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Technical quiz conducted as part of CS Association events 2012.. :)

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TeQuiz - a Tech Quiz

  1. 1. CS Association GECHTeQuiz Prelims
  2. 2. 1.Who is regarded as the father of Computer Science?
  3. 3. Alan Turing
  4. 4. 2.Id the logo-
  5. 5. VLC(VideoLan Client) Media Player
  6. 6. 3.Which software developed by Google is named after afamous Spanish Painter?
  7. 7. “Picasa” named after Pablo Picasso
  8. 8. 4.Expand pdf as in .pdf files.
  9. 9. Portable document format
  10. 10. 5.Id this co-founder of a famous IT company of India.(Hint: He’s also the chairman of UIDAI)
  11. 11. Nandan Nilekeni of Infosys
  12. 12. 6.This term suggests that the software secretly monitorsthe users behavior. What term?
  13. 13. SpywareSpywares install on users system from the internet and collect user logins andpasswords from the pc without his knowledge..!
  14. 14. 7.Id the tablet in her hand.
  15. 15. Aakash TabletWorld’s cheapest $35 tablet released by MHRD, India running Android 2.2(Froyo)
  16. 16. 8.What does USB stands for?
  17. 17. Universal Serial Bus
  18. 18. 9.ID the technology.
  19. 19. BluetoothEricsson’s Jim Kardman named this technology after the Viking king HaroldBlatand who united Denmark and Sweden. This king liked to eatblueberries which gave blue color to his teeth that lead to the nickname“Bluetooth”..!!
  20. 20. 10.Who coined the term “Software”?
  21. 21. John TukeyHe also introduced the word "bit" as a contraction of "binary digit“.
  22. 22. 11.Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Explorer are types ofwhat?
  23. 23. Web Browsers
  24. 24. 12.Which is Intel’s first microprocessor?
  25. 25. Intel 4004It was released way back in 1970.
  26. 26. 13.Id this famous Linux distro.
  27. 27. RedHat
  28. 28. 14.Which OOP Language was designed by BjarneStroustrap in 1983 at Bell Labs as an enhancement to C?
  29. 29. C with classes(C++)
  30. 30. 15.What is the name given to a region of memory that isused to temporarily hold data while it is being movedfrom one place to another?
  31. 31. Buffer
  32. 32. 16.Connect-
  33. 33. They’re all part of Openoffice suite
  34. 34. 17.The Internet Movie Database(IMDb) is the most reveredonline database of information related to movies. It wasacquired by X in 1998. Even today, IMDb is a whollyowned subsidiary of X.Id X.
  35. 35. Amazon
  36. 36. 18.Who said this in a funny way-“A Computer is like Air Conditioning- it becomes uselesswhen you open Windows”.(Hint: Think Linux.!)
  37. 37. Linus Torvalds
  38. 38. 19.Id this local place from a Google-map snap.
  39. 39. Hassan Old Bus stand!!
  40. 40. 20.Where did Narayan Murthy work before formingInfosys?
  41. 41. Patni Computer Systems, PuneNow it’s called iGATE Patni after iGATE acquired it in 2011.
  42. 42. *21.ID the person and the device-
  43. 43. Apple Lisa and Steve JobsLisa was the first personal computer to offer a GUI in an inexpensivemachine with the mouse during the early 1980s.
  44. 44. *22.The name COMPAQ is derived from which 2 words?
  45. 45. COMPatibility And Quality
  46. 46. *23.Expand- a)BSD b)GREP
  47. 47. ● Berkeley Software Distribution● Global Regular Expression and Print
  48. 48. *24.Jack Smith, a hardware engineer left Apple computersalong with his colleague(who is a BITS Pilani Graduate)to form a free e-mail portal which created e-mailrevolution.Name the person and the email service.(Hint: Now it is a part of Microsoft)
  49. 49. Sabeer Bhatia and HoTMaiL
  50. 50. *25.Id these famous persons who co-founded one of theearliest Silicon valley company.
  51. 51. William hewlett and David packard
  52. 52. This is just the end of beginning.!Coming Up finals in few mins....
