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SoTM2012 Tokyo presentation


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Published in: Technology
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SoTM2012 Tokyo presentation

  1. 1. Introduction of creating a public relations disaster information web site quickly using the OSM Yoichi Kayama
  2. 2. Self-introductionCharter member of OSGeoA member of OSGeo.JPA member of GISA Japan(also a member ofFOSS4G SIG)Coordinator of QGIS Japanese GUItranslatorsWorking as GIS programmer and researcherat Aero Asahi CorporationTwitter : @pokopen facebook account yoichi
  3. 3. AERO ASAHI CORPORATION is .. A Company belonging to the Toyota Group. Our work is based on the operation of the helicopter and survey I work for a department that conducted the survey
  4. 4. We have many aircrafts
  5. 5. We have manysensors forsurveying thevariouslocations
  6. 6. Laser scanner
  7. 7. Video camera mounted on Helicopter
  8. 8. Digital Mapping Camera
  9. 9. GeoSwathhydroacoustic surveys
  10. 10. Mobile mapping vehicle
  11. 11. We have many sensors For Surveying
  12. 12. OSM people are making map data every day
  13. 13. People belong Aeroasahi workssurveying various locations every day
  14. 14. Are OSM and Aero AsahiCorporation competitors?People belong both are making maps every day
  15. 15. I thinkIf OSM and Surveyors become complementaryrelationship, it is good for map user
  16. 16. OSM is Freeeverybody can use , edit
  17. 17. Surveyor’s map data is Accuracy is requiredSpecial equipment has been used
  18. 18. At the Great East Japan Earthquake Both data were cowork
  19. 19. Last year 3.11 we experienced a terribleearthquake ever
  20. 20. There were many damage and confusionin the Tohoku and Kanto region 職場 埼玉県川越市 通勤経路 約30km 中央線 西武国分寺線 西武新宿線 電車で合計約1時間 自宅 東京都立川市
  21. 21. The day the earthquake occurred I had plan to participate in a study session to be held at the University of Tokyo
  22. 22. when I was trying to go out earthquake occurred
  23. 23. We have a variety of difficulties inthe Kanto region Railroad did not run We could not use the phone(but we were able to data communication) Planned outage is carried out We were not able to obtain gasoline. So Use of the vehicle becomes difficult
  24. 24. The day after the earthquake 3.12 Our company had made an emergency shot of the affected areas to fly a plane
  25. 25. Oblique photo
  26. 26. Oblique photo
  27. 27. Oblique photo
  28. 28. Request of Geospatial InformationAuthority of Japan,Some Surveyingcompanies took a photograph ofthe affected areasGSI had released Internet images that havebeen delivered. And GSI had permitted the useof secondary public image.Initially exposed image has not been geo-referenced.These images geo-reference had been carriedout by volunteers who call for OSGeo.JP
  29. 29. Using QGIS geo-referencer plugin画像と地図の対応点を入力 座標値にあわせて画像を変形してGISで利用できるようにする
  30. 30. After few days ,many services aboutthe disaster had launched Using GSI images
  31. 31. After few days from the disasterAero Asahi Corporation had published 6pictures about disaster on the web page.
  32. 32. I started the preparatory work to create a WEB page for the public relations disaster informationMar 24th,I had gotpermission frompeople in mycompany to create anew company WEBpage .Then I publishedfirst version of theweb pages, Mar 29th,using Amazon EC2.
  33. 33. WEB page about disaster Aero Asahi corporation
  34. 34. Satellite images and Oblique photo
  35. 35. Satellite image analysis results
  36. 36. shown on a OSM map the locationsdiagonally photography
  37. 37. System configuration at the time ofpublication
  38. 38. Published Oblique photoes of disastersituation with location information usingGeoJSON GeoJSON →JSON with Spatial Enhancements JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) method of data representation in the form of key-value in JavaScript. Often used to pass data between programs. Read and write is possible OGR library In OpenLayers,we can use GeoJSON data as URL.
  39. 39. Ive added the ability to use some mashupes Used Fundamental Geospatial Data WMS service from The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization s National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention had started WMS service of ortho photo, about the area ,taken after the earthquake Vertical photograph the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture ,taken by Aeroasahi after the earthquake
  40. 40. Ortho image overlay
  41. 41. system configuration after expanded of Mashup
  42. 42. Ive created the Disaster information finder If the user specifies an address ,parallel search of disaster related information to the address you specify will be executed. Results are such as Vertical photograph Oblique photo Google Web Search Google Image search Google Video Search Search for Sinsai.Info
  43. 43. Disaster information finder Specify the address
  44. 44. Photo list is displayed when switching tabs
  45. 45. WEB search results will bedisplayed when switching tabs
  46. 46. Video search results will bedisplayed when switching tabs
  47. 47. Search results of will bedisplayed when switching tabs
  48. 48. System configuration after addingmulti-search function ma o oo oo oo i ai i o o i i ai i o oo oo oo i ai i o
  49. 49. Using OSM and FOSS4G(Free and open we can publish suchsource software for geospatial),site quicklyWithout Open Data and Open sourcesoftware , we could not make a such aweb site using geographic information.If you have PC and internet connection,You can publish your information withgeographic information.So making open data is very important!!
  50. 50. Ministry Land, Infrastructure and Transportation City BureauData archive sites earthquake reconstruction assistance国交省都市局が公開している震災情報アーカイブサイトにおけるWEBGIS部分の構築中。現在更新作業継続中
  51. 51. IN CONCLUSIONUse of cloud-based computing and FOSS4G areuseful for quickly publishing web site using mapOSM that are freely available to benefit a lot ofpeople very. Have benefited, includingenterprise and government organizations aswell as individuals and communities.
  52. 52. Thank You !