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Yolk recruitment hatched issue 1


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Issue 1 of Hatched

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Yolk recruitment hatched issue 1

  1. 1. Hatched IT JOB MARKET ARE YOU SCARING OFF WE CHAT TO IS FACEBOOK AN STILL BUOYANT YOUR STAR SELLERS? JAMES ROBINSON EFFECTIVE B2B TOOL? March 2102 ISSUE 1THE LATEST NEWS, ADVICE AND OPINIONS FROM YOLK RECRUITMENT Hunting for a golden egg? Why spend all your time looking for that one big opportunity when recruiting the right people will give you a gaggle of golden geese.
  2. 2. Call us now on 02920 220078 to discuss your recruitment requirements QUICK NEWS Look out for Duncan on Come Dine with Me? Our company director Duncan Powell is a ‘big’ foodie and is appearing on the Channel 4 show Come Dine with Me. Duncan served up a feast of food including Honolulu Sea Bass and met some interesting guests. Please send any fan mail to: We will try and respond to you in due course but YOLK UPDATE Bucking the trend... we have received an overwhelming response so far :) Yolk Recruitment launched in January We expanded our services further offering 2009 at the height of the recession and business support, HR and contact centre We’ve gone social when the job market was at its lowest. recruitment. 2012 seems The timing was a conscious decision, in to be the year order to succeed, Yolk and it’s people Midway through 2011, due to exponential that Yolk finally had to build the right foundations based growth, we had to relocate to another new embraces the on personal relationships and with office. This was never part of our business world of social immaculate ethics and working practice. plan but sometimes in order to succeed, you media. have got to be adaptable to change. At the As well as our Using our professional experience in both start of his year we had another recruitment corporate accounts @ recruitment and sales to setup a dedicated drive bringing the team up to 16 and launched yolk_recruit and @yolk_ sales recruitment agency, the first in South our IT recruitment division. jobs some of our team Wales. This approach differentiated us from have also joined Twitter: other agencies and despite the tough economic We take recruiting for ourselves just are @dalewills9 climate we had a successful first year. seriously as we do for our client base and our is our estemeed director people are our strength. Growing businesses @niciyolk At the start of 2010 we moved into larger need employees who use their own initiative is our marketing expert premise and took on three new employees. We to contribute to the growth of a company. We knew the key to our success was our previous recruited people that not only had the skills @moyolkrec is our IT leader experience in sales so we only recruited those and experience we required but understood with professional experience in their field. Soon our values and saw the potential of joining The competition for the our clients were so happy with our results a fast growing company. One of the most biggest following is heating that they started to offer us other roles such rewarding parts of the last three years has up in the office with marketing and IT. Initially we turned these roles been seeing our colleagues grow achieve bragging rights to be won. down as they were outside our field of expertise their goals and knowing that we contributed in and we did not feel we could offer our clients our own little way. Tweet of the month goes the same level of service they had begun to to @niciyolk: associate us with. So we start the year on an upward curve, bucking the trend with the next step to open ‘Just enough rain to We then took the decision to diversify our an office number two in Bristol. make your hair go fuzzy.’ services and brought on board a specialist Insightful stuff Nic! marketing recruiter. This was a big step for Find out what we can do help? us as it meant we were putting our reputation T: 02920 220078 on the line but it ultimately proved successful. E: info@yolkrecruitment.comHatched Quick fact: Banging your head against a brick wall would burn 150 calories an hour
  3. 3. www.yolkrecruitment.comYOLK UPDATE YOLK RESEARCH Connecting with the Is your management next generation of style scaring off your star sellers? professionals Our survey, conducted in late 2011, indicated that more than two-fifths of people employed within the sales industry have left or are considering leaving on account of their employer’s ‘aggressive’ or ‘dictatorial’ style of management. For the survey, we asked our candidates: “What is the management style of your current or previous employer?” The main findings of the survey found that employee rated 34% AuthoritativeYolk has partnered with Fiftyone3, the Cardiff based business club foryoung professionals, as an official sponsor for 2012. Setup in the summer 22%of 2011, there have so far been four events and membership has grown Aggressiveto more than 200 people. The last event, held in January, had over 80attendees from a mixture of industries.We see this as an excellent opportunity to meet with young professionalswithin our area and build some strong business relationships. We source 21%the majority of our candidates through recommendation and don’t just relyon CV submission. Being part of a growing and fresh network give us the Dictatorialopportunity to really get to know potential clients or candidates and maybeunearth some hidden talent. 