  53. 53. TeQuiz Finals
  54. 54. • Every question is addressed to the team succeeding the team that answered the previous question.• If the question is left unanswered then subsequent team will get next direct question.• 10pts for every question answered, either direct or passed.• No NEGATIVE points for wrong answers.
  55. 55. How do we better know “CompletelyAutomated Public Turing Test to tellComputers and Humans Apart”?
  56. 56. CAPTCHA
  57. 57. The exact definition of this word is “ediblepart of a nut”. This is the layer which connectsthe application software and hardware. Namethis?
  58. 58. Kernel
  59. 59. Where do you find these?Indicative, Non Exhaustive.
  60. 60. Wikipedia logo
  61. 61. X is a recently launched digital contentservice from Google which includes anonline store formusic, movies, books, and Android appsand games.Id the X.
  62. 62. Which is this very famous ad campaign of 1997 thatmarked the return of tech legend to his co-foundedcompany.?
  63. 63. Id this logo.
  64. 64. Sony Ericsson
  65. 65. How do we popularly know "Jerry and DavidsGuide to the World Wide Web"?
  66. 66. Yahoo!
  67. 67. (Anticlockwise)• Every question is addressed to the team succeeding the team that answered the previous question.• If the question is left unanswered then subsequent team will get next direct question.• 10pts for every question answered, either direct or passed.• No NEGATIVE points for wrong answers.
  68. 68. Which was the first mobile smartphone to run the Android mobileOperating system?
  69. 69. HTC DreamReleased Oct 2008
  70. 70. The creator of X was paid a mere $45 for creatingthis. It later became a part of daily writing usedmainly in SMS, E-mail, etc.,. Scott Fahlman was theperson who developed this later. What?
  71. 71.  Smileys/Emoticons 
  72. 72. Id the notebook.
  73. 73. Apple MacBook AirThe Thinnest Notebook in the world, its thickest part isthinner than the thinnest part of a normal thin laptop.
  74. 74. Name the command in Unix/Linux that isused to record a session.
  75. 75. script
  76. 76. This collection of essays isnamed after a Hungarianwho according to urbanlegend invented themodern English keyboard.Who?
  77. 77. Qwert Yuiop
  78. 78. _______ Day is celebrated on the 256th day of theyear (13 September in normal years and 12 Septemberin leap years). The number 256 (2^8) was chosenbecause it is the number of distinct values that can berepresented with an eight-bit byte.Also, 256 in hexadecimal is 100 (0x100), and its thehighest power of two that is lower than 365 (thenumber of days in a year).Typical celebrations of _______ Day include playingaround with old computers and behaving in agenerally inane(stupid and silly) manner.It is an official professional holiday in Russia.!
  79. 79. Programmer’s Day
  80. 80. X was first announced on 16 August 1993 by IanMurdock. The name X was formed as a combinationof the first name of his then-girlfriend Debra Lynnand his own first name.What is X?
  81. 81. Debian..!!
  82. 82. • Each team will have its direct question.• No passes. Other teams can write their answers in the sheet of paper they have.• Each question will have two answers.• Each right answer for direct question will fetch 10+10=20pts.• Other teams can get 5+5=10pts for every right answer they write.• No NEGATIVE points for wrong answers.
  83. 83. “We Love X, We Love the Web, We Love Flash and We Love Y”.These lines have been quoted from a very famous ad campaign in 2010. What are X and Y?
  84. 84. X is AppleandY is HTML5
  85. 85. This product is similar to and was preceded by asystem known as Telepointer developed by Media Labstudent Steve Mann in the 1990s. Designed by astudent who is a graduate of Nirma Institute ofTechnology, Gujarat, the product prototype costsaround $350 and it’s source code will be released inopen source. Which product and also name thisIndian?
  86. 86. Sixth Sense and Pranav Mistry
  87. 87. Id these very famous entrepreneurs.
  88. 88. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.Larry Page is the current CEO of Google.
  89. 89. Id this popular game and its developer.
