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Yolk recruitment hatched issue 2


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Issue 2 of Hatched

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Yolk recruitment hatched issue 2

  1. 1. Hatched May 2012 Issue 2The latest news, advice and opinions from yolk recruitment page 3 page 10 page 12 Is competition We go team 5 technologies in the workplace building at for mobile a good thing? Boulders workforces Invest in your team & reap the rewards
  2. 2. RECRUITMENTTECHNOLOGYCAREERSMANAGEMENTBUSINESSAs a member of the Welsh ContactForum we attended this year’s awardshow which was hosted by JohnBarrowman.It was a great night out and we got tomeet some interesting people. The WelshContact Forum is working hard to build thereputation and quality of the contact centreindustry in South Wales. If you’re not amember yet then visit their would like to congratulate ourCompany Director Duncan Powell who A few new faces at yolkwas recently elected onto the SouthWales Chamber of Commerce Council.Duncan’s role will be to attend theCouncil’s bi-monthly meetings and discuss We have recently added three experienced recruiters to our team joining ourthe main issues affecting businesses Business Support and IT divisions. Sian Griffiths and Lian Morgan both jointhroughout the South Wales region, along from Marble Recruitment and have over fifteen years experience between themwith how these issues might be tackled working with major UK companies and growing local businesses. Lian joins Yolkthrough the Chamber’s activities. The as a central resourcer for all divisions having previously worked with national PLCCouncil provides a channel through which clients. Sian previously held the position of recruitment manager at Marble and willChamber members can raise any issues, now be spearheading our Business Support division. Finally, Kyle Probert will beconcerns or ideas; in turn helping to shape joining our IT division, having previously worked at Hays, working with our nationalthe Chamber’s policy development and IT clients.service offerings. As a business our approach is personal, we know our clients and their business,The next chamber exhibition is being held and our consultants are extensively experienced in both recruitment, and theiron Thursday 14th June at Cardiff City specific market sector. Your dedicated account manager understands both theStadium. local market and the intricacies of your business ensuring that the relationship is built on solid foundations saving time, reducing cost and increasing consistency whilst delivering results. May the fourth be with you Yes that’s right, the next FiftyOne3 event is on May 4th. Forget the Star Wars conventions or boxset marathon you had planned. Come to the event and feel the force of informal and fun networking. FiftyOne3 is a business club aimed at young professionals in Cardiff and is sponsored by Yolk Recruitment. READ MORE AT: Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  3. 3. Cut the cost of recruitment Connecting people, Yolk Recruitment to support WorkThe Welsh Assembly Government has creating commerce Wear Weekextended the ReAct funding program Our Company Director, Dale Williams, Yolk are proud to support Dress for Successoffering up to £3000 of financial support has launched a free and their charity event being held at McArthurto companies recruiting consultancy service Glen during 2nd – 8th July. Mohammedindividuals who have been looking to introduce Ahmed, Yolk ITmade redundant. Call us potential business Divisional Manager, willto find how this can partners to each be holding workshops tohelp with your other. Visit www. help unemployed womenrecruitment needs. get back into work.Is competition in the workplace a good thing?Is competition in the workplace a goodthing?As a kid growing up I was notorious fora lot of things, being a bad loser waspossibly one of my less desirable traits.Hitting the Monopoly board into the air asa six year old is never going to leave youwith much to look forward to other than adisgruntled mother and father packing youoff to bed for an early night.Ok so it wasn’t always seen as the‘right’ thing to do, but, it’s this type ofdetermination to be a winner that hasenabled me to continually rise to thechallenge of getting where I aim to be.Competition comes in many forms, itstarts in the home when siblings competefor attention, it carries into nursery whentoddlers compete for their turn on theswing, high school brings peer pressureand with it competition to get noticed, and,into the working world, we’re thrust into a But is this competition a good thing? their job and miss a minor detail becauseworld of corporate competition which is the their eye is on the commission? Perhapsmost cut throat of all. For me, yes. We aren’t always all going to colleagues will fall out over a sale because want to ‘be’ the best, but, as consumers, of their joint involvement in securing theSome people shy away from competition, more often than not we certainly demand customer? And perhaps a corporatesome people thrive on it. One thing that the best. In order to receive the quality of company will use their buying power torings true for the majority of businesses service we desire at a price we see fair squeeze small to medium businesses outis that they employ a team that will have and within a