13%Fiftyone3 came into existence after partner organisations UHY Peacheys,Working Word and Bluegg came together in the hunt for a more exciting wayto network. The three partners decided to take matters into their own handsand create a business club aimed at young and dynamic professionals. PassiveThe next event takes place in March and to help keep things relaxed Yolk’s 10%very own Leroy Brito, Chris Chopping and Mathew Heard will be performingsome stand-up comedy. To find out more about upcoming Fiftyone3 eventsplease visit Supportive Fiftyone3 Events calender 2012 9th March 2012 4th May 2012 Our company director, Dale Williams’ opinion March is a funny month. Yes that’s right, this event is on is: “While tough management styles are Christmas is a distant memory May 4th. Forget the Star Wars sometimes appropriate, there is a fine line and summer still feels a lifetime conventions or boxset marathon between a manager being assertive, to get away. So our latest event is the you had planned. Come to results, and what is effectively bullying, which perfect ‘boring time of the year’ our event and feel the force of does little other than destroy staff morale and antidote. informal, fun networking. increase employee turnover.” Issue #1 - March 2012
  4. 4. Call us now on 02920 220078 to discuss your recruitment requirements YOLK CASE STUDY James Robinson tells us what makes the perfect employee Zeffa is an independent media agency specialising in the planning and buying of advertising campaigns across all media formats. Whether clients are companies looking to raise brand awareness, increase sales or drive an immediate response through TV, radio, online, outdoor or newspapers and magazines, Zeffa will make sure that time and again that the entire budget goes on engaging target customers. Zeffa was established in March 2008 just before the ‘credit crunch’ kicked off, out of a desire to bring local and regional advertisers a more informed approach to media planning and buying. Many agencies like ours base their fee I have a brilliant team at Zeffa. Be motivational structures on retainers or fixed fees and So what makes a great employee? Here I am extremely lucky to have a team that we saw this as only lining their pockets are some characteristics: believe in my vision as much as I do. and not really benefitting their clients They champion the vision and execute After all, if you’re spending thousands of Ambassadors for my brand it brilliantly. We wouldn’t be where we pounds per year on retaining an agency, The right person can become a brilliant are today without the team that I have wouldn’t it be better for the business brand ambassador and advocate for and on those days where you are feeling if that money was invested in their your business. After all, if you like doing tired and run down(it happens to the advertising campaigns? something, you’re likely to tell people best of us), having a team around you about it in a convincing way. Passion is who believe in what they’re doing is the We took on our first employee in infectious and that is invaluable. Clients best pick me up you could have. October 2008 and it was originally notice this and the business doesn’t just intended to be a two-day a week rely on me, relationships are formed and And that’s it so far. Recruitment has administration role but as the business that can only be good for business. always played a big part in our growth grew, the role went from two days, to plans, without the right people behind three days, to four days and by April Give me peace of mind you its hard to succeed. 2009, our first employee was working When you run your own business it is full time. Since then we have grown our crucial that you surround yourself with team to eight employees across two people that you can trust. There are lots James Robinson offices, Cardiff and Bristol. Yolk has of twists and turns and plenty of people Managing Director at Zeffa helped us by finding people that not only out there waiting to see you fail. Having T: 02920 440020 had the skills and experience we desired a team around you that you can trust E: but also offered that something extra. brings peace of mind and helps you sleep well at night! JAMES’S THREE TOP TIPS ON HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS 1 2 3 Who? What? Why? Know who your target audience What do you want your Give customers a reason to is. If you don’t know who you’re customers to do? Log on to get in touch with you. Free looking for, you won’t know your website? Call? Email? parking and great customer where to find them and that’s where a Visit your store or offices? You need to be service are not make or break in the eyes media agency can really help you out. specific when asking potential customers of a customer. Give them a reason to to get in touch and make sure you select you over your competitors. monitor where people are coming from.Hatched Quick fact: A completely blind chameleon will still take on the colors of it’s environment
