Mia jonita news and virtual business


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Sunday, August 01, 2010
Mia Jonita News and Virtual Business
Edition I, Issue 1, Vol. 1
Mini News and Virtual Topics.

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Mia jonita news and virtual business

  1. 1. Sunday, August 01, 2010 Mia Jonita News and Virtual Business Edition I, Issue 1, Vol. 1 The Mia Jonita Weekend News A mini, Mia Jonita, Weekend News. 1. First, I would like to thank everyone, for supporting the Mia Jonita Resort Development. 2. Most of the Mia Jonita Discussions or Hot topics, are regarding our Documentation and Available publications. 3. All Discussions or blog topics, pretty much represent our opinions or business edge on developing perceptions and new trends. When it comes to exploration, pioneer leadership, or entrepreneur ideas, we do try to stay positive, creative, and unique within our Headquarters. We have a way of pursuing all business ethics, while pushing the old limits, at the same time. This applies to our Private Sector policy but Public Media (Limitless) Representation. 4. Virtual business and simulation has come a long way, within the past 5 years. We do plan to stay apart of the constant shifting of virtual technology and futuristic 3D worlds. 5. As we grow, learn and explore the process of transferring our 4 years of being 1D or 2D. To 3D business plans; we appreciate those who are our fans and support the Departments of LDM Campus, plans including YG our Music department. That’s all, in short; Happy Summer. Enjoy it while you can, fall is around the corner.
  2. 2. Sunday, August 01, 2010 Mia Jonita News and Virtual Business Edition I, Issue 1, Vol. 1 Virtual terms and Basic Business Ethics What is 1D in terms of Virtual Business?  1D in terms of Virtual Business, can be anything done on paper and online documentation in my opinion. That can include any publications, certifications, degrees, forms, documentations, EST. 1D is required and secures a non virtual business of your local area. It’s optional for 2D. What is 2D in Terms of Virtual Business?  2D in terms of Virtual Business is an upgrade and the next step from 1D, such as your URL Address. This is required of any online and virtual business online. In detail, that includes your social networks, profiles, websites, storefronts, flash sites, EST. 2D is secures most web companies and can be long standing. 2D Companies are not required to become 3D, unless desired. This depends on their foundation and popularity base. Most companies of all sorts can be located in 2D, same for some freelance contractors, but they do vary. This depends on their virtual status, public listings, or long term employer contractor (Celebrity Employers in rare cases). What is 3D in Terms of Virtual Business?  3D in terms of Virtual business is an upgrade and next step to Long Standing or advance 2D Companies. These are the companies, seeking more simulation, a concept still new to the educational and Business world. Most organizations seek simulation for board meetings, client meetings, classrooms, teaching, workshops, retreats, programs, shopping interaction, anything that provides the same feeling of ‘one on one’, ‘hands on teaching’, ‘learning’, or ‘interaction’. Therefore, this provides a simulation of ‘one on one’ or ‘hands on’, a ‘feeling transfer’, ‘duplicate’, or ‘clone’; from the real world around you. This includes any activity, event, education, and career within your real world. Here, anyone is a celebrity.
  3. 3. Sunday, August 01, 2010 Mia Jonita News and Virtual Business Edition I, Issue 1, Vol. 1 *Stay tuned for More Issues of our News and Virtual Business.*