time we deem acceptable, of business?a healthy mix of both characters. It could competition is required so that suppliersbe argued that the more competitive remain vigilant to customer requirements, The lifeblood of the economy is born fromemployees are those at board level avoid complacency and continually strive competition, if measured correctly andtasked with ensuring continued business to improve. governed from ground level upwards thenimprovement and progression, or, the all is fair in love and war and we shouldsales team within a business that is It is because of competition and consumer look to market leaders or over performingresponsible for generating revenues. desires that the competition commission colleagues and accept that they are doingThese positions in businesses are more exists, and, without a healthy breadth of something extraordinary in order to getoften than not commissioned which is competition countless industries would where they are.a way of breeding competition between over price productscolleagues in order that they receive a that we needed but couldn’t getbonus for higher performance. It’s this anywhere else. Dale Williams Company Directortype of structure thought has been brought Yolk Recruitmentto light in the recent news via the major Of course there are times that competition E: dwilliams@yolkrecruitment.combanks and bonuses that are paid out to the can be detrimental. Perhaps a sales T: 02920 220078big wigs. person will forget the quality aspect of Issue #2 – May 2012
  4. 4. Your business. Your people. But betterPsychometric testing can help transform theperformance of your teams and individuals,delivering an immediate impact on yourbusiness which is why Yolk Recruitment offers allit’s client the opportunity to test all candidates aspart of our recruitment service.Yolk Recruitment has partnered with ThomasInternational a global leader in onlineassessment. Thomas international has beenat the forefront of assessment innovation for30 years. They provide assessments in 56languages and have a presence in over 60countries. They work with over 32,000companies of all sizes and complete over1.5 million assessments every year.The key to effective leadership in any businesslies in understanding which person you should hire, which you should promote, what makes atop performer, what motivates them, their core strengths, their limitations and the value theyadd to a team. But what will really set your business apart is benchmarking the behavioursand abilities that will deliver success in your organisation, and managing your people intohigh performance.If you’re interested in using Thomas’ assessments to gain insight into, manage and developthe behaviours, aptitude, abilities, competencies and hard skills of future employees thencontact Yolk Recruitment on 02920 220078. Never look a gift QUOTE OF THE MONTH horse in the eye? If you haven’t been watching the latest series of ‘The Apprentice’ then you’ve been missing out. What it is about this show and why do a groupof seemingly successful business people come up with some of themost ridiculous and self obsessed comments? Is this down to ego or TVproducer comedy value? Here are our favourites of the series so far.• I’m like a shark, right at the top of the food chain. I take what I want, when I want it - Ricky Martin• I set up my own business when I was 19, and I have been working really hard ever since - Maria O’Connor, aged 20 Dan Cobley, UK Managing Director of Google, at the ‘Getting Welsh Businesses Online’ event• Ideally if you were to order 1 million units……. - Jane McEvoy held in February at the Coal Exchange, Cardiff.• Never look a gift horse in the eye - Duane Bryan• (On being fired) I’m more upset now than last night when my son was crying on the phone to me - Jane McEvoy “40% of businesses in• I would call myself ‘the blonde assassin - Katie WrightOne of our Company Directors, Duncan Powell, recently appeared on TV England have a website, theand he knows first hand how nervous you can get and how the editingcan at times unfairly portray you so we’re sure the above statements same can only be said ofare all down to the pressure of the competition. Read about Duncan’sexperience on Come Dine with Me in our online edition of Hatched. 33% of enterprises here.” Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  5. 5. Optimising your linkedin profileLinkedIn is an essential tool in today’s market for generatingbusiness leads but are you optimising your profile to 1 2maximise your visibility. If you’ve already gone throughLinkedIn’s own profile builder and have achieved a 100%profile rating then here are a few advanced tips.Do you know your keywords?The very first thing you need to do some is some basic research into the keywords thatpotential customers are using to find you. How you describe yourself and how yourcustomers search for you can very greatly. You may think of yourself as a talent acquisitionprofessional while your customer are looking for recruitment consultants. Try to find a 3niche that doesn’t position you outside your market and leverage it your advantage.1 Get a professional headshotYou should have a clear, professional, friendly looking picture of you without a distractingbackground as your headshot. LinkedIn is a network for professionals and your pictureshould reflect this. 42 Your headline should mean somethingBy