  5. 5. YOLK RESEARCH Is Facebook an effective tool for B2B brands? We all know social media can be a very powerful branding and communicationRECRUITMENT NEWS tool. Out of all the social media channelsIT job market is Facebook has the largest audience and the greatness potential. But are Facebook pages an effective way for B2B brands tostill buoyant build their customer base? Research by Exact Target has identified that2011 was another good year for IT recruitment the number one reason people like a company The UK IT Job profile on Facebook is to receive discounts 17market, being one of the few sectors that saw Market has grown by %strong growth. Companies are recognising the and freebies which is not an approachneed for strong and competent IT professionals applicable to most B2B companies. So howto deliver on their business plans and produce can a B2B brand successfully use Facebook?growth through efficiency measures and opening Source: Become an Industry Resourceup new markets. sites/default/files/employment-index/ EUMEI_Dec11_UK_FINAL.pdf Creating a profile that contains informationThe rise of mobile and social commerce has useful to your clients adds value to yourcreated growth opportunities for many business as well as major challenges. service and can also cements your position asMost eCommerce websites need to be redeveloped to be cross-platform an expert in your field.friendly and take advantage of the latest technologies. The ability to have yourFacebook page or your app to integrate with your website and produce sales Engage with your clientshas seen a demand for IT professional with a specific skillset. iOS and Android Facebook is a great way build strongerdevelopers vacancies continue to be a growing trend but ‘Frontend Developers’ relationship your existing customers. Gettingappear to be the next big thing. Traditionally the web design process required involved with their marketing campaigns andFrontend Designers, UX Designers and Web Developers. When the cross taking the time and effort to promote the hardplatform dilemma was introduced, Frontend Designers and UX Designers work your clients are doing can definitely earnbegan to merge as websites could no longer be viewed as static pages, they you some browny points.had to be responsive. The introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 has seen the roleof designer and developer beginning to merge creating multiskilled individuals Build your personalitytermed Frontend Developers. Facebook is not a business network and shouldn’t be treated in the same way. It’s usedThis is why Yolk has recently expanded their range of services to offer more during people’s personal hours so makepermanent and contract IT recruitment solutions by appointing Mohammed your messages light and friendly. Think of itAhmed as our IT Divisional Manager. Mo joins us with considerable UK as an extension of your brand personality, bewide experience placing technical IT professionals for clients ranging from approachable and chips to startups impressive clients and will be supported by JennaBrace and Leroy Brito. Promote it Just because you’re on Facebook, you won’tThe IT job market is very diverse and can be a challenge for some get an instant following of thousands. Youbusinesses to understand the type of role they require. Having recruiters need to cross promote it in your eShots, yourlike Mo with extensive experience in the field means that we can offer in websites, your different social media accountsdepth knowledge and understanding. and your marketing literature. Contact Mo For more advice and tips go to our Facebook T: 02920 220078 page E: Issue #1 - March 2012
  6. 6. Call us now on 02920 220078 to discuss your recruitment requirements YOLK RESEARCH YOLK NEWS UK JOB MARKET ON THE UP NEW YEAR, NEW FACES January brought some great news for the UK job market. According to KPMG advertised permanent roles increased in January for the first time in four months. The study’s permanent staff placement index rose from 48.5 in December to 51.2 in January, with any figure above 50 indicating an expansion. Some of the UK’s biggest companies provided the job market with a big boost in jobs and confidence: • Asda announced plans to create 4000 new roles • Starbucks is planning to open another 300 stores and create 5000 new jobs over the next three years • Virgin media are recruiting 600 new jobs to meet growing demand for their product • Sainsbury expansion plans are set to create an It’s the start of a new year, meaning new opportunities, additional 800 jobs. new goals and for Yolk some new colleagues. We • America has also seen an increase in jobs which bodes have been officially operating for three years now and well for the global economy. each year we’ve continued to grow and added new members to our team. This year we’ve added five new Yolk Recruitment has also seen an increase in new IT faces that are joining our sales division, IT division and and marketing roles. The trend over the previous