Uncooled infrared imaging technology & market trends 2013 Report by Yole Developpement


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Due to military market drop, shift toward commercial businesses is faster than expected and will continue thanks to established & new consumer applications like personal vision or smartphones

Faster shift toward commercial applications thanks to military budget cuts and growing commercial markets

Uncooled infrared camera market experienced a strong downturn in 2012: though total shipments slightly increased by + 1%, overall revenue fell by 12% down to $1,824M. That strong fall was mainly due to the weakness of the military market that has been historically the main revenue generator.

Global military market was massively impacted by heavy cuts in the US military budget resulting from federal budget sequestration and reduced military operations. US Department of Defense program delays consequences were notable because US market represented more than 80% of global military market in 2011. That strong decrease was partly compensated by the commercial markets, that grew by +11% in units thanks to the surveillance and thermography markets.

This shift toward commercial and higher volumes markets will be confirmed in the 2013-2018 period, and Yole Développement expects +23% growth in shipments fueled by four commercial markets showing a CAGR above 20%: automotive and surveillance, the young ultra-low-end thermography market, and finally by the rise of infrared imaging in smartphones.

Though 2012 sales were disappointing, Yole Développement predicts that the automotive market will be the number 1 growth driver even if sales will strictly remain limited to premium cars at least until 2017. Similarly to automotive, surveillance sales growth was under expectations in 2012 due to longer time to develop this market, but the sensational introduction of affordable sub-$2,000 cameras initiated by DRS and followed by FLIR in 2012 will boost sales.

Thermography market growth is driven by the ultralow-end market which consists of low-resolution cameras for basic radiometric purposes, reaching a price point low enough to be adopted by technicians or DIY consumers. It is expected that ultra-low-end will generate nearly half of total thermography market in 2018 while it emerged only in the end of last decade.

Finally Yole Développement expects that the ultimate high-volume application will be infrared imaging for smartphones benefiting from their large display to control a plug & play IR camera. An additional scenario plans a rapid ramp up of this application based on huge price erosion. In that report you will find in-depth analysis of both established and emerging markets.

Growing volumes and price erosion increase cost pressure on sensors and cameras manuf acturers: what is the best strategy to reduce cost ?

More information on the report at http://www.i-micronews.com/reports/Uncooled-infrared-imaging-market-trends/19/391/

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Uncooled infrared imaging technology & market trends 2013 Report by Yole Developpement

  1. 1. Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market Trends 2013 - Commercial & Military Applications DRS FLIR DeWALT MagnityULIS FlukeNEC
  2. 2. © 2013 • 2 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved. Definitions • An infrared thermal camera is a thermal system which converts infrared (IR) radiation into visible image. • The main parts of an IR camera are: Camera Camera core (with electronics and sometimes IR lenses) Imager/sensor (Uncooled Focal Plane Array - UFPA) Pixel (each sensor is made of an array thousands of pixels) • Cores are the modules that include imagers + electronics and sometimes lenses. Without lenses it is also called a video engine. • Imagers are also called UFPA (Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays) or IR sensors. Detectors provide only a detection signal and not image, and are covered in Yole’s 2013 report on IR detectors market & technology trends. • An imager can have various formats (1024 x 768 to 16 x 16) and pixel pitch (usually from 17µ to 40µ in 2012).
  3. 3. © 2013 • 3 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved. Market Research Scope and Methodology • Market research scope – The report surveys the Long Wave Infrared (called LWIR or FIR) uncooled imaging camera and imager markets for both commercial and military businesses. – See Yole “Infrared detector market” 2013 report for in-depth analysis of IR detectors applications & technologies (from one to 100x100 pixels). – An overview of the Near Infrared (NIR), Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), and Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR) technologies is also presented. – Market forecasts are done for the 2013 – 2018 period in shipments (units) and in revenue ($M). • Methodology: – This research has been prepared based on: • Primary information sources: direct interviews with companies all along the value chain (imager manufacturers, camera manufacturers, camera distributors, final users). • Secondary information sources: conferences, web sites, newsletters.... – All data, graphs, tables, and calculations in this report are based on Yole Développement’s investigation.
  4. 4. © 2013 • 4 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved. Market Research Scope and Methodology Yole Développement – July 2013 $1 $10 $100 $1000 Infrared Detectors Report Price 4x4 16x168x8 64x6432x32 80x80 160x120 Resolution Uncooled thermal imaging Report
  5. 5. © 2013 • 5 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved. Changes for the 2013 Report New content compared to 2012 version • Addition of a new sensor segment (low resolution –other technologies than microbolometers) in the market forecast • Addition of three new market segments : Smartphones, Personal vision systems, Missile seekers • Addition of two thermal sensor manufacturers : Irisys (UK) & GWIC (CN) • In-depth analysis of: – Thermography market: • Introduction of a new ultra low end thermography tool category : visual thermometer. Adoption of the pyroelectric sensor technology (Irisys) for these new tools. • Addition of Irisys and GWIC  Market estimates revised in 2010 & 2011. – Surveillance market: • Better understanding of the market segmentation • Key trends and challenges – Automotive market: • Analysis of the night vision functions vs cost compared to visible cameras and radar technologies • Addition of the aftermarket business in market forecast  Market estimates revised in 2010 & 2011. – Firefighting : • Market shares of main camera makers. Analysis of the competitive landscape and dynamic with the arrival of FLIR. • Identification of current technological trends and on-going developments. • Latest industry news and analysis of the new market entrants and exits.
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