIf you would like further information on any of relationships that gives our clients the • Leekesthe articles featured in this edition then please confidence to work with us full circle. To • Shred-itemail our marketing executive: service commercial recruitment requirements, • Johnson & Yolk Sales, Yolk Marketing, Yolk Business • Northern Racing Support, Yolk Contact Centre, Yolk Human • Capital FMIf you would like to know how Yolk Resources and Yolk IT were born. • BiffaRecruitment can help you with your • 118 mediarecruitment needs then please email: Yolk is a member of the Recruitment and • Employment Confederation (REC). • Principality SALES MARKETING IT BUSINESS SUPPORT ACCOUNTANCY HUMAN RESOURCES Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //