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Microfluidic applications in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, in vitro diagnostic and medical device markets report

How life science and in vitro diagnostics applications are driving an impressive 27% growth for the microfluidic device market.

The microfluidic device market is expected to reach $5.7B by 2018!

The microfluidic device market will grow swiftly, from $1.4B in 2013 to $5.7B by 2018. This impressive 27% growth will be fueled mainly by Pharmaceutical research and Point-of-Care applications.

Facing new challenges, the healthcare industry is currently moving toward personalized medicine. In this context, the line between traditional markets (pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic markets) has blurred. More than ever, rapid, accurate tests are needed to increase pharmaceutical research yield and better monitor/cure patients.

By offering innovative solutions, microfluidic technologies have successfully managed to fill the gap. This new Yole Développement report provides a complete analysis of microfluidic device markets and technologies. Based on an accurate investigation of the last three years’ events, this report consolidates market data from 2010-2012 and provides forecasts for 2013-2018.

Microfluidic devices can be produced either by pure microfluidics fabs or in-house by fully integrated players. After revealing the top 15 pure microfluidic fab players, the report looks at the “hidden” market linked to in-house production.

These microfluidic devices can either be used directly for some applications (analytical devices, flow chemistry, etc.) or must be completed by reagents/biological content. The distinction between the microfluidic device market (first-level package device) and the microfluidic technologybased test market has also been calculated.

Discover the microfluidic market’s complex organization, broken down in nine segments

Today, microfluidic devices are widely accepted in several applications. Nevertheless, the advantages and motivations for adopting microfluidic technologies are highly-dependent on the targeted application. For example, the added value of microfluidic devices in Point-of-Care applications depends on the associated small volume of necessary reagents, low-cost disposables and high sensibility. Contrarily, the advantages for pharmaceutical research applications are to allow process automation and multiplexed assays.

More information on the report at http://www.i-micronews.com/reports/Microfluidic-pharmaceutical-life-sciences-vitro-diagnostic/4/376/

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Microfluidic Applications Market 2013 Report by Yole Developpement

  1. 1. Microfluidic Applications 2013How Life Science and In-Vitro-Diagnostics applications are driving an impressive27% growth for the microfluidic devices market?
  2. 2. © 2013 • 2EMMA 2013 June 2013 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.Table of Content (1/2)1- Executive Summary (p.4)2- Introduction (p.34)• Introduction• Methodology• Objectives of the report• Companies Cited in This Report• What’s new since 2011?3- What happened since 2011 (p.40)• Microfluidic Device Market in 2011• EMMA2011 forecast versus real market data• Microfluidic Device Market in 2012• Market data versus EMMA 2011 forecasts• Major changes for Microfluidic Devices Market• New Collaborations• Acquisitions4- Microfluidic markets 2011-2018 (p.51)• Microfluidic Markets Introduction• Microfluidic Player World in 2012• Microfluidic Devices Market• Market Data: Our vision of the market• Pure Fab Players: TOP 15• Microfluidic Chips Market• Microfluidic Test Market
  3. 3. © 2013 • 3EMMA 2013 June 2013 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.Table of Content (2/2)5- Microfluidic Applications (p.89)6- Materials Mix Analysis (p.97)• Material Mix for Point Of Care Testing• Material Mix for Pharmaceutical and Life Science• Silicon for Pharmaceutical Research chips7- Microfluidic Product Description (p.105)• Information Provided for Each Class of Products• Flow control components and modules• Microfluidic Dispensing Devices for Drug Delivery• Microfluidic Devices for Accurate Dispensing• Microfluidics for Analytical Devices• Cartridges for Clinical and Veterinary Diagnostics• Microfluidic Devices for Point of Care• Microfluidics for Industrial and Environmental Testing• Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research• Microfluidic Devices for Micro Reactions8- Emerging Applications (p.221)9- Microfluidic technologies (p.238)10- Microfluidics Value Chain (p.263)11- Microfluidics Supply Chain (p.271)12- Summary and Conclusions
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  5. 5. © 2013 • 5EMMA 2013 June 2013 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.Life sciencesMarkets Considered in This ReportPharmaceuticalR&D spending ~17% ofannual turnoversource PhRmaMedical DevicesIn Vitro DiagnosticsEnvironmentcontrol• watermonitoring,• homelandsecurity,…Agrofoodcontrol. processcontrol,traceability,…Medical equipmentdevelopment andcommercialization$295B 2012Microfluidicscontribution: $174MSource Yole estimationR&D spending around8% of salessource EucomedBiological testdevelopment andcommercialization$57B 2012Microfluidicscontribution: $787MSource Yole estimationDrug discovery andcommercialization$870B 2012Source IMS Health, VFAMicrofluidicscontribution: $412MSource Yole estimationMedical Home CarePrescribed Medicaldevices and servicesfor home care~$54B 2012Microfluidicscontribution: $0MSource Yole estimationWide range of products.Excludes consumer healthand sport products
  6. 6. © 2013 • 6EMMA 2013 June 2013 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.Microfluidic Devices Market01234562012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018MicrofluidicDevicesMarketin$B$BMicrofluidic Devices Market in $B
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  8. 8. © 2013 • 8EMMA 2013 June 2013 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.• Microfluidics has entered the Life Sciences market as a key technology to providesolution adapted to the market requirements.• This new Yole report provides a complete analysis of microfluidic devices marketsand technologies. Based on an exclusive segmentation of the market, both markettrends, main players are presented for each product category.Objectives of the report
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