default LinkedIn will use your most recent job title as your headline. You may want tochange this to a more appropriate headline that expands on who you are and what youoffer. Your headline strongly effects where you rank in search results so try and fit in afew keywords.3 Use all your website linksYou can add up to three links to your profile so make sure you use all three. Your linksshould be call to actions like the example opposite rather than generic text. Linking all 5three back to your company website is also good SEO.4 Create a detailed summaryUse your keyword research to structure your summary. Make sure it reads like its writtenby a human rather than just a string of bullet points and I do statements. Include adefinitive call to action at the end so viewers are encouraged to either connect with you orget in touch.5 Use Apps to provide viewers with extra information 6Apps are a great way of making your profile stand out from others. At Yolk Recruitmentwe use slideshare to display our marketing literature allowing our viewers to see our fullservice offering. On our IT Divisional Managers page, Mohammed Ahmed, we’ve includeda video introduction.7 Fill out your job history in detailThe more you put into your job history the more you will come in search results. You mayno longer be a sales and marketing assistant but LinkedIn recognises similar position andyour progression to Sales Director.7 Add projectsProjects are a recent addition to LinkedIn that lets you expand on your work history andyour connections with colleagues. Projects are a good place way of presenting recentcase studies and showcasing clients you’ve worked with.8 List your skillsSkills are another new feature added by LinkedIn that are linked to talent filters inadvanced search settings. Pick just you’re top skills, listing twenty plus skills doesn’t lookrealistic and won’t give you any credibility.9 Add all your contact detailsThe more contact details on your page the more ways prospective clients can find you.Make sure to include your full business address to boost your local search ranking.Wrapping UpThe more complete your profile the more credible you will look to prospective clients 7and the higher you will rank in your competitive search terms. Keep your profile up todate, add new projects over time and continually assess your keywords to ensure you’reranking above your competitors. 8 Issue #2 – May 2012
  6. 6. Invest in your team & reap theHistorically it is suggested thatengaged employees and a positiveworking culture are a definingfactor of a successful company.Recent research conducted by IncMagazine found that if customerscould sense animosity betweenemployees and managers thisstrongly influenced their purchasingdecisions often resulting in themdeciding not to buy from thatcompany.When you start thinking about it fromthis perspective, that an unengagedworkforce affects sales, it’s clearthat investing in your team can bringsignificant benefits.So what can you do to engageyour workforce and ensure thatyou are getting the best out ofthem?Most people would think that it allcomes down to one thing - money.Actually a sense of ownership andrecognition rank higher on a scaleof importance than salary alone. Ifyou really want to engage with yourworkforce you need to listen to themand address their issues.Here are a few common There is little opportunity forproblems that can easily be progressionresolved Would you keep investing in aYour employees don’t feel like they market that clearly isn’t going tohave a voice. bring you any return? No? YourThis is an easy one to resolve, simply employees feel the same to them more. Make sure you You’ve got to prove to them that thelisten to their ideas and implement more they invest in your business thethem. You’ll be surprised at what your more they will get back.employees will say. Most will want toplay an active role in your business They don’t feel connected to theirand have ideas that will benefit you. colleagues If your colleagues are not sharingThey don’t feel they are recognised their skills and knowledge with eachor rewarded for their efforts other you need to quickly addressEmployee recognitions schemes like this. Social gatherings and teamstar of the week and days out have building days can help break upworked well at Yolk Recruitment departmental divides ensuring thatbut grand gestures are not always employees don’t feel out of touchneeded, a simple thanks makes a big with other parts of the business.difference. Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  7. 7. e rewards Yolk talk the talk & walk the walk The Situation beneficial to our business in the From launch and in our early years, same way it could be beneficial to as with many new businesses yours. Yolk used a variety of out sourced Nici provided us with the suppliers to manage our PR, information to make the decision website, branding, events and including interview questions, CV general marketing activities. critique and salary expectations We recently started to find this to name a few. She even get’s approach to be less cost and time involved in the interviewing! Having effective than previously. This was pre-screened the pick of South primarily due to the cost of time lost Wales strongest marketers, Nici when senior managers absorb the was able to find Yolk the candidate management of these suppliers to match our needs, to increase our and the results of their services. marketing and branding exposure We started to consider the benefits and, importantly, to ‘fit’ in with our of creating a new role in the quirky team. business by recruiting our own in The increase in our marketing house marketing executive. Initially activities has resulted in us being we considered do we need a full inundated with interest from new time executive? Would they provide businesses and new candidates. enough value to justify their cost? Our marketing executive now Would we be simply exchanging manages all our online marketing, one time consuming project for our events, SEO, direct mail and Invest in long term goals not another? we have been able to do more for quick fixes The Need less. Creating an engaged workforce is As with many businesses, the Are you in a similar position? not a short term fix, it’s a long term senior team’s expertise possessed a skill set more aligned to Creating a brand new role within investment. Getting in a few beers your business can be a daunting on the annual work outing doesn’t operations and sales. To recruit a Marketing Executive, how would prospect but we are able to offer create a company culture. You need factual, astute, commercial advice to be consistent with your approach we know where to start? What interview questions would we that is up to date and aligned with and address potential problems market expectations. before they arise, not react to them utilise? How would we know how to once they’ve become glaringly measure the employees success? Yolk Marketing Recruitment is obvious. It became evident that we needed recognised as a recruiter of choice to let an expert manage this for marketing professionals. We As a leader you need to walk the process. recruit at all levels from assistant to walk and don’t just leave it to line The Solution director whether you’re looking for a managers and your HR department. Yolk Marketing Recruitment, generalist or a specialist skill set. Join in with the planned activities spearheaded by Nici Jones, offers and get to know your employees a solution to this common problem Nici Jones: and they’ll be happy to put in that on a daily basis. Having our own 02920 220078 extra effort for you. dedicated marketing executive was Issue #2 – May 2012
  8. 8. In March this year our Company Director, Duncan Powell, was a runner up on the popular Channel 4 TV show Come Dine with Me. Duncan shares with us his experience on the show. As a ‘big’ foodie when the opportunity apprehensive that having previously been on presented itself to Duncan to appear on Masterchef they might have thought I was Come Dine with Me he jumped at the some wannabe celebrity but I wasn’t. I have a chance to show off his culinary prowess. passion for food and loved the show. For those unfamiliar with the show it is a cooking contest with a twist. A group of What was the idea behind your menu? complete strangers compete against each I wanted something that could be quite other for the title of ultimate dinner party different, rather than doing something simple host and £1000 by voting on each other’s like steak or lasagne, which everyone likes. cooking and hosting skills. Each host must I opted for Haiwian theme and started with also provide entertainment for their guests a chorizo and halloumi antipasto with whole while being roasted by narrator Dave Lamb. prawns for a starter, followed by Honolulu Sea Bass, with a potato, pea puree and a leek Duncan was joined on the show by theatre carbonara sauce. For dessert I made a Lemon enthusiast Jay Coleman, radio hack Emma Posset and homemade biscotti biscuits. Jones, Welsh housewife Sarah Kinnear and peace activist Pippa Bartolotti. Was you disappointed that you didn’t win? I was happy to be the runner up, for me it was How did you get on the show? more about just cooking some cracking food I saw an advert in one my local delis and I rather than winning the money. I think Jay thought I would just go for it. I emailed the deserved to win, he was the first of us to host contact details and was sent out a massive a dinner party and did a great job of making us application form to fill out. all feel welcome in his home considering we had never met before. Was there an extensive audition process? I had an initial phone interview which I nailed What was it like seeing yourself on screen? being a recruitment manager :) then it was It was a mixture of excitement and relief. The onto to meet the show director. I was a bit first day was the hardest day to watch, I hidYolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  9. 