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Steampunk - What the Airkraken is Steampunk


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A short introduction to the steampunk subculture. This presentation was given as a guest lecture at TU Dortmund. "What the airkraken is Steampunk?"

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Steampunk - What the Airkraken is Steampunk

  1. 1. Marcus Rauchfuss- Into Steampunk since 2008-Zeppelin enthusiast- co-Author:Steampunk – kurz & geek- blogging
  2. 2. SteampunkWhat the Airkraken isSteampunk?And what has theAirkraken got to dowith it?
  3. 3. Steampunks would tell youabout...
  4. 4. ©
  5. 5. “Experts” would say...
  6. 6. A possible definitonSteampunk, while it incorporatesnostalgia, is not a “Retro” movement. Itsdiffering factor is that Steampunks donot return to the past and live the lifeas it was, they want to go back to re-imagine the past’s future–and live in thatin the present. They re-imagine a futurethat includes beauty, manners, elegance,innovation, and steam and to a largeextent, they are making it.Sally Applin in “Steampunk: Making TheFuture“
  7. 7. Another possible DefinitionSteampunk is what Wells and Vernehave wirtten about... Taken intoOverdrive.
  8. 8. History“Steampunk” as a term was coined by K.W.Jeter in 1979. Movies and novels nowbelonging to the genre have existed afew years longer.The Steampunk boom came about with theinternet.In the Beginning there was Cyberpunk
  9. 9. From the Outside
  10. 10. The People
  11. 11. The People
  12. 12. Literature
  13. 13. LiteratureAnd loads of Materialon the Web
  14. 14. Maker
  15. 15. MakerMaker
  16. 16. Maker
  17. 17. Maker
  18. 18. Fine Art
  19. 19. Vadim Voitekhovitch
  20. 20. Myke Amend
  21. 21. Want to see more?Go to:www.deviantart.comsearch for “Steampunk”
  22. 22. From the Inside
  23. 23. MusicThemes and Costumes defineSteampunk music.Musical styles are highlyvaried.
  24. 24. Music
  25. 25. Conventions
  26. 26. Playground: Ætherweb- Rauchersalon- Brassgoggles- Facebook- A boiler full of blogs- World-wide connections
  27. 27. Interestingly, Steampunk isexceptional compared to other“weird dresscode” subcultures:No Negative public image!
  28. 28. Aspects of the Scene- Creativity- Technophilia- Web culture- “can do”-Mentality- Manners and Mannerisms- Certain tendency towards elitism- Spirit of adventure- in some areas: “Looks trump Attitude”- Mainstream Compatibility
  29. 29. The Future- THE Topic of 2013 according to IBM- Increased public perception- “Steampunk” -The costume of the RPC 2013 (trendy!)- Children in the Scene- continuing literature boom (selfpub)- Influencing mainstream fashion(Prada)- Fragmentation (Dieselpunk, Atompunk,Clockpunk etc.)- Globalisation
  30. 30. So what is Steampunk?- Everything I talked about- some things I did not talk about- ask 10 Steampunks, get 15 opinionsSO:- Does it vaguely fit what I was talkingabout?- is it fun?“Yes” to both?Well done! Steampunk!
  31. 31. Useful
  32. 32. But what about...
  33. 33. Thank you!