three a dedicated marketing executive. years has been for companies to bolster their sales team as the focus has been on getting immediate results. An Growing our IT team increase in IT, marketing and support roles indicates that In December Mohammed Ahmed joined Yolk as our new companies are starting to plan for long term and have the divisional IT manager and we have now recruited Leroy confidence to invest in their future. Brito and Jenna Brace to work alongside Mo. Both Jenna and Leroy are experienced recruiters and know their CSS3 from their ASP. If you’re looking to recruit project DON’T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL managers, developers or testers then you need to speak to our IT experts. Mo has also setup his own Twitter feed @ THE NEXT ISSUE OF HATCHED? Then visit our blog and read the latest news, moyolkrec, Mo will be sharing some of his vast experience as well as our latest available IT roles. An interesting fact, Leroy also does voiceover work! articles and opinions from yolk recruitment. Building on our expertise Yolk launched as a specialist sales recruitment agency and it continues to be one of our core divisions. What made us unique when we started was that the directors were not just recruiters but had genuine sales experience. We have always stuck by this rule which is why we have recently recruited two further experienced sales professionals in Mark and Chris. Mark has over 14 years experience working in media, data and business to business sales. He has also been a team leader for most of this period and recruited internally. Chris is experienced across various industry sectors and is very knowledgeable about modern practices giving him valuable insights that will benefit both clients and candidates. And finally there is me, Jon Bennett. I will be heading up Yolk’s marketing activities as well as working with the team ensuring that we fully utilise any online marketing opportunities to promote our clients vacancies, connect with the best candidates and share some of our good news. We have setup a new Twitter feed @yolk_jobs aimed at candidates looking for work while we will be using our main account @yolk_recruit to share our experience, our knowledge and have a bit of fun.Hatched Quick fact: Lawn darts are illegal in Canada
  7. 7. Unexpectedly recruiting? So are the FA! by Dale Williams Managing Director at Yolk Recruitment E: dwilliams@yolkrecruitment.comWell that was unexpected, with less A difficult balance to get Verdictthan four months remaining until the right? Many businesses make decisionsEuropean championship takes place, based on what they know or what they If England are going to achieve theFabio Capello has resigned as the man have done previously. They lose an desired outcome at Euro 2012, they havein charge of taking the England football experienced manager, they replace this to move intelligently making calculatedteam to potential glory (or more likely person with someone else of similar decisions based on the best interests offurther unfulfilled expectation)… stature. So many times we have seen this the current team, and, the future progress of England as a whole. scenario offer a huge financial implication,The impact of such a resignation is of such as if the manager just signed a fivegreat significance. How does a business year deal but six months down the line it So what do England need?as large and powerful as the FA go doesn’t work out, you wave goodbye toabout replacing a man with such world Experience a huge financial package as a business.renowned kudos, and respect, as a Any team is made up of a selection or England need immediate stability,football manager who has done it all? personalities, often the ‘elite’ performers and, immediate respect. Then, moving perhaps have a tendency to think that forward, they need a permanent managerWhen a manager resigns, whether they maybe they know best. A manager that can nurture the youth and lean onare under or over performing, liked or coming into an environment where the the experience of the team, buildingdisliked, respected or not, it always has previous manager had such respect is an environment that offers long term,an impact, this is true in any business. But difficult for anyone, you’re instantly on the sustainable success.are powerful managers that indispensable back foot. Without recruiting a managerthat we should be concerned the moment who has this experience in their locker, Take the experienced manager on athey decide the time is right to move on the players are more liable to question contract, until the project in question isto pastures new? Should we worry that there decisions. complete, in this case the Euro’s. Then,without the captain the ship will sink and Guus Hiddink? appoint a manager with the personality,that with the loss of our leaders the rest and, a level of experience to lead thewill follow? Personality team permanently. Guus Hiddink is If you are liked, you are popular. If you are not a manager looking for another fiveIt’s true that to under-value a top popular, people will want to do there best years in football, Harry Redknapp isperformer is a dangerous strategy and