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Inspiring young citizens to co-create social impact in their communities.

A programme that brings together mentors community stakeholders and young people, along with current up-to-date technologies to conceive an alternative to the conventional youth service.

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SYNC_GEN slidedeck

  1. 1. SYNC_GENsInspiring young citizens to co-create social impact in their communities
  2. 2. SYNC_GEN isA programme that brings together mentors, community stakeholders and young people, along with current up-to-date technologies to conceive an alternative to the conventional youth service. Via an on-line platform young people will be able to initiate events,programmes and activities they want to see and participate in, in the local area. The platform supports youngpeople by putting them in touch with mentors and will provide a database of expertise, venues, funding avenues and relevant links to information they may need to get projects of the ground.The long term aspiration of SYNC_GEN is to equip young people with the skills needed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to test this by inviting them to co-curate community activities.
  3. 3. Who We Are JOSH FRANKLIN YOGESH TAYLORLewisham Community Sports Freelance Designer Community organisation providing Strategic design consultant, with sports-based coaching and activity experience in system design & camps for young people community-collaboration
  4. 4. Why Now? “After Haringey council shuts eight of its 13 youth clubs, local teenagers fear boredom will fuel violence between young gang members on the streets of north London”Across the country, youth centres are closing down due to spending cuts by local councils “20% of youth centres in England and “DEVASTATED teenagers have been left Wales would close this year” reeling this week by the news that 11 Rotherham youth centres will be axed.”Public discourse is beginning to reflect the importance of those aptitudes that help young people build strong and positive personal relationships “ leaders find young people to lack soft skills such as confidence, teamwork, self-motivation, networking and presentation skills.”
  5. 5. Our GoalMake it the norm for young people to be seen as active positive influences in their communities Establish links between different actors and stakeholders, from local businesses, young people, community organisations Fully utilised existing facilities and people’s skills in local areas
  6. 6. From ... the existing model Investment into The Youth Centre as a Providing Young Maintaining the Singular Bland Building People a [Youth] Service Building The youth centre is often seen as a symbol of The centre aspires to play host to a all range of The existing model can be conceived as a service how the community values its young people, activities in its admirable aim to cater for all provided by the state delivered by youth workers.however a sizable amount of funding available to interests attracting as many young people as youth services goes towards running and possible, but never fully satisfies requirements of At best young people are consulted on what maintaining the centre. any activity. activities they would like to take part in
  7. 7. To ... the SYNC_GEN model Investment in the The Youth Centre as a Young People Social Infrastructure Network of Inspiring Places as Co-CuratorsProvide more investment towards the activities Held at venues that fully realised the potential of what Asking young people to become active and events that engage young people. the event/activities has to offer along with its users. collaborators, initiating and testing progammes.
  8. 8. Programme SYNC_fayre SYNC_gather SYNC_hosts Sync_Fayre Sync_Gather Sync_Hosts Inviting the wider public to take part in Regular activities curated by the Activities, events and programmes curated fun-filled action packed events, mentoring team, showcasing what can be by young people in the Sync_Community,celebrating young people accomplishes in done and inspiring young people to do the for themselves and/or the wider public their communities same
  9. 9. Players young people all-round great people residents, businesses, schools, community organisations _community _mentors _links _Community _Mentors _LinksA community of pro-active young people, Those who with advise, experience, Those who have facilities, skills available willing to initiate and test ideas by community contacts, expertise in various to offer young people to help deliver their collaborative and investigative effects. fields to offer young people. projects.
  10. 10. On-Line Platformmentors calendar database planning promotion Access to Promoting SYNC Venues available forums Using Socialmentors, with activites, events for hire, Platform to Media to promote advise, & programmes workshop discuss & SYNC activities community accessible to facilitators, organise - contacts, young people funding avenues curating events, expertise in activities &various fields programmes
  11. 11. The Vision A Generation of Locally Active Citizens Creating a Culture of Collaborative Community Impact Raising Young People’s Aspirations
  12. 12. We Would Like to Ask for website local links mentors start-updesigners funders developers, businesses, community grant-giving content schools, organisers, organisations, management, libraries, entrepreneurs, sponsors community community artists, managers organisations academics, fund raisers
  13. 13. We’d Like You to Join UsYOGESH TAYLORFreelance FRANKLINHead Coach, DirectorLewisham Community Sportsinfo@lewishamcommunitysportscopyright © Lewisham Community Sports