9. “It was a mix of What affect did appearing on the show have on your business?excitement & The impact is difficult to judge, did we get any extra sales out it, maybe? But that wasrelief..I hid behind never the purpose. It wasn’t a PR exercisethe sofa for most of and I never promoted the business during the show.the first episode” We did promote it a lot through ourbehind my sofa for most of it, as I felt I was social media channels like Facebookbeing stereotyped as the cockney wide and Twitter. We created our own Twitterboy. It also made it look like we didn’t get hashtag #comedinewithdunc whichon as a group but that’s TV for you, it’s all people used to comment on the show andabout the entertainment value and drama released my recipes on the Yolk blog. Thisso they have to present it in a way that was fun to do and clients I hadn’t spokewould get people talking. By the end of the to for sometime got in touch whether byweek though I think I came off really well email or twitter. After seeing me on TVand was please by the positive response I most clients and suppliers we’re friendliergot. and interested in my experience so it made doing business that little bit moreWhat was the most unusual outcome pleasant. We also held a mini premier inof appearing on the show? the Yolk office which was a good teamOn the second day I did a gag about building exercise and boosted morale.keeping an emergency pasty as Pippawas serving a vegetarian curry. After the Finally any plans to appear on other TVshow Peter Pies contacted me on Twitter shows?and dropped off four bags full of pies and Yeah I’ve just signed up for the next seriespasties! of Celebrity Big Brother! Just joking. After this and my appearance on MasterchefWas there any major problems during I think I’m done. I’ve recently become athe filming? father and that’s my next big adventure.Apart from being burgled a few days beforehaving to host my party and my wife being Duncan Powellin the late stages of pregnancy it was all Company Director Yolk Recruitmentfine!! It was an exhaustive experience E: dpowell@yolkrecruitment.comthough, you are filming all day and night T: 02920 220078five days in a row. Ingredients heavy with black pepper and add Seabass fillets – 200g each parmesan. Set aside. 1kg maris piper potato 200g salted butter Peel and boil potatoes, til soft, dry 750ml double cream and drain. Mash and add butter and 100ml milk cream. Season. Set aside. 400g frozen peas 3 leeks Boil water, cook peas. When cooked 150g pancetta drain. Return to pan, add knob of 50g parmesan butter and water. Blitz til smooth. Set aside.Duncan’s Step by step method At last minute, heat frying pans,Honolulu Chop leeks and bacon. Gently fry season seabass. Add oil to pan and lardons of bacon, when colouring, put fish in skin-side down. Cook on a add leeks and a knob of butter. Sweat high-medium temp for about 6 mins tillSeabass til soft and then add cream til sauce consistency. Reduce slightly, season almost cooked. Turn over and allow to cook in residual heat. Issue #2 – May 2012
  10. 10. YOLK NEWSTEAM BUILDING AT BOULDERSNot all lessons can be learnt in conference rooms which is why the Yolk team recently headeddown to Boulders Climbing Centre for a day of team building. Lets hear what our team had to sayDuring the last eighteen months Yolk Recruitment hascontinued to significantly grow. We’ve invested heavily in What element of the day did you find mosttraining but continued with our policy to enjoy the social rewarding?aspects of the business. We’ve always found that a strong The leap of faith at the end was a big challengebond outside of the office results in a more collaborative and for me. I’m not great with heights, so to dosupportive working environment. We have always promoted something like that was amazing and isa company culture where individuals are rewarded for their something I will always look back on and be proud of. Isuccesses but that it is the overall goal of the company that probably wouldn’t have been able to do it though without thematters the most and to this extent we recently took some encouragement and support from my colleagues and theof our consultants down to Boulders to help strengthen our staff at bonds. Emma York, Business Support Consultant eyork@yolkrecruitment.comThe reason we chose Boulders Climbing Centre was thatwe knew the whole day would revolve around team building Do you feel that you are closer to yourrather than it being individually competitive. Boulders put colleagues now?together a great package for us that focussed on creating Definitely. I really got to know some of the newertrust between colleagues and increasing social interaction. consultants and our Company Director DaleThe day started with a particularly difficult mental challenge Williams. It made coming into the office moreinvolving a rope and a ladder that really got the team talking. pleasant having shared such a fun experience with everyone.We then had to safely hoist each other up 20ft into the air I think everyone was a bit nervous on the day but we camebefore moving onto the final and most challenging exercise together and pushed each other on.the ‘leap of faith.’ Leroy Brito, IT Consultant lbrito@yolkrecruitment.comAn important aspect of any team building day is to gatherfeedback and continue the team bonding after the event. We Would you recommend Boulders as a corporate teamsaw an immediate increase in interaction and collaboration building day?around the office, with consultants sharing leads across I would. The whole day was really centreddivisions and recalling fond memories from the day, proving around working together as a team andit was a success. overcoming challenges. The ladder exercise was particularly challenging as I was the firstIf you’re thinking of hosting your own team building day person to climb it and to be honest I wasn’t sure the guysthen Yolk Recruitment would recommend you pop down to had come up with the right solution but they had and I got toBoulders. Learn more by visiting their website the top Sodira Andreou, Administrative Support Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  11. 