for you. A personable manager can offer a manager that does not have worldone that could result in loss, but we charisma and charm to win the players stage experience. Guus Hiddink has theare all humans and regardless of any over and someone that can immediately immediate experience to offer stability andpersons capability at any given time, warm the dressing room and bring people a higher percentage chance of successnobody is irreplaceable? Before King together. The danger in this scenario is at the Euro’s, whereas Redknapp has theKenny, there was Paisley and before that personable managers lacking an motivation and desire to lead EnglandPaisley there was Shanks. undertone of authoritative leadership can after the Euro’s to the next world cup and lead to them getting taken advantage of beyond.It’s business evolution, it’s a cycle of or it can allow the team to take a morepeople, working for businesses when the relaxed approach. The next time you need to recruittime is right for them and when they have Harry Redknappp? unexpectedly, avoid the dreaded ‘counterthe motivation to succeed. The timing is offer’. As I have seen so many times,imperative, if you hold onto a manager for Both once that seed is planted that someonetoo long based on their previous success If you have experience, you have has thought about leaving, it rarely isthis could be a costly exercise, yet, if you credibility. If you have personality, you the case that this ever truly changes, noundervalue an ‘up and coming’ person, can work with people as individuals and matter how ‘valuable’ you believe theythere head may just be turned and you understand their motivators. If you have are, let them go.will lose years of value. both, the combination can lead to respect in the working environment and results There are plenty more fish in the sea! when it comes to performance. Issue #1 - March 2012
  8. 8. Call us now on 02920 220078 to discuss your recruitment requirements DOING OUR BIT From Paris to Cardiff by bike? On April 4th 2011, our director Dale Williams packed away his suits and donned some pretty tight fitting Lycra all in the name of charity. Dale was part of a team of businessmen who embarked on an epic challenge to cycle 260 miles from North to South Wales in just four days. The guys raised in total over £20,000 for a number of well deserving charities, including the St David’s Foundation Hospice and are embarking on another adventure this May. This time around the team are upping the ante by cycling almost 400 miles in just five days by cycling from Paris to Cardiff. The route will see them travelling through the French towns of Amiens and Calais before boarding a ferry to Dover. They will then make their way back to Cardiff via Reigate and Hungerford. If you would like to take part in this years journey then visit YOLK INTERVIEW There’s more to Mo iLEAD Wales Islamic Leadership Education And Development Mo joined Yolk Mo, tell us a little more about iLead. Brillant stuff Mo. Can you explain in December last Mo: iLead was started to offer teenagers a little more about the Work Fit year to launch the opportunity to learn the business program. our IT division. skills that are not taught in most schools. Mo: Of course. There’s a lot of talented, The initial scheme involved working with hard working people out there struggling Apart from being just a handful of local teenagers but the to find work as they lack the confidence a proven technical workshops quickly started to fill up. or skillset needed to find their next job. recruiter and That’s why I helped setup ‘Work Fit manager he’s also When I asked one of the younger for 2012’ a local program with three an active member of his community delegates what her career aspirations workshops covering CV writing, applying and helps run two programs aimed were, her answer was simple, to be for jobs and interview techniques. We at educating and improving people’s Prime Minister. To be honest it did work with those out of work, recently chance of successfully securing work. raise a few giggles and I found it a little made redundant, recent graduates and amusing but then I got thinking and why foreign students. We teach them the iLead is aimed at 13-16 year olds not? skills they need to sell themselves to from diverse backgrounds who want employers and the best methods for to learn the skills need to succeed in A big problem right now is that young finding work. It’s easy to get disillusioned the business environment. The second people are being bombarded by the with the whole job search process but scheme ‘Work fit for 2012’ is aimed at media with negative messages which attending a local workshop can help those looking for their first job or recently is affecting their aspirations. We motivate you and reassure you by made redundant and are not used to the should be encouraging fresh ideas and meeting others in a similar situation. recruitment process. entrepreneurship rather than creating a generation of business leaders who are For further information please email afraid of taking risks. E: mahmed@yolkrecruitment.comHatched Quick fact: Contrary to popular belief, bagpipes originated in India.
  9. 9. Opportunity knocksAccount Manager Head of MarketingSouth Wales South WalesSalary dependent £40,000*on experience “Fusionworkshop is a great place to work but as I’m off to Australia, there’s now a vacancy in Marketing. The team here areGlobal of the UK’s leading media andentertainment businesses with over 19.8 million listeners on air. at the top of their game and I’d advise anyone with an appetite forWe’re passionate about talent having helped launch the careers online marketing to throw their hat into the ring.”of some of the best talent in the industry. 95-106 Capital FM Nick van Noorden – Current Head of Marketingis the UK’s first national, commercial, hit music radio brand.Broadcasting across London, Birmingham, East Midlands, Fusionworkshop is a successful online consultancy with impressiveManchester, the North East, Scotland, the South Coast, South and blue chip customers across the private, public and thirdWales and Yorkshire, it reaches seven million listeners every sectors. Having had a number of years of steady growth the stageweek. You will be based at Capital FM South Wales, Cardiff Bay. is set for further expansion throughout the UK.Job responsibilities and key tasks Job responsibilities and key tasks• Global Account Managers form great relationships with our The aim of the role is to generate and deliver leads to aid customers, helping them to engage with our listeners. To do this, Fusionworkshop’s growth. You will be working closely with the MD you will be spending a lot of your time out and about in your sales and Business Development Director ensuring that positioning and territory communications are aligned. You will be expected to manage a• You will be responsible for managing and growing revenue from small team responsible for: existing clients and working to source new business• We’ll give you the global sales process and tools that you’ll use Marketing focus daily to maximum effect to smash your targets • Web Editing, content creation and site evolution• You’ll bring new ideas that we, and our customers, want to hear, • PPC, SEO, social media & email campaigns always delivered in an open and honest way. You’ll be managing • Events/Media sources monitoring and relations expectations to build trust and loyalty with those you work with, • Market and competitor knowledge both inside and outside the company • Data sourcing and cleansing• We in turn will provide specially developed systems that help you • Collateral development and managing external designer to do this, hitting monthly targets, by growing existing clients, whilst looking for new ones Business Development focus • Clickthru monitoring, DMS and tender scanningExperience Required • Nurturing leads and progressing leads from telemarketing to bus• Proven success of working in a competitive sales environment development• Experience of effective and consistent client servicing and • Document writing and contribution growing client revenue • Attending prospect meetings• Knowledge of the South Wales business landscape• Great drive and enthusiasm coupled with excellent time Experience Required management skills • B2B marketing and sales experience• Ability to deliver results and keep that hunger to succeed without • Excellent customer facing communication/presentation skills constant supervision • Strong commercial acumen and the ability to spot an opportunities • Proactive and dynamic approach and genuinely results drivenRewards • An ideas person who is adaptable to change• Company car, phone, Macbook, iPad and expenses• Excellent uncapped bonus scheme that rewards high achievers Rewards• 25 days holiday entitlement • Basic salary up to £40,000 *depending on experience• Company Pension scheme • Excellent benefits including 5% pension match and free parking • Bonus potentialIf you think this role is for you contact:E: If you think this role is for you contact: E: Your job advert could be here next time for free! Yolk Recruitment is offering you the opportunity to advertise your job vacancies to over 4,000 top companies in South Wales for free. The Insider is an exclusive magazine for business professionals in South Wales making it the perfect place to find your next star employee. If you’re interested in advertising on this page then all you have to do is ask us. We’ll manage the response for you and send the ‘best of the best’ your way. Free of charge, no catch. To register an interest please email: Issue #1 - March 2012
