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  1. 1. Nielsen is a global marketing and advertising research company headquartered in Lower Manhattan, NewYork City.[1] Nielsen is active in over 100 countries, and employs some 32,000 people worldwide. Totalrevenues amounted to $5.1 billion in 2010.Tools: We monitor shopper behavior for more than 250,000 households in 25 countries through ourindustry-leading consumer panel. (Home scan(demographic profile) & spectra)Shopper data is collected via handheld scanners which transmit data directly to us. This data can be usedto identify key shopper behavior across stores, TV, online and social media outlets.Our point-of-sale (POS) technology for our retail measurement services captures sales and price data fromvirtually every major retail chain. For others, we use the industry’s leading sample-based methodology.Where electronic data is not available, we use detailed field audits.Kind of Research they do: 1. Marketing Performance: Research: Monitor and analyse consumer purchase behavior, demographic profiles, attitudes & usage information and estimate the sales potential of new product initiatives prior to market entry. evaluations of the impact of media on actual behavior provides companies with marketing research demographic data, marketing software and market segmentation servicesMarketing Performance To succeed in todays market, companies must start with a focus on demand. By first determining what current, latent and emerging demand exists, companies can then align their supply to best meet true customer needs. Rather than being forced to compete on price, they can beat the competition by competing on value — offering the options, features, products, and services that better meet demand and command price premiums. Brand and Portfolio Management:Hormel Assortment Case Study Brand and Portfolio Management:StarKist Assortment Case Study Growth & Demand:Best Buy Demand Case Study Pricing & Promotion:Nestle Pricing Case Study Growth & Demand Strategy:BallPark Case Study Marketing Performance:Kimberly Clark ROI Case Study Marketing Performance:Unilever ROI Case Study Marketing Performance:Hormel ROI Case Study Retail & Shopper Marketing:Clorox / Glad Case Study
  2. 2. Growth & Demand StrategyFor your brand to reach the next level, you need to know whereconsumer demand is heading.Which products and services will consumers be craving next year? In five years? Armedwith reliable forecasts, you can direct your resources more efficiently – and boost successdramatically.How We Can HelpNielsen’s Demand Strategy leverages advanced research from The Cambridge Group, thepioneering leader in the application of demand principles. Through this proprietarymethodology, our clients can position their supply to capture consumer demand -- oftenbefore competitors even know the demand exists.How We Do ItOur advanced tools help you: Determine which consumers and segments represent the highest growth and profit potential Measure current, latent and emerging trends within consumer segments Understand the economics of closing gaps vs. demand to maximize opportunity Quantify various strategic levers Allocate resources across categories, need states or missions Create a blueprint for transformational growthWhy Nielsen?Combined with our decades of consumer and media analytics, Nielsens alliance with TheCambridge Group places us at the forefront of analyzing macro-economic factors andconsumer trends to maximize growth.Market Structure & SegmentationKnowing where your business fits in and which consumers arepoised to drive revenue is essential to your growth.How We Can HelpUsing our demographic and retail databases, Nielsen provides clients with a preciseunderstanding of market structures and ways to identify and reach any brand’s mostpromising prospects. Combining proprietary data fusion techniques with process expertise,
  3. 3. we deliver analysis that enables you to improve relationships with consumers that will driveprofit.How We Do ItOur proprietary set of measurement tools allow us to: Identify your most valuable consumers Optimize your marketing mix and prioritize your spend – limiting waste and increasing efficiency Integrate your own customer data with our world-class market and media data to move confidently from insights to marketing actionWhy Nielsen?Our proprietary data provides you with granular insights at all levels: category, market,channel, store and household. We provide profiles of thousands of consumer behaviors andgather purchase insights from more than 250,000 households globally. We track over 3,500retail chains and nearly 450,000 store locations in 8 industry-accepted standard retailchannels in the US and Canada alone.Our solutions range from sophisticated, custom engagements to do-it-yourself tools. Ourexperienced consultants can create customized segmentation profiles based on your data andbusiness needs. Our modeling expertise is the result of hundreds of completed engagementsover the years, serving Fortune 500 companies as well as government and nonprofit clients.Retail & Shopper MarketingA great product is a great place to start, but its critical to getthe right product in front of the right shopper.What’s the perfect mix of pricing, packaging and presentation that will drive growth?How We Can HelpNielsen provides an in-depth understanding of the shopper experience, giving you insightsthat set the perfect mix of pricing, packaging and presentation to drive growth. Ourcomprehensive insights into the shopper experience - including influences such as in-storeplacement and retail channels - delivers retailers and manufacturers a clear view of themarket through the consumer’s eyes.How We Do ItOur comprehensive solutions include: Analyzing shopper mix to identify your most valuable shoppers and their key shopping objectives Understanding shopper loyalty and retention. We deconstruct the elements that keep customers coming back
  4. 4. Organizing overall category management, price, assortment, in-store placement and promotion to increase share of shopper basket Learning what works and what doesn’t through shopper marketing ROI, we evaluate each tactical element to determine the most effective retail strategyWhy Nielsen?Our industry-leading analytics offer robust insights about the shopper and retail landscape.No company knows more about the psychology of the shopper and the logistics of retail.From “soft” factors such as brand preference to the physical realities of shelf presence andmerchandising display, we can give you a full picture of your brand’s standing in themarketplace – and how to improve it.Advertising EffectivenessWe understand advertising in a way that helps clients cutthrough clutter, enhance their brand and drive growth.How We Can HelpNielsen measures and analyzes ad effectiveness across TV, Web and Mobile platforms,providing a precise understanding of consumer reach, receptivity, resonance and response.Our deep and timely insights help advertisers in developing campaigns, and guide mediacompanies in buying and selling across all media. Nielsen clarifies not only the "who" andthe "when,” but also the “how” and “why” of your campaign’s impact.How We Do ItOur syndicated and custom cross-media offerings measure and analyze: Reach: Who did my advertising campaign really reach? Resonance: How did my advertising impact the desired brand perceptions? Reaction: How did my advertising impact the desired behaviors?Why Nielsen?Nielsen is a leading provider of in-depth analysis and insights across all major advertisingplatforms. With access to the world’s largest consumer online panel, Nielsen providesunique social metrics and audience profiles.Additionally, through Nielsen Catalina Solutions, our analysis links TV and online paneldata with the world’s largest databases of CPG consumer purchase information.Through NeuroFocus, the world’s leading neuroscience research company, Nielsen providesanswers to questions that go far beyond statistics.Pricing & Promotion Strategies
  5. 5. Hitting the pricing sweet spot requires a detailed analysis of notonly your competition, but also emerging economic andconsumer trends.How We Can HelpNielsen optimizes your pricing and promotion strategy to align with brand and profit goalsfor your entire product portfolio. Our simulation models can predict how various pricing andpromotion scenarios will impact sales and profits, and clarify the shopper’s perception ofyour brand.How We Do ItOur comprehensive approach includes: Review of business issues and context for pricing strategy, along with techniques to capture both retailer and consumer perspectives Simulation and testing for proposed pricing and promotions changes. We also assess the impact on sales and profitability for manufacturers and retail partners In-market strategy for retail-account specific pricing and promotions initiatives Post-analysis of your pricing promotions, with clear recommendations for improvementWhy Nielsen?Analyzing data from 85 million retail transactions a year, in 350,000 stores, in 30 countries,Nielsen’s pricing expertise offers reach and proven simulations that build winning pricingstrategies.We offer clients the world’s largest longitudinal consumer panel, measuring purchasingbehavior in more than 250,000 households in 25 countries.With a foundation of 20,000 global pricing analyses, Nielsen’s team brings decades ofexperience in addressing clients pricing and promotion needs.Brand & Portfolio ManagementNielsen helps your business satisfy its bottom line while keeping an eye on the evolvingneeds of your customers.How We Can HelpNielsen knows the best ways to mix and measure your product portfolio while evaluatingyour brand equity. To help grow your brand, Nielsen provides the all-important " lookaround the corner" by identifying attitudes and behaviors that are not yet mainstream. Ourdata and analysis show you where consumer needs are headed so that your brand andportfolio are aligned with present and future customers. Through insights that go deeper thannumbers and analysis that goes beyond sales trends, we pinpoint specific strategies that helpmaximize revenue opportunities.
