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Dance vs children obesity


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Dance vs children obesity

  1. 1. Dance vs. Children Obesityat Sunnymeadows Elementary School By: Yolanda Lopez Management 306
  2. 2. Overview• Consequences of children obesity• Benefits of Dance• Strategy• Financial support
  3. 3. Consequences of Children Obesity•Low self-esteem•Chronic diseases
  4. 4. Benefits of Dance • Better health and fitness • Academic improvement • More involvement of parents with students • Improved self confidence
  5. 5. Strategy• Creation of Dance Class• 1hour of daily physical activity.• Creation of dance competition.
  6. 6. Financial Support • Donations • Fund Raisers • Car washes • Sponsorships
  7. 7. Success of Dance vs. Children Obesity• Learn discipline and teamwork• Healthy life• Academic improvement• Better chance to pursue a higher education