Via Expat Introduction V7


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Via Expat Introduction V7

  1. 1. ViaEXPAT by Radix Technologies How to overcome the Challenges of Global Mobility Solutions for HR Managers
  2. 2. Radix Technologies Provides international mobility solutions using Software as a Service (SaaS) applications run on cloud computing platforms
  3. 3. Global Mobility Challenge? ARE YOU?  HR Manager?  Relocation Officer?  Office Manager? HR Manager  Mobility manager? As the central point of communication during a transfer, for example, HR departments often manage multiple service providers.
  4. 4. Electronic Data Management Communication: Fax, Phone, email, chats, etc.,... Collect all your data collect manage all contacts and... retrieve ...all parties involved. store To all parties involved: viaEXPAT provides a shared platform where assignee related emails and chats can be managed, securely stored and retrieved upon request.
  5. 5. HR Manager Assignee and Family Moving Service Provider Assignee Manager Language Service Provider Destination Service Provider Financial Service Provider Immigration Service Provider Let viaExpat to coordinate all your communication with all service providers and assignees, at the same time share and store, transfer ALL related information in real time via a SINGLE, shared platform.
  6. 6. In one application... employee database service document provider management management finance user alert tracking system
  7. 7. In one application  Employee Database • Track relevant employee and family member details • Track documents and permit expirations
  8. 8.  User Alert System • Automatic alerts and reminders for upcoming permit. For example, lease expirations • Set customized internal alerts
  9. 9. In one application  Service Provider Management • Communicate via the platform – less email • Manage or change services with multiple suppliers • Track costs and approve service fees • Compliance awareness
  10. 10. In one application  Document Management • Store relocation specific documents • Centralized electronic storage with easy access for multiple users • Auto populate documents
  11. 11. In one application  Financial Module • Accurately project relocation costs • Track transfer related expenses • Tenancy management tracking
  12. 12. Integration Jobs in viaEXPAT  Integrates into your current business systems (e.g. ERP, HR portals) Jobs to widget Manager view - integrated into SAP
  13. 13. Radix Security  Security used for data transfer is the same as used for electronic banking  Multiple login restrictions 10010011001000111001100011  Multiple levels of password protection 11000110001100011000010010 11100101110010001001111000  Multiple roles for data protection - different levels of user access that YOU can set yourself
  14. 14. Data Storage Flexibility viaEXPAT information can be stored at a data center in a location of your choosing and/or on your internal serversData stored across multiple data centres to ensure fast access and robust data integrity for disaster recovery
  15. 15. Benefits Scalable: monthly, predictable fee Web based: No hardware required Centralized electronic storage and backup Quick, secure access to information at any time Visibility and access for all stakeholders Slide number 15
  16. 16. Benefits Easy integration with existing systems Environmentally friendly High speed processing with workflow optimization Customizable
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention!  For more information • •