  10. 10. Sunny Side Up Call us now on 02920 220078 to discuss your recruitment requirements Here are a few light hearted stories that will hopefully put a smile on your face CRIME OF THE CENTURY I’M OFF TO SEE A MAN CALL ME ‘PINK SPARKLY AND ABOUT A DOG ALL THINGS NICE’ A book has been returned to a The Brandling Villa pub in A Nottingham based Melbourne library Newcastle is offering non- salon owner has almost 30 years alcoholic, malt and beef changed her name overdue. flavoured beer for dogs. by depoll to match her business name. The copy of Best Crime Stories Landlord Dave Carr said that he started 2, edited by John Welcome, selling the dog beer in order to create She claims it is not a was borrowed from the Ivanhoe an animal-friendly atmosphere. marketing stunt and is establishment in 1984, but was brought genuinely obsessed with all anonymously outside the library. “People seem to think it’s a bit mental - things pink and sparkly. we keep it in the fridge along with other Her obsession includes dressing Librarian Kerry O’Hara said that they beers and they ask what it is. People everyday head to toe in pink and will not be trying to track down who think it’s just a normal beer with a furnishing her home and business returned the book. ridiculous name,” he said. place in pink. She told The ABC: “It can’t [be used “I scoped the internet looking for ‘Everyone is still calling me by my old again]. It’s too badly damaged. The ridiculous stuff, and we became dog- name. My mum thinks I’m a bit mad writers are great writers and good friendly. There aren’t many pubs you really and so do my children. They writing doesn’t date, but the condition can go to with your dog.” stick to Mum,’ she said. of the book is not good enough to go back in our collection. Carr has capitalised on this unique There is a is long standing tradition aspect of his business by offering meals for naming businesses after their O’Hara added that Ivanhoe library caps for dogs: “The dogs were drinking water owners, such as Trump Industries fines for overdue books at $15 (£10), and eating biscuits, so we also created or Dyson, but few have taken the but going by 2012’s library fine rates, a dog menu, designed for dogs but extreme option to go the other way. the overdue fee on the book would be based on traditional English dishes.” more than $2,500 (£1,680). Yolk Recruitment Ltd 6-7 St John Street Cardiff, CF10 1GJ 02920 220078 www.yolkrecruitment.comThank you for reading Hatched, Yolk About Yolk Recruitment Some of our clients include:Recruitment’s quarterly newsletter. Yolk Recruitment is a specialist commercial • PHS group recruitment company. We build strong • S. A. BrainIf you would like further information on any of relationships that gives our clients the • Leekesthe articles featured in this edition then please confidence to work with us full circle. To • Shred-itemail our marketing executive: service these requirements, Yolk Sales, Yolk • Johnson & Marketing, Yolk Business Support, Yolk • Northern Racing Contact Centre, Yolk Human Resources • Capital FMIf you would like to know how Yolk and Yolk IT were born. • BiffaRecruitment can help you with your • 118 mediarecruitment needs then please email: Yolk is a member of the Recruitment and • Employment Confederation (REC). • Principality SALES MARKETING IT BUSINESS SUPPORT CONTACT CENTRE HUMAN RESOURCES