RF GaN Technology & Market Analysis: Applications, Players, Devices & Substrates 2014 Report by Yole Developpemen


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RF GaN Technology & Market Analysis: Applications, Players, Devices & Substrates 2010-2020

Will GaN-on-Si introduction help to capture more market share than Si-LDMOS?


Today, the need for high-power, high-frequency transistors is increasing steadily, commensurate with the huge demand for wireless telecommunications.

More power, more frequency bands, better linearity and improved efficiency are still driving RF semiconductor devices’ current development, since the market needs devices able to handle all of these specifications at a reasonable price.

Recent mergers and acquisitions are a concern for the overall RF market and Si-LDMOS, GaAs and GaN-based devices. The overall RF market doesn’t seem big enough for so many players; as a result, companies are trying to gain scale in order to increase profitability, which has stagnated. We expect that commercial wireless telecom, CATV and defense applications will be the main applications affected.

Although significant improvements have been achieved in RF GaN-based devices (performance and yields), Yole Développement believes there’s still a barrier preventing GaN-on-SiC from entering mainstream applications (i.e. in wireless telecom base stations or CATV). In sub-3.5 GHz range applications, GaN-on-SiC is not cost-effective enough vs. Si-LDMOS, resulting in low market penetration rates. Macom and IQE believe they will enter mass production using 6” and 8” GaN-on-Si substrates in two years. IQE will offer Macom a significant mass production level due to its existing production for other applications. Our analysis shows that GaN-on-Si could be implemented in 2 - 5 years within telecom base stations, Milcomm & CATV. In this optimistic scenario, RF GaN-based devices could see an increased penetration rate and reach more than 20 % of the overall RF device market by 2020.

This report is providing all the analysis on the applications, technical challenges and strategic initiatives related to the implementation of RF GaN for volume production.

Over the last several years, the silicon LDMOS coverage of high-power RF amplification applications in the 2GHz+ frequency range has decreased from 92% to 76%; the remaining 24% market share is mainly addressed by technologies such as GaAs pHEMT or HEMTs GaN. This equilibrium continues to be turned around by GaN HEMTs implementation. GaN HEMTs in wireless telecommunications is a higher-power and higher-frequency transistors alternative. From a system point of view, GaN is cost-competitive in applications over 3.5GHz...

More information on that report at http://www.i-micronews.com/reports/RF-GaN-Market-Analysis-Applications-Players-Devices/3/438/

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RF GaN Technology & Market Analysis: Applications, Players, Devices & Substrates 2014 Report by Yole Developpemen

