Mia jonita newsletter vol1


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Mia jonita newsletter vol1
In tech news:
Mia Jonita for the second time, within gaming terms since 2010;
is Grid mode this yr.

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Mia jonita newsletter vol1

  1. 1. Mia Jonita Newsletter Fall Vol.1 Ed.1 11/09/13 Hello Mia Fans... Happy Fall and Happy Nov. In tech news: Mia Jonita for the second time, within gaming terms since 2010; is Grid mode this yr. The Grid or public mode building process is quite hard. yup, hard levels. lol.lol. I am grateful, i figured out the ROBUST functions of the database. In addition to land construction and model glamourizing (for local inventory, skins, hair, est and world resident supplies - Freebee library for starters) I am learning slow how to plug in the standalone to the grid mode. This process, has no time... but i hope we are at least like SL Beta by Summer 2014, in terms of being open to new residents. Most of Mia Standalone is parallel to SL Beta grid already.
  2. 2. Quickie on Secondlife Beta: ok, in my terms; over the yrs. I will explain SL Beta.... SL Beta Grid is used and designed for developers not really hard core residents. Some of us are in there but few. Most residents go into the main grid for social, dating, lifestyles, jobs, est. During grid travels, We (LDM and Mia) are currently designing animation BVH poses, but beyond the software, they must be tested on the avatar itself, i usually go into SL Beta where u have 5k to 14k in Lindens to use, but only for Beta grid. This gives creators, free space to test and delete; without wasting time and money in the main grid. The main grid becomes your second job or lifestyle, so to waste something, u get emotional like real life. Just the real annoyance, anger, full nine yards. Imagine Mia is the same level as Secondlife Beta on those terms without grid mode.
  3. 3. will update thru the seasons. For SL main grid news, i will updates shortly, on in world model Photographer news. Mainstream Tech and Media Project Mgt: We are entry level, mainstream for tech and media. However, not always connected. I feel building my gaming skills will aid the process and Mia Jonita resumes. So currently, I am also networking within the 3D Model, 3D Animators (with the Daz, Poser gamers) profiles; to sell my animations, stock photography, YG Beatz, and Stock Vods. I will update on my web listings, new sites, and used software later on. We have 3 to 4 new websites in the making. I feel the separation of projects per site, aids online organization, the de-clutter process.
  4. 4. YG, Lez, LDM ft Mia Tech For our Mainstream Resume in tech, catch us in crunchbase.