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Digital Ecosystems


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how technology allows us to connect and understand ecosystems, smart cities and services within them

Published in: Design
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Digital Ecosystems

  1. 1. ecosystems GeorgeAchillias
  2. 2. Stereotype: Urban-Rural Dichotomy
  3. 3. 3 pillars of sustainable, livable cities
  4. 4. Built environment
  5. 5. Natural environment
  6. 6. Built environment tended to prevail over the natural environment
  7. 7. Society
  8. 8. Ecosystems are much more than materials or greening
  9. 9. Nested systems: ecosystems encompass & control everything else
  10. 10. What single word has best defined our ability to reshape society, technology, business, and environment over the past 200 years?
  11. 11. What single word best defines the greatest challenge to our ability to Innovate and to deal with uncertainty in the future?
  12. 12. connections
  13. 13. Hyper-connectivity
  14. 14. From minimizing environmental cost • Ecosystem is external • Piecemeal approach • Environmental impact assessment
  15. 15. To maximize ecosystem value • Environmental systems are assets • Integrate, holistic approach • Ecosystem development
  16. 16. Smart buildings and smart people
  17. 17. the ability for systems in a building to acquire and apply knowledge about the building
  18. 18. “Smart is about the building beginning to anticipate your needs – it is about living in a machine that cares about you.” “It is not all about high-tech digital design technologies; an intelligent building has to include other low-tech approaches such as passive environmental control.”
  19. 19. beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
  20. 20. Key challenges The future is already here…
  21. 21. It just looks a little different than we thought…
  22. 22. It just looks a little different than we thought…
  23. 23. smart is not enough
  24. 24. 39 Thank you