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NWEA MAP Morning Session: Cobham 2014/ Dupre & Barrena


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General introductory session on using MAP data in the team and classroom instructional setting. Report location and types along with overall purpose of MAP was the focus.

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NWEA MAP Morning Session: Cobham 2014/ Dupre & Barrena

  1. 1. MAP: TURNING DATA INTO ACTION 29 MARCH 2014 9:00 - 12:00 Teresa Dupre & Yolanda Barrena
  2. 2. Teresa Dupre • Assistant Head of School • Frankfurt International School • Former Primary School Principal @ FIS • Elementary & Middle School Principal in Minnesota • MAP Trainer in USA and internationally Who we are... Yolanda Barrena • Upper School Administrator • Frankfurt International School • Upper School MAP Data Lead • Former Elementary and K-12 Principal in Minnesota • Extensive experience in using data to create targeted program improvement plans using MAP and other data
  3. 3. • Welcome & Introductions • Getting Acquainted Activity • On the Line • Organizing for Differentiation • How Tall is a 5th Grader? • Instructional Questions • Team Work Time • Afternoon Breakout Session Menu OVERVIEW OF THE DAY
  4. 4. MAP RIT NWEA Norms DesCartes Where are you on the line? NWEA MAP RIT Norms
  5. 5. • SMART - Evidence of need - Triangulating Data - Goal Writing - Growth Reports - Summative Reports Organizing for Differentiation Anywhere International School
  6. 6. Summative report to be ordered District Summary Report Anywhere International School
  7. 7. • RIT • Grade by Subject Report • The 3 Norms • RIT by Goal Report How Tall is a 5th Grader?
  8. 8. • Flexible Groupings • Assessments • Descartes • Resources How do we best meet the needs of our students? Instructional Questions
  9. 9. Tools for your MAP TOOLBOX Questions before you get to work?
  10. 10. Time for Teams