11. corporate days out atboulders can really helpbuild your team.Boulders indoor climbing centre in Cardiff specialises in providingpersonal development facilities for organisations, training providers andrecruiters.Combining the facilities of Boulders with a specially developed rangeof proven physical activities, provides a powerful learning vehicle thatadds value to your training programme; helping you win more clients andpromote the retention of your current ones.Delegates are immediately taken out of their ‘comfort zone’ to enjoy anadrenaline-fuelled experience through practical exercises that provide Training day example packagean exciting sense of achievement, whilst ensuring that it is easy for the based on 12 delegates:training provider to generate key skill attainment evidence. 0930 - 1000 Arrival, welcome brief andStrengths of Boulders’ programme: document administration. 1000 - 1030 Ice breaker team task “CliffBespoke Content hanger.”Especially good forTo ensure absolute relevance to your training programme, Boulders developing: Problem solving andinvests in getting to know and understand your training objectives. With working with others.close client consultation, Boulders selects a set of physical challenges 1030 - 1130 Class room based activities ledwhich will tackle, individually or collectively, the key skills identified by the training objectives. Each bespoke programme aims to change 1130 - 1300 1.5 hour climbing Tasterparticipants’ attitudes in order to help you unlock their true potential and session. Especially good forachieve the peak performance that will benefit their work place – always developing: Improving ownwith the focus of generating the crucial evidence of key skills attainment. learning and performance. 1300 - 1400 Lunch, provided by Boulders.Course Design 1400 - 1530 Class room based activities –The day will be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Boulders’ state- led by client.of-the-art meeting room is available for classroom activities, lunch and 1530 - 1630 Team task “A bag full ofdebrief. diamonds.” Especially good for developing: Problem solving,Contact: working with others andTo discuss your requirements, or make a booking, contact Chloe Loftus communication.on 0845 52 118 50, or email 1630 - 1800 Class room based activities led by client Issue #2 – May 2012
  12. 12. Help us raise funds for St David’s Hospice Support our Company Director Dale Williams as he and the Woko Woko business club cycle from Paris to Cardiff to raise money for St David’s Hospice. The team will cross bridges and seas, ride through counties and cultures. Please visit the link below to donate to this worthwhile cause. READ MORE AT: YOLK ADVICEFIVE TECHNOLOGIES THAT CAN HELP YOU MAKE THE MOST OF YOURMOBILE WORKFORCEDoes your business have a heavily mobile workforce that know if your employee is logged in, on lunch or idle.spends a lot of time meeting clients on site or do you utilise Checking your employees presence before giving thema flexible working policy? If the answer is yes then keeping a quick call saves you time and money.track of your employees and making sure they are reachingtheir maximum productivity can be very time consuming.Recent advancements in technologies such as smartphones 4. Business Card Readers – How many conferences, networking events or meetings have you been to and walked away with so many business cards thatand tablets, have dramatically reduced the administrative it becomes a daunting task processing them all?workload required to manage a mobile workforce. LinkedIn’s CardMuch app and similar alternatives letsHere are five technologies you should be using to ensure you take a quick photo of a business card and it willyou’re making the most of your mobile workforce. automatically read the data and create a contact in your smartphone.1. Cloud computing – Free online services like Dropbox make it a lot simpler to share files across locations and devices. Rather than relying on emailing presentations or order forms, setting up a mini cloud server that 5. Device geo-tracking – If you do have a large mobile workforce then you’ve probably had one or two devices go missing. Apart from the cost issue, the data stored is automatically updated reduces the administrative in most devices can be invaluable and irreplaceable demand on your mobile workforce and lets them so getting the original device back is the best solution. concentrate on the task in hand. Apple’s ‘Find my iPhone’ and alternative apps allow you to remotely track any device via GPS, lock it and even2. One number technology – Apps like Mobisma allow wipe it of data if it is seemingly irretrievable. you to have one number shared between your office phone and your mobile. Giving a client a single point of A final essential asset that can really help you is a good IT contact rather three or four means there is less chance team that can implement all of the above and make sure you’ll miss their call or messages from colleagues you’re keeping up with the latest technologies giving you the getting lost. edge over your competitors.3. Presence technology – If you have a flexible workforce If you are looking to recruit IT professionals then give which allows employees to work from home you need Yolk Recruitment a call on 02920 0078 or email to be using a presence plug-in for Outlook that lets you Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //
  13. 13. GUEST POSTVolunteering reaps dividendsCaerphilly-based UK Together, Paul and Linda haveworkplace services provider, developed a strategic plan tothe PHS Group, has recently ensure the charity has a securediscovered the many benefits financial footing on which to growthat community and staff and reach out to more youngvolunteering can bring. people affected.As part of its Supported Linda comments: “Paul has beenVolunteering Policy, PHShas partnered with UnLtd, a a huge help – showing me how to prioritise my energies and bring Your job advertcharity which helps ‘socialentrepreneurs’. Social structure and organisation to my very chaotic role! His contribution could be here nextentrepreneurs are people andorganisations that recognise will help raise much needed funds for the charity and also increase time for free!social problems and then awareness and support.“ Yolk Recruitment is offering you the opportunityorganise initiatives that bring to advertise your job vacancies to over 4,000about positive changes in those Benefits are not felt by the social top companies in South Wales for free. Theareas. entrepreneur alone! Mentoring Insider is an exclusive magazine for business has had a positive impact on professionals in South Wales making it theThrough UnLtd, community- Paul and the PHS Group as well. perfect place to find your next star employee. Ifminded PHS managers Paul has been able to work with you’re interested in advertising on this page thenvolunteered their time and a charity close to his heart, but all you have to do is ask us. We’ll manage theexpertise to act as mentors he’s also been exposed to a new response for you and send the ‘best of the best’ your way. Free of charge, no local charities and social sector and expanded his skill set.entrepreneurs. Once such To advertise, email a job description topartnering was between Paul As Paul confirms: jbennett@yolkrecruitment.comMcDonald, commercial manager “By mentoring, I have or call 02920 220078with PHS Datashred, and re-discovered skills that I haven’t Canmol 2012BulliesOut founder Linda James, used for years, and the wholewhich has reaped dividends for process has given me a newboth parties. energy and enthusiasm. This has undoubtedly helped in my role at Yolk Recruitment are proud to announce theirBulliesOut is a registered charity PHS and encouraged me to take continued support of the Canmol Wales Marketingwhich supports individuals, a fresh look at how I do things in Awards 2012. Now in its fifth year, the Canmol:schools and youth and ‘the commercial world’. Wales Marketing Awards celebrates and promotescommunity projects affected by excellence in the marketing industry in Wales andbullying. It aims to foster safe, The mentoring partnership recognises the best marketers in the business.healthy and learning communities programme is fully supportedfor young people. by PHS, and staff wishing to The awards are open to everyone in Wales, from volunteer are given time off to sole traders to multinational companies, “not for do this. John Skidmore, Group dividend”, third sector, public and private sector. Last Finance Director with PHS, year’s competition was a great success and provided welcomes the scheme: the shortlisted candidates as well as the winners with an excellent PR opportunity. “I firmly believe that we have an obligation to support the The deadline for entries is 31 July 2012 but the communities in which we operate, sooner you start to prepare your application the and I also see volunteering as a better. There’s guidance on the web site at key tool in our mission to engage, recognise and develop the people and if you have any that work in our business.” additional questions please contact If you’re interested in volunteering Richard Houdmont opportunities then visitPaul McDonald, commercial manager ( orwith PHS Datashred, pictured here withhis mentoring partner Linda James, of charity BulliesOut. Issue #2 – May 2012
  14. 14. LIKE WHAT YOU’VE JUST READ? THERE’S MORE ONLINE... Read all the articles in full and get exclusive content only available online such as... • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile • Get the inside story of Duncan’s experience on Come Dine with Me • And much more... Yolk Recruitment Ltd 6-7 St John Street Cardiff, CF10 1GJ 02920 220078 www.yolkrecruitment.comThank you for reading Hatched, Yolk About Yolk Recruitment Some of our clients include:Recruitment’s quarterly publication. Yolk Recruitment is a specialist commercial • PHS group recruitment company. We build strong • S. A. BrainIf you would like further information on any of relationships that gives our clients the • Leekesthe articles featured in this edition then please confidence to work with us full circle. To • Shred-itemail our marketing executive: service commercial recruitment requirements, • Johnson & Yolk Sales, Yolk Marketing, Yolk Business • Northern Racing Support, Yolk Contact Centre, Yolk Human • Capital FMIf you would like to know how Yolk Resources and Yolk IT were born. • BiffaRecruitment can help you with your • 118 mediarecruitment needs then please email: Yolk is a member of the Recruitment and • Employment Confederation (REC). • Principality Sales Marketing IT Business Support Contact Centre Human Resources Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //