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Infusionsoft CRM Email Marketing


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Basic Infusionsoft Email Marketing Strategy

Published in: Marketing
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Infusionsoft CRM Email Marketing

  1. 1. Infusionsoft
  2. 2. SESSION OVERVIEW • Season Highlights  New improvements to our Partner Programs • Best (and Worst) Plays  Effective Ways to Market Infusionsoft • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble  How to access your tools and reports • Q & A
  3. 3. Season Highlights  OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING  40% of our sales each month have been with the influence of a partner.
  4. 4. The Ideal Profile  Small businesses who: • Have a website with traffic (500+ visits/month) • Have an email list (1000+ contacts) • Speak English and do business in an English speaking countries • Have a marketing budget • Have been in business 1+ years
  5. 5. Email Marketing • (Automate!) Add an email template to your follow-up sequence • Monthly newsletter • Segment of your list
  6. 6. Live or Digital Events • Pass out Infusionsoft brochures • Include Infusionsoft in your presentation • Demonstrate the power of SMS lead capture
  7. 7. Use the Right Message  Uneducated Prospects • Have never heard of Infusionsoft • Don’t understand the power of lead capture and nurture • Are unfamiliar with the concept of automated follow-up