  90. 90. Angry Birds and RovioBy March 2012, the game had reached 700 million downloadson various platforms.!!
  91. 91. X is a computer scientist and Professor Emeritus atStanford University who created a computertypesetting system that became a precursor for themost widely used format of typesetting called Y.X is also the author of famous multi-volume book“The Art of Programming” and has been called the“Father of the Analysis of Algorithms”.Id X and Y.
  92. 92. Donald E Knuth and LaTeX
  93. 93. The tradition of using the phrase “X” as a testmessage was influenced by an example programin the seminal book “Y” in 1970s. Since then “X”has become the traditional first program thatmany people learn in most programminglanguages.What are X and Y?
  94. 94. X is “Hello World” and Y is “The C Programming Language” main() { printf("hello, worldn"); }
  95. 95. • Connect the visuals in the question and crack the answer.• All teams will get their direct question and DO NOT answer until the pounce is closed.• When the question is on pounce, other teams can write their answers in the paper.• Right answers will fetch 10pts and no passing.• Wrong answers on the pounce will attract the penalty of NEGATIVE 5pts and no penalty for unanswered questions.
  96. 96. • That dog with kareena was called “Facebook” in golmaal3.!• Facebook was first launched in Harvard.• Eduardo saverin is the co-founder of facebook.• Timeline is the new feature for profiles in facebook.
  97. 97. They’re all the major manufacturers of Smartphones running on Android mobile OS.
  98. 98. Steve chen, Chad hurley and Javed karim are thefounders of Youtube.All 3 were ex-employees of Paypal Inc.,Youtube is a part of Google services.Kolavari di went viral on internet and became themost watched Indian Youtube video last year.
  99. 99. • Received B.Tech degree in Electrical Engg from IIT-D.• Alumnus of Stanford School of Business.• Co-founder of SUN microsystems.• Its been acquired by Oracle recently.
  100. 100. • Gameboy is the Nintendo’s first handheld gaming device.• Mario is Nintendo’s one of the famous game.• Logo of Nintendo64.• The song “love the way you lie” contains a reference to nintendo (Eminem says “Life’s no nintendo game”)!!
  101. 101. • All those animals are the codenames of Ubuntu-• Koala(Karmic koala 9.10)• Lynx(Lucid Lynx 10.04)• Meerkat(Maverick Meerkat 10.10)• Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical Inc., is the sponsor of Ubuntu
  102. 102. • Each question will have 4 clues and points associated with them are shown with each of those clue.• Each team will have its direct question and DO NOT answer until pounce is closed.• Questions will be on pounce only for the first 3clues and other teams can write their answers in the sheet.• First 3clues will have NEGATIVE points and at last clue only the team to which the question was addressed can answer.• No passing and unanswered questions do not have any penalty.• All questions are based on single theme and +10pts for cracking the correct theme. No –ve pts here and all the teams can write their answer in sheet at the end of the round.
  103. 103. This venture capitalist and entrepreneur wasborn in Hubli, Karnataka and his father wasa labor commissioner with the Indian Govt.He graduated with the B.Tech degree inElectrical Engineering from the IndianInstitute of Technology, Madras.
  104. 104. He went on to complete his Ph.D. in DataCommunications from Faculty of Engineering &Applied Science at Queens University inOntario, Canada. Presently, he is the Chairman ofA123Systems, Sycamore Networks, TejasNetworks, HiveFire, Sandstone Capital, SpartaGroup, and sits on the Board of Airvana.
  105. 105. He is also a Life Member of the MIT Corporation, theBoard of Trustees of MIT.In July 2010, he was appointed by President BarackObama to the Co-Chairmanship of the NationalAdvisory Council on Innovation andEntrepreneurship, a group established to supportthe US Presidents innovation strategy.
  106. 106. He was born on Feb 9, 1943 in Malavalli, Mandya andattended National Institute Engineering, Mysore andgained two degrees, one in Physics and another inEngineering.