  1. 1. © 2014 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved. GaN RF Market Analysis’ 14 From defence to mainstream applications… Applications, players, devices & substrates 2010 - 2020 Nitronex 75 cours Emile Zola, F-69001 Lyon-Villeurbanne, France Tel : +33 472 83 01 80 - Fax : +33 472 83 01 83 Web: http://www.yole.fr
  2. 2. © 2014• 2 Executive Summary Market Landscape 30 % Executive Summary
  3. 3. © 2014• 3 Why so many mergers and acquisitions? • The RF industry is changing recently (2014) due to several recent mergers and acquisitions depicted below. Market anakysis • Mergers and acquisitions concern overall RF market either Si-LDMOS or GaAs or GaN based devices – Companies try to gain scale to increase profitability which has been declining or stagnating in several applications – We expect those activities will mainly affect commercial wireless telecom and defense applications. • The RF market is going towards compressed integration. Suppliers will have to reach high level of mass production.
  4. 4. © 2014• 4 Data broadcastDefenseWireless Communication Applications for GaN devices in RF electronic systems 3G / 4G BTS (0.8 – 2.7 GHz) Long Term Evolution 0.7 – 2.6 GHz Radars, guided missiles, countermeasure, … (2-4 to 8-12 GHz) V-SAT (12 – 40 GHz) 700 MHz 5 GHz 8 GHz 40 GHz Si LDMOS GaAs pHEMT, HBT, SiGe or vacuum tubes 2 GHz CATV (< 1GHz) SatCom (13 – 14 GHz) 12 GHz 2.3 – 5 GHz Market anakysis
  5. 5. © 2014• 5 Technology drivers and figure of merit for GaN High Frequency, High Power and Linearity Using this simplified figure-of-merit, SatCom, Defense and ….. ……. …….. …… Market anakysis
  6. 6. © 2014• 6 GaN device applications roadmap Time to market Market anakysis
  7. 7. © 2014• 7 GaN RF device market breakdown 2013 - 2020 comparison by application (Nominal scenario) 2013 TOTAL ~ $ XXX M ©2014 Yole Développement 2020 TOTAL $ XXX M ©2014 Yole Développement CAGR + XX % • In 2013, GaN market is still mostly driven by DOD or DARPA funding in the US and ESA R&D contract in Europe. R&D projects and technology improvement in xx & xx represented about XX% of the GaN RF business…. • …….. • ……… • ……. Market anakysis
  8. 8. © 2014• 8 2010-2020 GaN RF device market size Nominal scenario Market anakysis
  9. 9. © 2014• 9 State-of-the-art comparison of GaN-on-Si high power RF transistors in 2014 Source: Kumud Ranjan et al, Appl. Phys. Express, vol7, p044102, 2014 GaN HEMT overview • The Johnson’s FOM is defined as the product of the unity current gain cut-off frequency and the off-state breakdown gate-drain voltage (fTxBVgd). The J-FOM is designed to reflect the needs of high-power microwave devices.
  10. 10. © 2014• 10 GaN / SiC / Si / GaAs high power RF transistors comparison GaN HEMT overview Source: OKI Semiconductors SiC Si GaAs-HEMT GaN-HEMT • This spider diagram shows a comparison of the devices based on the material performance and figure of merit (FM) in view of the high frequency and power devices:
  11. 11. © 2014• 11 Examples of available offers in Power RF GaN devices in 2014 GaN HEMT Main applications Frequency Band Pout max (W) Voltages (V) Company General Purpose VHF/UHF Amplifiers WCDMA and LTE applications Military Communications Commercial Wireless Infrastructure Public Mobile Radios VHF UHF Long-distance radio telecommunications C Weather radar, surface ship radar, and some communications satellites S satellite communications, radar, terrestrial broadband, space communications, amateur radio X Military telemetry, GPS, mobile phones (GSM), amateur radio L Radar, satellite communications, astronomical observations, automotive radar K Satellite communications Satellite communications Ku Ka Wide frequency range devices S + C + X S+C
  12. 12. © 2014• 12 Tentative cost breakdown of HEMT process GaN/Si (6”) from substrate to devices Epi-ready wafers 6” S.I. HR Silicon wafer : $XX SiC epi-wafers 6” HEMT epi-wafer: $XX Processed wafer Discrete devices Packaging & tests 6” HEMT: $XX ~ XX HEMT yielded: $XX Device cost ~ $XX/ HEMT Epitaxy GaN HEMT Front-end Process
  13. 13. © 2014• 13 Most dangerous GaN on Si competitor at short and mi-term (1-5 years) GaN-on-SiC GaN-on-GaN GaN-on-Si GaN-on-Diamond Chance of Success Main reason of the competition Most probable applications GaN-on-XX: Technology comparison Is there a place for GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-Diamond based RF Power devices ? GaN substrates overview • GaN-on-SiC would still probably keep its lead in xx yy applications especially xx applications. • The emerging GaN on XX is going to be really costly and only good for the xx applications that can afford it.
  14. 14. © 2014• 14 Known Semi Insulating Substrates Players (1/2) Country Substrate Size Resitivity Thickness Company 1 PL Bulk GaN 10 x 10 mm2, 1′′, 1.5′′ 109 - 1012 Ω.cm NA Company 2 US SiC 4” > 1010 Ω.cm 1.4 µm Company 3 BE SiC 3”, 4” 2 µm Silicon 6” 2 µm Company 4 GE SiC 3” 1010 Ω.cm 1.8 µm FS GaN 2” 4 X 108 Ω.cm 30 µm. Company 5 JP FS GaN 108 Ω.cm Company 6 US Sapphire 2”, 3”, 4” 106 -109 Ω.cm 5 µm Bulk GaN 10mm x 10mm 18mm x 18mm 30mm round diameter > 106 Ω.cm 475 µm (± 25 µm) Company 7 US SiC 6” NA NA Company 8 FR Sapphire 2” / Max 4 µm Company 9 US Sapphire 2” > 106 Ω.cm 20 µm, (+/- 10%) GaN substrates overview
  15. 15. © 2014• 15 Executive Summary Tentative forecast for RF GaN epiwafer market size 2010 – 2020 (“Nominal” scenario) Hypothesis: - XX and XX substrates - ASP: ~ $XX in 2013 with XX% annual erosion Based on “Nominal” scenario Tentative forecast for RF GaN epiwafer market size 2010 – 2020 Executive Summary
  16. 16. © 2014• 17 Mapping: Foundries of Power RF GaN based devices in US 30 % RF GaN supply-chain • U.S. companies continue to enlarge product portfolios to reach new applications such as Telecom, Satcom and Point-to-point Radio.
  17. 17. © 2014• 18 RF GaN Tentative Industrial supply-chain in the US Core technology: GaAs pHEMT or Si LDMOSS.I SiC wafers GaN HEMT epiwafers BTS Silicon SiC, Sapphire Military SiC,Silicon SiC SiC SiC SiC RF GaN supply-chain Material providers Devices foundries SystemsPA Modules Paradise Datacom SiC, Silicon SiC SiC, sapphire, bulk-GaN anti submarine warfare commander (AWSC)
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