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31191934 haldiram-ppt

  1. 1. Haldiram Aruja Krishnan PCL -1 (AMC)
  2. 2. Introduction: Haldirams started in Bikaner, is one of Indias largest sweets and snacks manufacturers. Haldiram has its establishment in many parts of India viz Delhi, Gurgaon, Nagpur etc. Haldiram was ranked as the 98th in the "India Most Trusted Brands 2003" Survey done by A.C. Nielsen ORG MARG commissioned by " The Economics Timesµ
  3. 3. 1. "The company caters to the Indian palate, which is its primary driver of success". In light of this statement, critically examine and suggest the Retail marketing strategies to be adopted by Haldirams to capture a sizeable market share of the organized namkeens and sweets market In India.
  4. 4. Advantages with Haldiram: Players are less Indian flavored snacks are not available in the same form as the Haldiram provides Hygienically prepared and packed
  5. 5. The retail marketing strategies to be adoptedby Haldiram to capture market share are: Anticipating consumer requirement Introducing new flavors in timely intervals Place the products near the counters to persuade impulsive purchase Make the packaging appealing to the consumers The pack can be designed as a container which can be used by the consumers in future with Haldiram·s branding on it Never compromise on the quality and taste of the product
  6. 6. 2. In the modem competitive scenario, promotion is a key element in the marketing mix of a company. Critically analyze the promotion strategies adopted by Haldirams to suit to Indian consumer·s buying behavior for namkeen and sweet market?
  7. 7. Promotions can be divided into twocategories: Above The Line (ATL) Below The Line (BTL)
  8. 8. Combination of both:Mass market- TelevisionFM radioEvents in women clubsSponsor cookery shows Sales promotions -"Act now due to limited supply!"type.Loyalty program
  9. 9. 3. Namkeens contribute a major share of the revenuesof Haldirams. Given the competitive scenario in thesalty snack foods market in India, where competitorssuch as Frito Lay are spending huge money andresources in brand building , what branding strategyshould Haldirams should to adopt to remaincompetitive with big names like Frito Lay and others?
  10. 10. Haldiram is a national brand as it works under theMinistry of Commerce, Government of India.Communicate the advantages of consuming itsnamkeen: free from all artificial ingredients in traditional methodCreate an extensive advertisement campaign whichwill reach out to consumers and deliver the desiredmessage thus re-enforcing the product into themarket.
  11. 11. 4. Haldiram·s products have become like FMCG. It is very important to have an effective advertising Suggest an advertising plan with an objective to achieve market leadership status.
  12. 12. Brand personality of Haldiram:Rich in taste and qualityDown to earth, honest, wholesome, authentic and genuine brandHigh quality and has rich patronage
  13. 13. Design ATL promotions by combining:Creating attractive posters, brochures, and mailers to bedistributed in malls, near colleges, and cafeteriasUtilize press and outdoor media to communicate its tasteappetiteHoardings, signage and POPsTag line: ³always in good taste´ load and clear in alladvertisementsPersonalized mails can be sent to loyal customers and importantcorporate clients
  14. 14. 5. Haldiram¶s need to expand in a fast growingmarket requires a well thought of campaign strategysupported by advertising. Identify the media andmedia vehicles for campaign for each region, i.e.,East, West, South and North. You must also bespecific about the frequency of campaign based uponregional factors.
  15. 15. Types of media vehicles: Broadcast media: television and radio Narrow casting: aim a radio or TV program or programming at a specific, limited audience or consumer market New media: SMS - sales promotions Internet advertisement: Haldiram can disperse the message to a wider range of audience, this medium is interactive.
  16. 16. Media vehicles: East : Newspaper and hoardings West: Traditional method North: Television, FM radio, events and new media South: Events, televisions, newspaper and new media
  17. 17. Thank you!!!