how to make Google Chrome number one mobile browser


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Addressing a brief on how to make Google Chrome mobile browser number one. At the same time, how to create an ecosystem where Google Chrome is the glue and the vehicle connecting different elements

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how to make Google Chrome number one mobile browser

  1. 1. making the best,first by George Achillias MBA
  2. 2. things are 63%$of$mobile$owners$use$their$phones$to$go$online.$ 34%$of$mobile$owners$go$online$mostly'using$their$phones.$ source: Qualcomm and Nielsen 2013
  3. 3. By#2014,#mobile#internet#is#predicted#to#take#over#desktop# internet#usage.#
  4. 4. source: Device Essentials
  5. 5. source (April 2013):
  6. 6. Apple’s Safari on the iPhone and iPad amounted to about 60 percent of requests versus Android’s browser, which was seen no more than 33 percent of the time But those with Android phones appear to use their browsers a little more often when there’s only a cellular network present. In those cases, Android accounted for between 41 percent and 44 percent of requests seen by Akamai to Apple’s 30 percent to 38 percent source:
  7. 7. source: Space 150
  8. 8. MOBILE is “eating the world”
  9. 9. safari dominates the market for three reasons ! -it is there -iOS still a bigger and more in use ecosystem -people unconsciously open Safari to browse the Internet on their mobile devices
  10. 10. ... the real estate approach when we want to increase the value of an area, we increase what the area has to offer plus we offer things people can’t find somewhere else
  11. 11. We aim to make people a share experiences, different screens,different devices, one browser. The mobile Google Chrome
  12. 12. create specific perks accessible only when people browse the net using chrome (either on their mobile devices or desktop ones)
  13. 13. source: Google and Yahoo!
  14. 14. run a really well managed Facebook campaign focusing on driving people to use Chrome people interact more and more with ads while using Facebook on their mobile devices source: digital marketing arts
  15. 15. Doubleclick, September 2013; “The State of Mobile Advertising,” Opera MediaWorks, July 2013 2 Doubleclick, September 2013; “Quarterly Benchmark Report,” Celtra, August 2013 3 Ad Effectiveness, Dynamic Logic, 2010-2012 Additional Sources: Adweek,WebProNews
  16. 16. iOS Smart App Banner can prompt users to open or install Google Chrome, and are easy to implement using a meta-tag in the head of each page. ! ! They are less obtrusive than modal windows and are native components so won’t impact performance or suffer from usability problems as a modals often can
  17. 17. source: digital marketing arts
  18. 18. source: digital marketing arts
  19. 19. “intents are the glue between application components, both within an app, and across different apps. They allow apps to outsource tasks to other apps (that they may not even know about) using predetermined interfaces” ! -Roman Nurik
  20. 20. Why is this useful? ! Intents enable users to choose the app they prefer to use ( in our case the Google Chrome) when completing a task, such as sharing a link, saving a file or opening a URL.
  21. 21. Reminder: The beauty here is this is an enhancement. The web page simply contains a URL. And this URL is our job to make it open only in Chrome. (If the user has two browsers installed (for example, a text to speech browser), and hasn’t designated a default, both will respond...and the user can make a choice).
  22. 22. Reminder (again!): It is all about having the right URL. The beauty here is this is an enhancement. The web page simply contains a URL. And this URL has to open with Chrome.
  23. 23. Thank you George Achillias MBA @thibetian pictures are from flickr