  107. 107. He worked in HP for nearly two decades beforesummoning up the courage to hit the digital trail onhis own. He was Chairman of the ANSI INCITS T11Technical Committee in 1994 and in 1995, he co-founded Brocade Communications Systems, theleader in storage area switching. He is also thechairman and co-founder of Orchesys, Inc.
  108. 108. He is the co-author and considered one of theoriginators and the driving force behind FibreChannel, an evolutionary technology thatenabled the development of storage areanetworks (SANs), which lead to a multi-billiondollar industry.
  109. 109. He is from Bangalore, Karnataka and did hisunder graduation in UVCE, Bangalore University.He went to the US to do graduate work at theUniversity of California, Davis and StanfordUniversity.
  110. 110. He has co-founded companies like Alantec andother two companies in California. He was aprogrammer in microsoft and his latestventure, an IP security provider called AllegroSystems, was acquired by Cisco Systems. But weall know him better in other field.
  111. 111. He is a rare combination of a gifted musician, aprogrammer and an entrepreneur. He hadnurtured deep interest in music since a youngage and used to play drums when he was inUVCE.
  112. 112. He is considered on of the best music directors inSandalwood and has composed music formovies like “ ” , “ ”etc., which has won him a lot of awards includingthe Filmfare awards.
  113. 113. He was a graduate student at IIScBangalore, Karnataka and is the founder ofMahabharata Research Foundation (MRF)and India Innovation Labs, Bangalore. Hissoftware together with a 3-D console canenable users to experience the past inpresent, virtually.
  114. 114. With interest in cognitive science, augmentedreality, humanoid robotics as well as history andheritage of India, he is a solution architect andresearcher at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore. Alongwith a team of 10, he has developed a softwareapplication that computes human gestures intovirtual reality.
  115. 115. He is very famous for his talks in TED conferencesabout his new project called “Digital Hampi” - aproject in which his application has been put in useto not only bring the ruins of Hampi to glory, butalso to allow users to virtually experience the eraand see the monuments that were present then butare broken now.
  116. 116. He was born in Mysore, Karnataka on 20 August1946 and is famous Indian Industrialist andSoftware Engineer. His first job position was atIIM, Ahmedabad where he worked as the chiefsystems programmer.
  117. 117. He graduated with a degree in electricalengineering from the National Institute ofEngineering, University of Mysore in 1967. Hereceived his masters degree from IIT Kanpurin 1969. After working at IIM Ahmedabad, hestarted a company named Softronics in 1976.
  118. 118. When that company failed, he joinedPatni Computer Systems in Pune. Aftersettling down in Pune, he co-foundedanother company with his 6 colleaguesof PCS in 1981 with an initial capitalinjection of Rs 10,000, which wasinvested by his wife.
  119. 119. This company later shifted to Bangalore, whichbecame its Global Headquarters and set-up Asia’slargest training center at Mysore. His wife’ssister, Jayashree Deshpande is wife of serial-enterpreneur and founder of US-based SycamoreNetworks, Gururaj Deshpande.
  120. 120. He was born on Nov 4 1986 inBangalore, Karnataka. He launched a website at the age of 14, and incorporated hisGlobals Inc., an IT multinational company inthe same year, becoming the worldsyoungest CEO.
  121. 121. He taught himself how to build websitesand sold portals to bricks-and-mortarfirms in the US. In 2005, he was theyoungest among the 175 recipients ofKarnataka’s Rajyotsava Award. He holds adiploma on global leadership and publicpolicy from the Harvard Kennedy Schoolat Harvard University.
  122. 122. On December 2, 2007, The EuropeanParliament and International Association forHuman Values conferred "Young AchieverAward" on him at the EuropeanParliament, Brussels.In November 2008, he was invited to representthe World Banks ICT Leadership Roundtablefor adopting ICT in Africa to increaseemployability and fostering ICT skills instudents from these countries.
  123. 123. • Gururaj Deshpande • Kumar Malavalli • Mano Murthy • Ramachandra Budihal • N. R. Narayan Murthy • Suhas GopinathCrack it and get +10pts….. very easy……
  124. 124. csyogech@gmail.com