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PREVIEW: The Funniest Blogger You Know: You!


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A preview of my BlogWorld 2010 presentation, "The Funniest Blogger You Know: You!"

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PREVIEW: The Funniest Blogger You Know: You!

  1. 1. e Funniest Blogger You Know: You! Wade Kwon Birmingham Blogging Academy @WadeOnTweets Photo: pareeerica (CC)
  2. 2. Why is humor important to bloggers? Photo: Mykl Roventine (CC)
  3. 3. Because it’s easy to stand out among dull blogs. Poster: Christopher Davis
  4. 4. Because you are actually funny. Really. Photo: Jeremy Burgin (CC)
  5. 5. Because it turns drive-by tra c into a loyal audience. Photo: Wonderlane (CC)