  6. 6. How We Do ItOur comprehensive solutions include: Strategies based on proven models and global insights Tools for monitoring and optimizing brand performance Definitions of evolving consumer needs relative to your current portfolio Identification of white space for new products or brand extensions Outlines of where products, assets or services have the highest potential for success – by geography, audience, channel and location Reports against established metrics, with ongoing recommendations as market dynamics shift Recommendations on which products, assets or services deserve proactive investmentWhy Nielsen?For thousands of brands, we have accurately linked our brand equity models with actual in-market performance. Nielsen’s ability to measure and analyze more than 250,000households in 25 markets worldwide provides you with a complete view of the consumer --and how your brand fits in..Product Innovation & RenovationWith the marketplace and your competition in constant motion,you can’t afford to have your products stand still.Which product updates and improvements will yield the best results? And which newproducts have the highest chance for success?How We Can HelpNielsen delivers an accurate forecast of where the market is headed and where your productsfit in. Backed by 30 years of experience, and supported by the largest consumer panelworldwide, our solutions help your products break through, compete and succeed.How We Do ItOur comprehensive solutions include: Evaluation of your consumer, brand/category assortment and retail environment Review of product distribution channels, point of sale and market structure Assessment of external factors to identify their impact on product placement and positioning Tracking existing and incremental sales Testing and evaluating messaging and packaging Optimization of pricing and promotion plans Metrics and benchmarks to accurately gauge how your products are performing Identification of high-performing channels and optimization of in-channel placement (adjacencies, store locations, shelf space)
  7. 7. Why Nielsen?With a record of thousands of products and marketing plans tested worldwide, Nielsen’smeasurement and predictive analysis of product performance is unmatched. Our view ofconsumer behavior and marketplace is derived from our consumer panel of more than250,000 households across 25 countries. We use additional insights and data from ourconsumer, TV, online and mobile panels, along with third-party information, to craft themost accurate performance forecasts.Cross-Platform Audience BehaviorTodays consumer has multiple screens and millions of choices.What you need is a better, simpler way to see all the angles.Audiences are watching TV, streaming video on the web and doing mobile “check-ins” onthe go. How can you be sure your message is impacting the right audience on the rightplatform in the right place at the right time?How We Can HelpAs consumers redefine traditional audience rules, Nielsen’s broad view of the television,online and mobile landscape provides a broad range of metrics and trusted analytics toidentify the best places to reach any demographic, through any media, at any time of day.Whether consumers are interacting with reality TV or fantasy sports, Nielsen providesclarity about consumer reach, engagement and behavior across multiple screens.How We Do ItNielsen’s integrated solutions include: Reporting from the only dataset measuring TV and the Internet in the same household, making single source a reality Analysis of media spend on offline sales via comparisons of Gross Ratings Points and POS data giving a true picture of ROI Fusion of data obtained from digital set top boxes which augment our existing TV panel measurement, allowing for more granular analysis Tracking and analysis of web site performance along with information about audience consumption of, and engagement with, streaming media making it easier to get a true picture of campaign effectiveness Measurement of television viewing in out-of-home locations such as hotels, bars and health clubs, providing a complete picture of your audienceWhy Nielsen?As the industry leader in measurement science, Nielsen has the broadest analytical reachacross TV, online and mobile. Nielsen’s data and insights are trusted by leading companiesthat are innovating in the content space alongside Nielsen’s measurement and analysisadvancements. Since 2008, we have invested more than $1 billion in expanding our research
  8. 8. and analytical capabilities to ensure that Nielsen continues to lead the way in mediameasurement and analysis.Social Media IntelligenceMastering the social media landscape can be the differencebetween "like" or "#fail" for your brand.The fastest growing media are being shaped by the consumers themselves. The opinions theyexpress in social media are highly trusted, widely shared and can have significant short andlong-term impact on your brand.How We Can HelpNM Incite – a joint venture between Nielsen and world-class management consultancyMcKinsey & Company – is committed to leveraging social media for improved businessimpact. We provide our clients the very best “brand radar” into the billions of social mediaconversations. Our expertise and experience – overseeing more than 10 years of social mediacoverage across hundreds of brands – is why Forrester Research has put our solutions andservices at the very top of its rankings. Our solutions enable brands to extract value fromsocial media as it relates to marketing, sales, product development, customer service andbusiness strategy development across industries. If you want to overlay sales or media datainto your reporting mix - or see value in blending paid, owned, and earned media - that’s ourcore strength. If you want a global view, we cover more languages and geographies than anyservice in our industry, including fast-growing markets like India and China.How We Do ItOur solutions focus on the intensity and immediacy of social media as a source of consumerfeedback, trends and information. NM Incite provides industry-leading social media andonline brand metrics, along with consumer insights and real-time market intelligence.Grounded in billions of conversations across 130MM blogs, forums, social networks andmessage boards, across the purchase cycle, and across 15 markets, we offer the industry’smost reliable view into the consumer mindset through our solutions: Consumer Understanding Defensive Branding and Threats Brand Advocacy and Increasing Customer Value Customer Service New Product InnovationThrough NeuroFocus, the world’s leading neuroscience research company, Nielsen provides answers toquestions that go far beyond statistics.NM Incite : Analyse billions of conversations across 130MM blogs, forums, social networks and message boards,across the purchase cycle, and across 15 markets
  9. 9. People meter The device resembles a remote control with buttons for each individual family member and extras for guests. Viewers push a button to signify when they are in the room and push it again when they leave, even if the TV is still on. This form of measurement was intended to provide a more accurate picture of who was watching and when