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Tapani Veistola - Species Action Plans Implementation and Need for More


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Presentation of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

Published in: Environment
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Tapani Veistola - Species Action Plans Implementation and Need for More

  1. 1. Species Action Plans – implementation and need for more Senior advisor Tapani Veistola Finnish Association for Nature Conservation EU-FI BD AP meeting Helsinki 14.5.2017
  2. 2. Is Finland good or bad in BHD 18 Member States 11 Criteria Nordic countries are in the 2nd class: I BE, LUX, HU II DK, FI, SWE
  3. 3. Finland could do better
  4. 4. BD loss is still going on Habitats Directive
  5. 5. Most recent changes 2010-15 Red book species (Threatened + Near Threatened) Mammalians 22 → 20 Birds 89 → 110
  6. 6. Species Action Plans Implementation of old ones is bad. We need also new ones and updates for some old ones.
  7. 7. Some examples Flying Squirrel -> LIFE is starting? Wolf - Revision is starting! Ringed Seal: southern populations - No progress.
  8. 8. Finland knows what is needed Brand new national Action Plan for Protection of Threatened Species (2017). 46 proposals. 0 € for implementation.
  9. 9. Money is the biggest gap This Government has cut conservation money heavily. - Project money is not any final solution. - Gap is at least 100 million euros/year. - Earmarking of EU funds for BD is essential (e.g. CAP).
  10. 10. Lack of staff – is increasing Half of regional nature conservation staff (c. 45 persons) is going to 18 counties 1.1.2020. → Too few people in too many units. → Their money can be taken to even harmful projects.
  11. 11. Species need habitats And habitats need management plans and their implementation. Restoration of fishways is the priority of this Government – wetlands next?
  12. 12. Species need protected areas
  13. 13. Derogations Game authorities don't think other satisfactory solutions or alternatives as well as environmental authorities. → Action Plan guidance is needed.
  14. 14. How to achieve BD targets? - More € (FI & EU). - Staff with enough power & money. - More protected areas and restoration. - More co-operation and commitment from other sectors. -> More and better species action plans and implementation!
  15. 15. Together we saved them! Thank you – let's keep on contact! Senior advisor Mr. Tapani Veistola + 358 400 615 530