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Co working


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Published in: Business, Technology

Co working

  1. 1. Co-WorkingHUB islington
  2. 2. -working is aboCo ut the... Environment Community Programmes
  3. 3. Co-working Hotdesking £
  4. 4. Co-working Hotdesking£
  5. 5. HUB westminster Spaces Hotdesks Meeting Rooms Break out spaces Comfy Sofa Area Communal Kitchen Library Quite Study Area Workshop Areas Presentation/Event Spaces
  6. 6. Spaces SOAR WorksWorkshopsOfficesIncubator OfficesArtists’ StudiosConference RoomHotdesksMeeting RoomsBreak out spacesTea/Coffee Area
  7. 7. riter/ marketing a r mechanic w gg e r consultants bloc a ccountant a r t is t s tech start-up virtual light office +industrial meeting coworkworkshops room space studios offices incubators SOAR Works
  8. 8. HUB westminster it e rchsigctural single parent a de ner A level e ntrepreneur studento cial-digital ocial s ovato part-time ts sign agency inn r ilantropissde ph £ £ £ £ £ £Unlimited 100 hrs 50 hrs 30 hrs Unlimited 50 hrs Access Off-peak Off-peak
  9. 9. “n o ” the trampery “can I burrowy our mac charger?” networ k in g without tr g yi n waterc ooler commu n it y
  10. 10. HUB westminster tea & co ff e e = e ssential..! making fa cilities networ king aroun every d day activit ies
  11. 11. the trampery !I ’m actually nks re to work r... no tha he er ( logs into facebook)
  12. 12. 20th 22nd s support businescy ator pro. acceler hops n accounta s ideatio n work w eb design atherings / media investor g marketing rs office hou 21st 23rd ast talks breakf talks mix @ six g inspiratio n networkin ink (or 4) case studies have a drHUB westminster
  13. 13. workshops + seminarsHUB westminster
  14. 14. HUB westminster talks & presena tions
  15. 15. HUB westminster hackathons
  16. 16. access to a variety of workingEnvironmentsconnecting you to a like minded Community Programmesdesigned to assist & challenge your business (or what ever it is your doing)
  17. 17. References slidedeck -
  18. 18. HUB islingtonThank-you @yogeshtaylor