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From Smart House to Smile House


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We, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, established the world's first support center for HEMS and the ECHNET Lite, and help promote the spread of its application. Robo Remote for HEMS is developed in the Open IoT space, where a communication robot communicates with the users in a casual way such as conversation including emotional expression, controls home appliances using the ECHNET Lite protocol, and presents its information by a casual way in cooperation with home appliances such as TVs, lighting equipment, air conditioners. The open IoT space, the Robo Remote for HEMS, and its casual communication can provide an immersive smart living environment, where users are connected to remote home and remote family in a sort of situation like a nursing relocation for elderly, an interplanetary migration, and so on.

* the contents is partly presented as the invited talk at the International Workshop on Frontier of Science and Technology 2015

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From Smart House to Smile House

  1. 1. From Smart House to Smile House: Robo Remote for HEMS and its Controlling of Open IoT Space based on ECHONET Lite Dept. of Home Electronics Yoichi Yamazaki 山崎 洋一 Dept. of Home Electronics Faculty of Creative Engineering KAnagawa Institute of Technology 神奈川工科大学 創造工学部ホームエレクトロニクス開発学科 URL: 1/19
  2. 2. Dept. of Home Electronics KAnagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) “The Sagami Robot Industry Special Zone 2/19
  3. 3. Dept. of Home Electronics KAnagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) Students undergraduate graduate Engineering 1,302 Information Technology 1,934 Creative Engineering 852 Applied Bioscience 877 Nursing Care 81 Total 5,046 184 Staffs Prof. 101 Associated Prof. 65 Lecturer / Assistant Prof. 27 Other educational staff 10 Total 203 (2015) 3/19
  4. 4. IoT R&D center Dept. of Home Electronics Mission: Create human-and-environmentally-friendly smart life with Leading-edge (Home) Energy Management System and Next Generation Home Appliances Dept. of Home Electronics Bed roomLiving roomKitchen Smart House Center Open IoT Space 4/19
  5. 5. Dept. of Home Electronics IoT (Internet of Things) User Internet Information terminal IT: User-driven service User Internet Information appliances IoT: Things-driven service 5/19
  6. 6. Dept. of Home Electronics What is Interaction? message message Interaction Cognition Behavior / Expression 6/19
  7. 7. Dept. of Home Electronics Minimal Expression: verbal & nonverbal verbal nonverbal speech facial expression eye expression gesture posture distance Unconscious Conscious 7/19
  8. 8. Dept. of Home Electronics Qualitative expressions of quantitive information Casual Visualization Behavior expressions of Robot and systems 8/19
  9. 9. Dept. of Home Electronics AHOGE: Antenna Hair-type Object for Generating Empathy  dissimilar from human  intuitive understandable expression  robotic element AHOGE 9/19
  10. 10. Dept. of Home Electronics Qualitative Expressions for HEMS angersurprisehappiness sadness WARNING DANGER CAUTION SAFETY relax NEUTRAL 3 scale1 scale positive negative 10/19
  11. 11. Dept. of Home Electronics  monthly electricity status electricity consumption high-power appliance Qualitative expressions using an AHOGE are effective for human memory 11/19
  12. 12. Speech Voice Facial expression Eye expression Gesture Posture Distance Individual characteristic Emotion understanding Intension understanding Atmosphere understanding Universal knowledge Customized knowledge Deep level inference Emotion Intension Personality Existence Atmosphere control Dept. of Home Electronics Deep Level Recognition / Deep Expression Deep level Surface level Speech Voice Facial expression Gesture Emotion understanding Intension understanding Atmosphere understanding Universal knowledge Customized knowledge Deep level inference Recognition [Y. Tang, 2013] [Y. Yamazaki, 2014] Expression 12/19
  13. 13. Dept. of Home Electronics Smile House and its Application for Smile Life Atmosphere control Robo Remote Home appliances cooperation Tele-communicative Anywhere Home Home security Mental & physical support for Elderly based on Memory Key Robotic Visualization Deep Expression Attentive Energy saving 13/19
  14. 14. Dept. of Home Electronics Robo Remote for HEMS  Echonet Lite base Robot Remote system Casual Control Wi-Fi rooter Air conditioner ×4 Room lighting ×6 TV HEMS server (tablet) Sensor unit ×3 14/19
  15. 15. Air conditioner Hue (bridge) Hue (lighting) Kinect v2 [Gesture Remote] ECHONET Lite-enabled device laptop Home network router JSONP ECHONET Lite IR Remote [Smart house control] Dept. of Home Electronics Casual Remote for HEMS [Robo Remote] TV Kadecot API server (tablet PC) 15/19
  16. 16. Dept. of Home Electronics Robo Remote for HEMS 16/19
  17. 17. Dept. of Home Electronics Remote living connection for elderly of nursing home relocation Casual Connection “Anywhere Home”: Remote Home Connection Casual swich Environment information by robot Facial expression /Motion/ Speech (dispose raw data) Casual & Deep Expression Remote accessible feeling Nursing facility Motion sensor Companion robot Uncompressed environment Presence compression Multiplex-image hiding display Robot Media/ Sensor Elderly Home Family NAO (Aldebaran Robotics) (14,000, 000 JPY FY2014-2015, KAIT ) 17/19
  18. 18. Dept. of Home Electronics Personal characteristic motion expression of working Deep Expression for Compression of Existence Combinative expression of gestures and sounds for Deep emotional Expression NAO (Aldebaran Robotics) 18/19
  19. 19. Dept. of Home Electronics Conclusion Casual Visualization Casual Control Casual Communication Casual Connection 19/19